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Self-Determination And States' Rights

As everybody knows, America's foreign policy goal since World War I has been independence and self-determination for everybody. Break up the old Empires, break up the Soviet Union, break up Austro-Hungary, then break it up again. We give our blessings to Kosovo, a Muslim state to be created in the heart of the ancient Christian states of Europe. We support independence for Chechnya too.

Yes indeed, self-determination for all, except Americans.

I also think it's been rather gracious of the South not to bring up that little matter in the mid 19th century in which the independent rights of the states were crushed by the federal government while all this clamoring for independence abroad has been going on. To whom can we appeal when the character of our neighborhoods is being determined by the UN and some independent body in Switzerland in cahoots with the State Department? Where are states' rights now that we need them?


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