Saturday, 1 September 2007
Sign Of The Times

There was a time, not very long ago, when even if financial matters played a part in a decision to leave public service, no one would have said so publicly. It is unseemly for someone in public life to talk about their pay (which is a substantial salary by the standards of most Americans) being too low. Presidential Press Secretary Tony Snow, had a perfectly respectable cover story concerning his health, or "health and family" as reasons to offer, but he chose to be ungentlemanly and crass:

Chicago Tribune: ...While paid $168,000 a year as press secretary, that salary is less than Snow, a father of three who has fought cancer since 2005, made as a host for Fox TV and Radio.

"Cancer has nothing to do with this," Snow said Friday of his decision to leave.

"I ran out of money," he said. "I made more money when I was in my previous career.... We took out a loan when I came to the White House, and that loan is now gone."

Yet, while planning some well-paying public speaking engagements and occasional TV and radio work, Snow said he hopes to devote his time to a book on "how you deal with sickness." He has no working title, he says, but a priest has suggested one of the words: "Hope."...

How about, "Feathering My Nest," or, "Getting It While I Can" or, "Putting Myself, Unashamedly, First"? 

Posted on 09/01/2007 5:48 PM by Rebecca Bynum
1 Sep 2007
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That's capitalism, baby.  What exactly is the problem, here? Since when did the pursuit of profit and wealth become something to sneer at?

He'd be nothing less than a complete fool not to pull the plug on his current job if he got a good offer.  He has one of the most thankless tasks on Earth - he has to try to justify the stupid policies of an administration that's politically dead in the water and that will achieve nothing of consequence for the next 16 months.

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