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Bush and Khatami
Every week Bush just has to do or say something that lowers my opinion of him. After 9/11 he was at about 100% on my approval scale.

Now he's into negative numbers. I keep hoping he'll climb up to around 25 -35% positive just so I can say those eight years and two votes weren't a complete waste, but Bush is fighting against his own tide of dumbness.

He's the GOP's Ado Annie, a guy who just can't say no.

Saudi students? Bring 'em in by basketball arena numbers.

Muslim immigrants who don't approve of our foreign policy or national core values? Bring 'em on in by 10 cruise ship boatloads.

The litany just goes on and on. You just want to hang your head and cry.

Is it too much to ask that we have just one or two men in high office who have a lick of horse sense?

At one time, I actually believed that Bush's sincerity and strong Christian beliefs were a good thing for the country. Now I think it might be better if we never elect another such Christian again if they're all going to be such pansies and "compassion" junkies.

Guns, Germs and Steel in Tanzania
The Thinking Person's Safari
Led by Geoffrey Clarfield
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