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24 Years
SACRAMENTO - A federal judge sentenced a Lodi man today to 24 years in prison for supporting terrorists by training with them in his family's homeland of Pakistan.

Hamid Hayat, 25, was convicted in April 2006 of providing and attempting to conceal material support and resources to terrorists and of making false statements to federal agents.

At a hearing today in Sacramento, U.S. District Judge Garland Burrell Jr. agreed with federal prosecutors that Hayat believed in violent jihad, had trained at a terrorist camp in Pakistan and returned to the United States in May 2005 to commit terrorist acts once he was ordered to do so.

His conviction was a significant victory for authorities who said they had broken up a budding al Qaeda-linked terror operation in Lodi after his arrest, but presented a murky case during a trial that revolved around controversial confessions....


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