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Defense Dept. Isn't Serious
Drudge links to a report that YouTube, the video website is posting videos of American soldiers being killed by snipers or IED from video shot by jihadis.

How it is possible for an American company to be allowed to maintain such videos and allowed to operate astonishes me. This war is also a cyber war and for Americans to help the enemy in this manner is sickening. Where is the Defense Dept. and all their fancy programs to shut down such operations?

Details matter.

"The anti-U.S. videos generate visceral reactions by viewers, with their posted comments revealing the breadth and depth of responses: from the unbridled glee of insurgent sympathizers, to the outrage expressed by Americans vowing revenge, to the assertion that the harsh images reveal the reality U.S. soldiers face in unpredictable urban warfare. There also are crass comments by people who enjoy so-called "war porn" and endless speculation about who filmed the footage, who posted it and what their motivations were."

"War porn". What a stupid term. I guess no one should celebrate the 4th of July since we won our independence through violence.

God, I hate the shallowness of the souls investing this world. All the smug and facile remarks.

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