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Nice day for the race?

What race? The human race.

When I first heard about Ayaan Hirsi Ali and her opposition to Islam, I thought, "She's black and female - now will they listen?" Of course it's absurd that being black and female - and, incidentally, beautiful - should make any difference. The case against Islam has been made by many a white male, and should stand or fall on its merits. But these days "authenticity" is said to count for much, and we may as well have it on our side.

Race trumps gender in the "authenticity" hierarchy - non-whites are cut a great deal of slack in their treatment of women - but deference to Islam even trumps race. Still, the accusation of racism is one that Islam-apologists regularly use. These apologists, mainly on the Left, desperately want the English Defence League to be racist. To acknowledge that this largely working class movement - "grass roots" as they would call it - simply opposes Islam, is a step too far. The presence, therefore, of Sikhs and black people, throws the Left into confusion. How will they deal with this black demonstrator at yesterday's rally in Stoke-on-Trent (h/t Gates of Vienna)?

As a Black man I stand here to say that the English Defence League is not a racist organisation.

I have known many of these people for years and have participated in previous demonstrations. Racism is simply not part of their policy or reflected by their membership.

My presence here gives the lie to the accusation by many media outlets and anti-racist organisations that the EDL is a front for racist organisations in this country. I would not be here if it was.

The EDL is supportive of my interests in promoting harmony between races and people of colour. I see the EDL as defending my interests as a black man to live in a society where skin colour does not play a part in how society functions. As Martin Luther King jr. said many years ago in his famous ‘I have a Dream’ speech: ‘one day [our children will] live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

The EDL’s stand against Sharia law and radical Islam is a stand against a supremacist ideology masquerading as a religion which says that Muslims are better than non-Muslims and that Muslim men are the best of the lot.

I would not normally endorse a speech starting "As a black man ..." It shouldn't be necessary. But they, the Muslims and Islam-apologists, started it. Live by the race card and die by the race card.

Guns, Germs and Steel in Tanzania
The Thinking Person's Safari
Led by Geoffrey Clarfield
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