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Pseudsday Tuesday

It's nearly Wednesday here, and I'd almost forgotten to find my pseud of the week. Well how about Charles Hand Shandy with his Gods of Management?

What would the world of business be like if it were run by the Greek gods of yore? Would Apollo be the right man at the helm of Acme Widget? What sweeping changes would Athena make if she controlled an ad agency? While this might merely seem like an entertaining concept, it also happens to be an extremely valuable framework for understanding management styles and the corporate cultures associated with them.

In The Gods of Management , best-selling author Charles Handy uses four Greek gods to illustrate for managers the basic approaches they can use in their own businesses. When power radiates throughout the company from a top boss, that would be an example of a Zeus or "club" organization, one that investment banks and brokerage firms often adopt for their corporate climates. An Apollo "role" culture, on the other hand, results in a stable bureaucracy, such as a life insurance company or a firm with a long history of success with a single product. The Athena "task" environment emphasizes talent, youth, and team problem-solving, as we'd find in ad agencies and consultancies. And lastly, a Dionysius "existential" design exists to let individuals achieve their purposes, as in a university or group medical practice.

In this thought-provoking volume, Charles Handy shows managers how to be aware of the cultural choices they can make to create a more productive and satisfying workplace.

Lacking time for a detailed critique, I can only indulge in a little Cockney rhyming slang: what a load of Jackson Pollock's.

As for Maslow's hierarchy of needs - where in this hierarchy do you find "hole in the head"?