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Wembley Stadium - Miami Dolphins 10 New York Giants 13
I have been having a look at the reports of the American Football match at Wembley Stadium last night between the Miami Dolphins and the New York Giants. This was the first proper NFL league game to be played outside North America and was technically a home game for the Dolphins. Who lost.
I remember the introduction of American Football and the London Monarchs team who played, if I remember correctly, at London Arena in Docklands. Which is the point, they never really took off enough for me to take notice of where, when and how they played, or to know a supporter, or the relative of a player. Of the other North American sports introduced here basketball and ice hockey are faring better. But so far as I know no one has attempted a baseball team other than at local level.
There was a good attendance last night, whether that attendance could be repeated often enough for it to be a regular occurrence for a NFL match to take place in the UK, which I gather is the dream that last night would be the start of. Not just Wembley, the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, the Stadium of Light and Hampden Park in Scotland are all venues capable of hosting such an event.
Where I can express an opinion, being a football fan is that I doubt it would work the other way, English League Football, alright let’s be realistic, Premiership matches, to be played regularly in the US. As a one off it would generate interest but no more than that. And it would be so expensive, especially with the effect of jetlag on performance to consider.
Still last night sounded like an event to remember. The New York Giants won, as expected apparently but it was not an abject defeat for the Dolphins.
The Times match report is here.
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