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Joe Lieberman: One Of A Kind

My former Senator, Joe Lieberman is a 'one of a kind' as John Fund states in this Wall Street Journal Political Diary commentary.  He is Independent, strongly bi-partisan with personal loyalties that cross the political aisle.  He endeavors to get important legislation heard and passed to benefit his Nutmeg state constituents and All Americans.  I know that personally having worked in his successful 2006 re-election to the US Senate as an Independent. Having had the benefit of discussions with both him and Gov. Jody Rell of Connecticut,  I know that he worked hard to benefit the State of Connecticut beating back the closure of the Groton Naval sub base with 30,000 jobs at stake and supporting important homeland security grants to first responder groups in the state.  That's how he got re-elected with a majority of Republicans, Independents and 'lunch bucket' Democrats in Connecticut.

When I retired to the Heartland of America on the Gulf Coast, when I mention his name in conversaton,  I frequently hear praise for Senator Lieberman as as a truth speaker and man of integrity. Partisan voters dismiss him as a 'traitor' to party interests and values.  Having worked with the Senator's staff on a number of issues since his election, the Senator has put the interests of America and Connecticut above partisan rhetoric and debate. Assuming that McCain-Palin GOP ticket wins narrowly in November and the pollsters and pundits are correct in predicting that a Democratic majority may be elected in both the House and Senate then perhaps Fund is correct, Lieberman may have interesting options.  That would give a McCain administration an opportunity to offer the Senator a significant cabinet post, perhaps at either Defense or State.  Should that occur that would afford an opportunity to Gov. Rell of Connecticut to appoint another  bi-partisan Congressman of note, Rep. Chris Shays of Fairfield County's Fourth District.  Should this scenario occur in the wake of this fall's Presidential and Congressional elections then Nutmeggers and all Americans would have strong representation of the State's and the Country's interests at both the White House and the Congress.  Even if the Obama-Biden ticket narrowly wins and the Senator is stripped by a mean-spirited Democratic caucus of his significant Committee Chairmanships and posts, then I agree with Fund that Senator Lieberman would likely assume the mantle of another Congressional legend, the late Democratic Senator "Scoop Jackson."  Let's see how this plays out. Either way, Senator Lieberman remains a man greatly admired for qualities in short supply among Solons, strong  bi-partisan leadership, integrity and truth speaking.

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