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Muslim Terror Recruiters Seized And Charged By Italian Police


BARI, Italy, May 12 (UPI) -- Two men have been charged in Italy with recruiting Muslim combatants and suicide bombers for attacks in France and Britain, police said Tuesday.

"With today's arrests we have perhaps avoided something far more serious because these two individuals were part of a vast organization," Bari Police Chief Giorgio Manari said.

Bassam Ayachi, 63, a former Syrian imam, and Raphael Marcel Frederic Gendron, 34, Muslim convert from France, were arrested in Bari last November and charged with human trafficking after a group of illegal immigrants was found in their camper, ANSA, the Italian news agency, reported.

Evidence obtained from computers in the camper, and a listening device placed in their jail cells, allegedly showed they were linked to al-Qaida and planning attacks in Britain and France, including a suicide bombing at De Gaulle airport in Paris, The Times of London reported Tuesday.