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I'm Working For World Peace. Send Me Money

I've been  working tirelessly for World Peace and Social Justice.. Send me money. Or give me a prize with prize money attached. Not necessarily the Fetzer Prize for Love and Forgiveness.


That kind of prize should of course be reserved for the likes of Bishop Tutu. Or if not Bishop Tutu, then Mary Robinson. Or if not Mary Robinson, then Jimmy Carter. Or if not Jimmy Carter or Mary Robinson or Bishop Tutu, then perhaps for Rowan Williams, the Archibishop of Canterbury. Have I left anybody out who is well-known for working for World Peace, and Social Justice and, while we're all at it, Diversity? Perhpas not, but still, I think we need Change. We need a brand new Cavalcade of Stars. We need, opening on the Great White Way of Western Guilt, New Faces of 2009 -- or 2010, whichever comes first. 

So who will it be? What about the caudillo of Venezuela who is working for the rights of little people everywhere, Comandante or Colonel or  Generalissimo Chavez? Or what about, and better still, Tariq Ramadan, who has been working tirelessy to bring about, so he hints and some do believe him, a new civilisational synthesis, a  new harmonious convivencia, similar to that wonderful world of Islamic Spain (which for some reason neither the Christians, who fought tirelessly for 500 years to end that convivencia, nor the Jews -- see Maimonides' "Epistle to the Yemen,"written by a Jew who actually lived in Islamic Spain  --were quite so enthusiastic with Spain ruled by the Muslims, as Tariq Ramadan and those who believe Tariq Ramadan seem to think), to wornout nearly worthless  Europe? Yes, Tariq Ramadan is just the ticket. Cometh the Man, Cometh the Hour.  Tariq Ramadan is certainly  working for World Peace, a  Muslim World Peace, a World Peace That Passeth Understanding.

So let Tariq Ramadan and Rowan Williams and Christine Amanpour  get all the glittering prizes.

I don't need the prize of oak or bays.  Leave to other brows what a Fetzer fund endows. My tastes are simple and I'm not proud. Money is, for me, enow. So just send, for god's sake, the money. The wiring in my house needs to be replaced. Don't laugh. 'Tain't funny, McGee.

Cash, check, money order, PayPal. I'm not choosy.  I'm working, after all, for World Peace. And I'm pretty sure it will be right along, any minute now.