Thursday, 28 February 2013
A Terminally-Naive Musical Interlude: Where Have All The Flowers Gone? (Peter, Paul, And Mary)
Lie back, think of distraught secularists -- a relative term -- in Egypt and Tunisia, and those who only recently in Washington were telling everyone to Get On The Right Side Of History, and listen here.
Posted on 02/28/2013 6:50 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
28 Feb 2013
Paul Blaskowicz

"... [Native Americans] all loved each other - regardless of their tribe...."

Peter and Lois Sing Schmaltz

28 Feb 2013

28 Feb 2013
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Sugar And Schmalz*
Or: Nurse Bloomberg's Power & Acid Trips
Does Lois Griffin have the high Cherokee cheekbones of an Elizabeth "Rabbit" Warren?
"Always keep a-hold of nurse
For fear of finding something worse"
Wo sind alle die Bloombergen
Who trounce the sixteen ounce
Those foes of Slurpee splurgin',
Sugar and schmalz
That bring coronary halts
And the trans-fatty acid
Which makes one flaccid?
Don't Keep Me 'Angin',
Hare-y Ångström
cc Hillhare "Bunny" Belloc
cc "Nurse" Bloomberg of the New York Nanny State
Tags: John Updike, Raspberry Rabbit Redux, Free Will & Free Refill, Bloomberg bans sugary drinks of more than 16 ounces and trans fatty acids from restaurants, Oh, thank Heaven that Bloomberg's career hasn't bombed with "7-Eleven is worse than 7-7!" Elizabeth Warren: 16 ounces of 1/64 Cherokee and 12 ounces of Cherokee Pride (Small) Beer, The ProdigalSlurpee, a parable of pigging out

1 Mar 2013
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The Corrections
Or: Party Like It's 1899
Cherokee, Chippewa...whatever...because of unchecked immigration by the White-Eyes, they all cried in, and loved, their beer - regardless of tribe.
Cherokee People, Chippewa Pride, so proud to live - if one leaves the drinking aside*.
Emoting Like An M.O.T.,
Laurence Tribe,
Carl M. Loeb & Leopold University Professor At Harvard School of Law
Tags: M.O.T., "Member of the Tribe," Teetotalling Mormons, American Indians are descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel - Not - Hilaire "Bunny" Belloc,"What's up, Doc," Talking (and Singing) of the Nordic Man, the Mediterranean is saucy with the shiksa girls, When my wife asked the owner of a liquor store how much alcohol she should buy for a party, he answered the question with another question (you were expecting something else?): "How many goyim?" Hitler, Karl May, Wild West pulp fiction,  HOW now, Eva Braun cow? Academy Award Winner Lincoln says, "Party like it's a War Party," nosh at the Lincoln Del

1 Mar 2013
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San Franciscan Schmalz
For "those of who are European residents.....includes Indians too":

1 Mar 2013
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Carbon & Cannon Balls Blowin' In The Wind
Or: Where Have All The Flower Fuses Gone?
Yes, how many times must the cannon balls fly
And carbon stays on in the sky
Before they're forever banned?
Peace doves keep their head in the sand
Thinking of Kellogg-Kyoto-Briand
That answer, my friend, is pissin' in the wind
Driving Green With A Short Fuze,
Dylan "Doubting" Thomas
cc Thomas Dylan
telegram to Arthur & Bobby Zimmerman c/o Anti-Western Union
Tags: The Washington Naval System, Briand, Kellogg Catalogue of Ships, "Yankees beat by Chapman's homer," Pale fire when ready, Gridley,  Jane fonda' and addicted to, communism, sequestration, Jane's fighting ships and addiction, Heute Deutschland, J.P. Morgan die Welt, Roose-velt fingered: dawn on December 7,  if you want to send a message, use green cables, did Priam go green in his salad days with a Prius?

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