Friday, 16 March 2007
Comeback for 'non-offensive' pigs
Organisers of a children's concert have given the go-ahead for the three little pigs to appear, after they were banned over fears they might offend Muslims.
Honley Junior School in West Yorkshire was to perform the Roald Dahl story of Little Red Riding Hood and the pigs - but was told to substitute puppies.
Now Kirklees Council has stepped in to allow the pigs a reprieve.
No complaints had been made about the pigs appearing in the Kirklees Primary Music Festival event.  The committee organising the concert decided Muslim children may not want to sing about pigs.  
However, council education spokesman Jim Dodds told BBC Five Live the decision had been overturned.
He said: "There is something barmy going on here and it has happened on my watch.  I can tell you now that the three little pigs will be back into the school musical festival.  The decision (to ban the pigs) was made by well-meaning people - it was the wrong decision, so let's stick with the traditions."
Ee ba gum, as my father-in-law will say!
Posted on 03/16/2007 4:01 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
16 Mar 2007
Send an emailMary Jackson

Good. This is the only acceptable outcome.

These are very often cases of pre-emptive dhimmitude, prompted not by complaints from Muslims but by fear of such complaints on the part of local authority jobsworths.

Even if Muslims were offended, that would be no reason to reject years of tradition, but to make concessions to Muslims where none are demanded is absurd. The opposite approach is necessary - no concessions whatsoever.

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