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An exclusive from the Daily Star - better known for its pneumatic stunnas but with something of a hot line to Choudary. I don't know how many hot cocoas he stung them for during this interview.
Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star Sunday, East London-based Choudary, 42, said: “The Government’s decision to ban Islam4UK is a very dangerous one as it will only increase the potential for some very nasty conflict."
“You only have to look at what happened between Bosnia and Serbia at Srebrenica. There could be a bloodbath on the streets."
“I don’t think the British people want that but, when you start to suppress ideological movements, you push them underground and there is more chance of conflict.'
“The Government has created a tinderbox situation by banning us. We were the ones calming things down.”
He said: “In some cities, one in six of the young people are Muslim. People don’t realise that there are actually four to five million Muslims in the UK. Many of them do not register to vote so the Government’s figures do not reflect the true size of the Muslim population."
“The Government says there are around one million Muslims in the UK but that is nowhere near accurate. Of course, most will remain silent and not complain but a few could be driven to take the law into their own hands."
“It’s a very dangerous situation. You have to consider how, if there is another 7/7, the country would cope. More and more disaffected whites would be driven towards far-right extremist groups such as the British National Party and the English Defence League if there was another attack."
“If Muslims are not allowed to speak out they could be driven to use other tactics. This in turn will increase tensions with the white community. I would expect fresh attacks on Muslims and the Government will not be able to control the situation.”
Be careful what you wish for Mr C.

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