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UNI pays for banned cleric to preach hate

From The Sunday Express

BANNED Muslim hate preacher Anjem Choudary has sparked outrage after he was flown to Ireland to spout his ­bigoted views to 250 university students.  Choudary’s Islam4UK group and its parent organisation al-Muhajiroun were banned last month by Home Secretary Alan Johnson under legislation to outlaw the glorification of terrorism.  However, the student law society of University College Dublin paid for him to fly over to be a guest speaker at a ­debate with the motion that ­women’s rights should trump religious doctrine. The society also paid for his hotel.

Father-of-four Choudary opposed the motion, saying Muslim women were not suppressed or subjugated. “There is nothing like Islam to emancipate women from slavery and servitude to men, from the cosmetics industry, fashion and pornography . . ."

Maryam Namazie, who proposed the motion, hit back saying women’s rights were being denied under Sharia law, citing a woman’s inability to sign her own marriage contract and that women can be stoned for being ­unfaithful.

Conor O’Hanlon, auditor of the society, defended the decision by saying they needed someone to oppose the motion.

Back in England meanwhile, in Durham, as reported by the Northern Echo I admit I am not comparing like with like here as the Republic of Ireland is a different country.

STUDENT debate featuring two BNP politicians has been cancelled amid fears of violence. Durham Union Society (DUS) abandoned plans for a multiculturalism debate after urgent talks with police.

The Unite Against Fascism (UAF) group had vowed to stop the event, and DUS president Anna Birley said the National Union of Students (NUS) planned to send coachloads of students into Durham, putting them between the rival groups.

She said she was confident the debate would have been intelligent, responsible and an opportunity for students to challenge offensive views; and was disappointed the focus had become the threatened confrontation outside.

The debate was due to take place this Friday. (the motion was to be : “This house believes in a multicultural Britain”. ) Speakers were to be Kulveer Ranger, an advisor to Boris Johnson, Conservative MP Edward Leigh, BNP MEP Andrew Brons and Chris Beverley, a BNP councillor in Leeds.  Note that whatever one might think of their views they are men elected by the communities they represent.

Earlier in the week
The Echo reported:-

Mr Brons said: “If the UAF want to defeat us, why don’t they defeat us with reasoned argument? I look forward to the debate.”

Anna Birley, the president of Durham Union Society, said: “While personally I disagree with the views of the BNP, I respect everyone’s right to freedom of speech. As president, I am responsible for promoting open debate, which means inviting people with opposing points of view – the best way to expose them to public scrutiny.”

Professor Chris Higgins, the vice-chancellor of Durham University, said: “I, personally, abhor the views of the BNP which I consider inappropriate, shallow and offensive. However, because the university is a strong advocate of freedom of speech, we did not oppose the right of the Durham Union Society to invite BNP members as long as they spoke as part of an open debate in which their views could be challenged.”

NUS president Wes Streeting (a damn fool who like his predecessor Jack Strawman should go far) said the NUS believed there was no place on university campuses for the BNP; and that the idea the NUS, rather than the BNP, had caused a welfare and public order issue was preposterous.