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Derbyshire's Mysterianism
John has a basic problem as a Mysterian.

A man can say, I don’t know God. But how does he say, I know that I can’t know God?

Isn’t the defining problem - how do I learn (or know) the Truth about anything and everything?

My experience is that people who sincerely want to know, hunger and thirst after righteousness, and can accept some guidance both temporal and supernatural, who seek to discover how to pray - these people make some progress.

I am also certain that you have to love truth more than life if you want to know the truth about anything and everything. You can certainly do that outside of religion (but not initially. Other people and discipline are important.), but you can’t do it apart from God. You can’t maintain a vague, unknowing, distrusting, or indifferent attitude and expect to ever get much truth out of him.

Also, consider the idea -- why should God trust you with the experience of him? You have earn God's trust just as you have to earn anyone's trust.

How can a man trust he knows anything if he can't know what truth is?

Affliction often makes humans reject faith in a fit of pique. "After all I did for you, God, and this is how you treat me!?"

I understand that very well, but what if God doesn't want good deeds, babbling petitions, and rote submission? What if he really does want to put you on a cross and murder every bit of ego, willfulness, and the Self you possess?

Isn't it more likely then that God isn't the one hiding from people, but that they are generally running away from him?

It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of a living God, indeed.