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Arab Americans

After three days of networking and political speeches, Arab Americans who attended a national conference in Detroit say they went home committed to continuing their fight for constitutional rights and restoring the United States' image in the world...

The conference reflects the growing clout of the Arab-American community, which not too long ago was avoided by presidential candidates: In 1988, Democratic nominee Michael Dukakis rejected the endorsement of a major Arab-American group. This year, Democratic party leaders gave the candidates permission to address the conference despite a campaign boycott of Michigan because legislators moved up the date of the state's primary.-- from this news article

They are confusing, and have been led to confuse, the ethnic designation of "Arab" (or, in the case of many Maronites and Copts, the forcible identification with "Uruba" or "Arabness" that does not correspond to the truth: Copts were in Egypt, and Maronites in Lebanon, before the Arabs arrived, with their gift of Islam and of the Arabic language, both imposed on a great many Copts, a great many Maronites) with the more important matter -- that of Islam, that is of identifying oneself as a Muslim with all that that necessarily means or certainly implies, including an acceptance of everything written in the Qur'an (9.29 and a hundred other Jihad verses) as the immutable Word of God. No Muslim in the advanced West can claim ignorance of the contents of the Qur'an, of the Hadith, of the Sira -- not in the way that an illiterate villager in a mountain valley in Afghanistan might be able to claim it.

Those who express such diseased sympathy ought rather to express sympathy for those who, in the case of many Lebanese-Americans, having ancestors who came not as "Arabs" (their Ottoman-Empire passports often read "Siriano" or "Turco") but rather as "Christians" who also happened to speak Arabic, use Arabic, even have Arab names, but were not Arabs, and whose organization of Arab-Americans has been successfully taken over by Muslim Arabs and collaborating islamochristians of the zogby variety, eager to exploit the good reputation of Lebanese-Americans and Coptic-Americans for their own purposes, which purposes means the agenda of promoting, and protecting, and deflecting all criticism from, Islam, Islam, Islam.

That is what it is all about. Richardson, Kucinich and Paul either know this and do not care, or do not know it, in which case they have been grossly negligent. They deserve, on this basis alone, to be opposed. It is clear that their opposition to the Iraq War is for the wrong reasons. They oppose it not because it squanders American resources, not because it attempts to attain an unattainable goal, not because the goal sought to be attained makes no sense from the Infidel point of view, but because they are perfectly willing to refuse to recognize the threat of Jihad, and the instruments of Jihad other than terrorism. Bush's continuing obstinate folly in Iraq simply gives such people a temporary plausibility that they haven't earned and do not deserve.

Join leaders of the American Middle Eastern community to endorse

Donald J. Trump
for President of the United States

and spend an evening with his foreign policy advisors featuring
Dr. Walid Phares
and other surprise campaign guests.

Monday October 17th

Omni Shoreham Hotel
2500 Calvert Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20008

cocktails at 6pm - dinner at 7pm
Business casual attire

$150 per person / $1500 per table

Sponsored by the American Mideast Coalition for Trump

Buy Tickets


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