Wednesday, 1 November 2017
Slowly, Slowly, Reality Bites: Poll Finds 48 % of Aussies Want At Least a Partial Ban on Muslim immigration.

As reported by John Masanauskas for the Herald-Sun on 25 October.

'Voters Say Country is Full, Support Partial Ban on Muslim Immigration: Report."

Me, I'd like a total ban. But even a partial ban would make a great deal of sense.  Precautionary principle.  If anyone claims it would be impossible, I say not: to keep out most Muslims, just slap a ban on entry of any person holding a passport issued by a known-to-be-majority-Muslim OIC member country.  Discreetly exempt from the ban such persons, from those countries, as can be proven to be bona fide members of the generally-mistreated-and-abused non-Islamic indigenous minorities in said Islamic OIC countries. For example, Copts from Egypt.  I'm sure that the emigre Coptic community would be happy to step up and help identify which applicants really are Copts... and which are not; same principle would apply with Maronites, Yazidis, Mandeans, and Assyrian Christians. - CM

'A majority of Australian voters believe the country is full, and almost half support a partial ban on Muslim immigration, a new survey has revealed.

'In a blow for official multiculturalism (no, it's a blow for those who are pushing Islamisation - CM) it found that just over 50 percent of voters agree that Australia has changed beyond recognition, and "sometimes feels like a foreign country".

'The explosive data from the poll, commissioned by The Australian Population Research Institute, has enormous implications for the main political parties, as Australians cope with massive population growth driven by record migrant intakes.

'The nation's population grew by 384,000 in the year to March 2017, with 60 percent of that due to net overseas migration.

I would be interested to know how many people from overwhelmingly-Muslim countries entered Australia March 2016-March 2017, as compared to persons from non-Muslim countries. - CM

'Melbourne has among the highest growth rates of any city in the Western world - it added nearly one milliion people over the last decade to reach a population of more than 4.7 million.

'Arrivals from Asia dominate annual migration to Victoria, with those born in India and China the top settlers.

Those from China are, at least, unlikely to be Islamic.  It would be worth trying to find out what proportion of Indian-passport-holding immigrants are Muslims, and what proportion are not.  Because it is only the Muslims - from wherever - who represent an immediate and mortal - and permanent - danger to the body politic; whose expansion within Australia, to a colony now nearly a million strong, is already a massive and very expensive homeland-security headache. - CM

'The TAPRI survey, to be released on Thursday, was done in July-August, and based on a random national sample of 2067 voters, from an online panel of 300,000 people, run by The Online Research Institute.

'It found that 74 percent thought Australia did not need more people, with big majorities believing that population growth was putting "a lot of pressure on hospitals, roads, affordable housing and jobs.

And on our limited supply of arable land and potable water.  Urban expansion is putting huge negative pressure on our fragile and beautiful natural environment, too.  - CM

'Fifty-four percent wanted a cut to migration, while 55 percent agreed Australia "was in danger of losing its culture and identity", and 52 percent said the country had changed so much that it sometimes felt foreign.

The Australian birth rate is not much below replacement. If we stopped all immigration, or even if we just stopped the Muslim intake, we would probably stabilise at around replacement level. - CM

'On Muslim immigration, 48 percent supported a partial ban, a quarter opposed a ban, and 27 percent neither supported or opposed it.

If Mohammedans keep on driving trucks over people, running amok with knives, etc, in countries across the western world, I suspect the concept of a 'total ban' will replace that of a 'partial ban' , and the undecideds are going to start hopping off the fence.  If even half the undecideds woke up, and saw the obvious - "Got Muslims? Got JIhad", then 48 percent wanting a ban on Muslim immigration, would become 60 percent.  And then perhaps our politicians might begin to sit up and take notice. - CM

"While Coalition and One Nation voters were more likely to voice concerns over migration and cultural diversity Oh, pfft, let's just say "concerns about Muslim migration and Islamisation".  When will one of these polling organisations bite the bullet and run a survey examining, specifically, people's attitudes toward Muslim immigration, and Islamisation, only?  Why not ask people straightout and upfront: do you want more Muslims in the country/ the same number as now/ fewer?  Do you think Australia would be better off/ worse off/ the same, if its Muslim population increased/ stayed the same/ decreased?  And state some percentages.   Would you be worried/ pleased/ indifferent if Muslims in Australia became ten percent of the population/ twenty percent/ thirty percent/ forty percent?  And how about some questions asking those in favour of "more Islam/ More Muslims' why exactly they take that position? - CM

substantial minorities of ALP voters (that is: persons on the 'left' or 'progressive' side of Aussie politics - CM) had similar views.

Now that is interesting.  Shows that reality is well and truly beginning to bite. - CM

'In their report on the data, TAPRI researchers Dr Katharine Betts and Dr Bob Birrell said the results revealed much higher public concern over such issues, than recent surveys by outfits like the pro-migration Scanlon Foundation.

'The authors said that the nation's political and economic elites had relied on the foundation's consistent reports that most Australians supported their migration and multicultural policies, partly because Australia had been insulated from the economic shocks suffered by some other Western countries.

Or because a lot of Aussies don't live in those suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne that have been very rapidly and almost entirely Islamised in the past few decades... - CM

"(But) Australian voters' concern about immigration levels and ethnic diversity does not derive from economic adversity", the TAPRI report said.  "Rather, it stems from the increasingly obvious impact of population growth on their quality of life and the rapid change in Australia's ethnic and religious make-up."

Before we let in hundreds of thousands of Muslims AFP and our metropolitan police and ASIO were not run off their feet, expensively and frantically trying to keep tabs on multitudes of potential Jihad plotters.  We did not have to worry about persons galloping off to places like Syria and getting 'blooded' in jihad and then coming back home to potentially wreak mayhem amongst innocent Aussie infidel civilians.  And we didn't have to have a "Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad", either. - CM

'The authors said that such voter angst (no: "such rational and historically-informed voter concerns" - CM) could easily be exploited in campaigns by parties like One Naiton and Australian Conservatives, but it also offered the Coalition government a lifeline in the face of consistently bad opinion polls.

'The Liberal Party may have little choice but to mount such a campaign because it faces electoral oblivion in 2018 if it does not guard its voter base from challengers from the right." they said.  "If the Liberals do make such a move, Labor is likely to be a big loser, given that many of its supporters are potentially responsive to such a move".

If we want to survive as a free majority-infidel country, the already-Islamoinformed have to keep trying to educate and warn the as-yet-uninformed, to get the numbers up past 48 percent into 50, 60, 70 percent.  Then voter pressure will ensure that a complete ban on all further entry of Muslims into the country - coupled with appropriate rejigging of laws to allow for other measures that appear to be called for, such as the stripping of citizenship from Aussie-passport-holding Muslims who have tootled off to join Islamic State jihad in Syria - becomes a non-negotiable part of all parties' policy platforms. - CM 

Posted on 11/01/2017 12:26 AM by Christina McIntosh
2 Nov 2017
Send an emailHoward Nelson
Bad Grief! Are the other 52% descendants of the infamous BlightCourseMen of yesteryear, charging to their dumb doom? Have they not read the 109 Verses of Violence in the Koran which abrogate all the benign verses? Do they understand the difference between Islamophobia and Islammetusia? Do they know the significance and differences among the terms taqiya, kitman, hudna, and nasakh? If not, they'll wonder why their funeral service is being held so soon and their pallbearers are Waltzing Matilda with their coffins.

8 Nov 2017
Christina McIntosh
In reply to "Howard Nelson". First, the Lighthorsemen who charged the Muslim lines at Beersheba were NOT killed. The vast majority survived, and triumphed. And their victory was something that I, personally, celebrate and applaud. YOU, perhaps think that opening the way for the creation of Israel was a bad thing (do you?); me, I think it was a very good thing, well worth doing. As for the article: there are not 52 percent of Aussies who are *in favour* of mohammedan immigration. 48 percent of the polled sample - which is very close to half - are already *opposed*. All one needs is for another 3 percent of the population to join them, and one has a majority: all it takes in a democracy is 51 percent. Of the other 52 percent, 27 percent are *neutral* - very probably because they as yet know NOTHING. It is the responsibility of the informed 48 percent, to awaken that 27 percent, and get them to change their position from neutral, to an active opposition of Muslim entry into Australia. Note well: there is a *barrage* of Islamopuffery in our media, both the commercial media and the state-funded national outlets. Therefore, the 48 percent who oppose Muslim immigration have reached that conclusion **in the teeth of** a general atmosphere militating *against* such a conclusion. It has taken time. At sites like jihadwatch one regularly encounters commenters, new persons turning up and joining the discussion, who have *only very recently* realized that Islam is deadly-dangerous and its advancement must be opposed. You might sneer and say, "what took them so long?" MY response is: better late than never. Furthermore: even of the 25 percent who currently oppose a ban on Muslim immigration, there may be some who do that because they are wholly uninformed about Islam and its deplorable track record, and think such a ban would infringe against religious freedom / human rights/ etc. Those who are not out-and-out Islamophiles may well ... wake up and change their minds, under the right circumstances. You go ahead and wallow in despair if you like; but *I* think the situation is very far from hopeless, and that the Islamoinformed must simply resolve to persevere.




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