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Expenses Scandal: 'I Can Sleep Easy At Night' say Shahid Malik.

Mary posted here about the Dewsbury MP Shahid Malik and his particular expertise at fiddling his expenses as an MP, as revealed by the Telegraph. He has been interviewed on the subject by Sky News. He denys that he has done anything wrong. He is proud to be the first MP for Dewsbury since 1945 to live in Dewsbury.
Shahid Malik, the Justice Minister, (a junior minister under the Strawman, aka Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor Jack Straw) who ran up the highest expenses claim of any MP, has defended himself and insisted he will not pay the money back to Parliamentary authorities.
Speaking from his home in Dewsbury, West Yorks, he insisted he was "as straight as they come" and blamed the controversy on the system of allowances being "in complete tatters".
In an interview on Sky News Mr Malik pledged to donate £1,050 he claimed for a television to worthy local causes in his constituency.
"I will not be giving it to the authorities in Parliament because it is legitimately mine," he said. "But as a gesture I am giving that to good causes in my constituency, and I think it will be appreciated by those who receive it."
Asked why he needed to spend £730 on a massage chair, Mr Malik said it was a "legitimate expenditure" that he was allowed to make.
He said he went "one million per cent by the book" when he designated the house he rents in Dewsbury as his main home.
Sky News has two pieces of  video footage of him here. 
Expenses Scandal: 'I Can Sleep Easy At Night'
But as well as defending his claims, Mr Malik saved plenty of ire for the newspaper he slammed as "The Torygraph" and the Conservatives, "I think this is a bit of a non-story to be honest," he told Sky News.
I wonder what the good cause will be?