Sunday, 28 January 2007
Think of the cost

I feel very strongly about the case of the grammar school with no money to defend itself against the Muslim father of a fourteen-year-old girl. The father, whose daughter I regard as merely a puppet in his hands, gets legal aid. In other words, we taxpayers are paying for the destruction of our own civilisation. Here is Charles Moore:

How can a single state school defend itself in court? The question arises because of the 14-year-old Muslim pupil at Wycombe High School who has been forbidden by the headmistress from wearing the niqab, a veil which leaves only her eyes visible. The girl’s father is seeking judicial review. The father gets government money, in the form of legal aid, but the school does not necessarily get anything. The local education authority of the Conservative-controlled Buckinghamshire County Council indicates that it will not put its money behind its school. This is cowardly and against its own interest. If the school cannot afford to fight, then the county’s entire policy about school uniforms will have to change, and religious fanatics will start putting pressure on all Muslim girls to dress according to their whim. This is a test case for Tories who want to draw a line between legitimate religious freedom and oppressive zealotry. The local MP, Paul Goodman, has come out quickly on the side of the school, but where are the others?

And it is Islam, and  only Islam that is causing these problems. As I said in an earlier post, for a grammar school to be forced to spend time, effort and money on this case is absurd. I can imagine a situation where a school just gives in, because it doesn’t have the resources to fight.  

This week we learned of a policewoman who refused to shake hands with her force’s chief because of her Muslim beliefs. She is now threatened with dismissal. If she is dismissed, she will claim unfair dismissal and take the case, probably at the taxpayer’s expense, all the way to the House of Lords. She will probably lose. But imagine the costs, both direct – in legal fees – and indirect, in time and effort expended on this case, rather than on doing what a police force should be doing.


Recently a Muslim cashier in W. H. Smith refused, on religious grounds, to sell cigarettes to a customer requesting them. Since she is not performing her duties, she should be sacked. But the company will probably accommodate her, because it is too much trouble not to.


Faced with spiralling costs of defending itself against insatiable and aggressive Muslim demands, many will fight. And they will win, but will have spent time, money and effort on winning which would have been better spent elsewhere. Others will give in. Louise Campbell, exhausted and ill, let Islamic child custody rights prevail. Schools and hospitals, overstretched and under-funded, will give in. Small businesses, which would be bankrupted by legal bills, will give in.

Inch by inch, territory is ceded to the Dar al Islam.

Posted on 01/28/2007 7:18 AM by Mary Jackson
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