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Clear Thinking at the White House
Radio talk show host and film critic, Michael Medved, met with Pres. Bush yesterday with a number of other people for an informal Q & A at the White House. In response to the question of illegal aliens, Bush said he understood people were impassioned about the issue. He said when he was governor of Texas he realized the problem of controlling the border was intractable, that there weren’t enough people to ever control the border. He also said that if he changed his position on illegal immigration, it would send a message to our enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan that if he could vacillate on this issue, he might vacillate on his foreign policy -- something he would not do.

Medved expressed how deeply concerned Bush is with national security. “He thinks about it every hour of the day.”

As Shania Twain sang, “That don’t impress me much.”

I think about America and the world every hour of every day, too. Constant concern doesn’t mean I’m thinking clearly or wisely.

Let’s look at his border stance. What kind of an idiot claims there aren’t enough people in the country to control the border. Hmm, 1600 miles with Mexico. One person per quarter mile and you get 6400 men. I think we have at least that many soldiers available. Or how about building a really good fence and have one man per mile to patrol it? Three shifts, let’s say, amounts to 4800 men in total.

Anybody think that’s too big a job for America, a nation of 300 million?

Bush, when confronted with his duty, has basically said, the job can’t be done. I quit without even trying to control the border since I know for a fact it’s impossible.

Now that’s leadership for you.


I believe Bush when he says he’s giving his generals exactly what they recommend regarding Iraq and Afghanistan. That begs the question of whether we have any competent warriors in the Pentagon.

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