Sunday, 28 February 2016
ISIS in the Ozarks

If ISIS is in the Ozarks they are everywhere. BUFFALO, MO - -

38-year-old Safya Yassin is in the Greene County Jail after the FBI says she made threats over the internet.

A 17 page statement from the FBI gives more information about their investigation. It shows they started looking into Yassin's social media posts after they got a tip from one of her Facebook friends who had been converted to Islam by Yassin. That person told agents that the woman was convinced that ISIS would save the world.

The documents show the FBI found 97 twitter account IDs they think were used by Yassin - one referencing an "ISIS electronic army."

They detail an ongoing social media presence -- one of her accounts posting "please help me share this account, this is my 3rd suspension in less than 48 hours. May Allah reward you!!"

On the accounts, that have now been closed by Twitter, documents show Yassin shared a link with photos, addresses, contact info, or even credit card information of more than 150 people in the military and state department.

Some of those were linked to a quote reading “God said: ‘and slay them wherever you may come upon them.' “

They show she also tweeted that a news reporter in Texas would be better off without her head.

The FBI spent months monitoring her accounts on an almost a daily basis capturing posts like this one "the west thinks that caging Muslims will stop 'terrorism'...but they will be finding out soon, it only increases the attacks against them."

Yassin is one of many people who have used twitter to promote ISIS. Twitter announced this month that since the middle of last year they've suspended more than 125 thousand accounts for threatening or promoting terrorists acts - many of those related to ISIS.

The FBI first confronted Yassin about her online activities when she lived in Bolivar. According to documents she told them she only reported the news and did not endorse or encourage violence. Yassin is now in federal custody waiting for a hearing that is scheduled for this Tuesday.

Posted on 02/28/2016 6:24 AM by John Constantine
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