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Nine Days Of Rioting In Amsterdam

"local Moroccan youths torched four cars in the district and smashed the windows of the police station. Since then, police have been intensively patrolling the district, which led to the arrests of eight youths who were detained when officers found jerry cans full of petrol in their vehicle."
-- from this news article

In the United States, if there were "nine days" of rioting, the police would, quite properly, shoot to kill. And they would have overwhelming public support. The forces of order, and the indigenous Infidels, have to suppress this kind of thing, and then use all such occasions to round up and deport non-citizens who are engaged in violence or support such violence indirectly. No nonsense should be tolerated.

This will require a change in attitudes. The Infidel publics have to change their preconceptions, their worldview, their ill-considered assumptions, and recognize the superiority of the legacy they inherited and, in many ways, will now have to show that they have earned that legacy by protecting it against the steady and systematic assault of those whose holy books flatly contradict every part of the legal and political institutions of the Western world, which world. Otherwise, if Muslims were to continue to be successful in intimidating (and confusing and discombobulating a sufficient number of Infidels), the Western world would inexorably descend to the miserable condition of Muslim countries, miserable not always economically but civilizationally.