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As other Afghan police and military 'trainees' have done, Afghan soldier kills his German 'colleagues'

Yet again, we see that the NATO troops in Afghanistan simply cannot trust the local Muslim men whom they are supposed to be training, or whom they are supposed to view as colleagues.  And Germany, with her low indigenous birthrate, can ill afford to lose even one of her precious young men; in this instance, she has lost three.

From Associated Press, via the 'Jerusalem Post'.

'Afghan soldier fires on German troops, killing three.

'Pul-e-khumri, Afghanistan' - German soldiers, just back from patrol, had already started shedding their heavy body armor when shots rang out Friday at their coalition base in northern Afghanistan.

You will observe that the attack took place on a Friday, the Muslim 'holy' day.  You will also observe that the attacker waited until his victims were off their guard and vulnerable; this attack was not, I think, done on impulse, but something premeditated. - CM.

'An Afghan soldier, a man they thought was on their side, was spraying them with bullets at close range.

No practising Muslim can ever be deemed to be on the side of a non-Muslim.  The Quran and other core Muslim texts explicitly, and repeatedly, forbid Muslims to befriend non-Muslims or take them as allies - except feigningly, and temporarily, for Muslim advantage. - CM.

'The shooter was gunned down, but not before he killed three German soldiers and wounded six others in a tragic shooting that highlights the challenges of trying to train Afghan security forces so foreign troops can go home.

This 'training' business is a waste of time...and of precious lives.  If the German government knew what it was doing, it would call its soldiers home now; and put them to work removing the aggressive and destructive Muslim colonists from Germany, or else assisting the Italians and the Greeks to halt - and turn back -  the flood of young Muslim men of military age that is currently pouring into Europe. - CM.

'The Afghan soldier in Baghlan's provincial capital, Pul-e-Khumri, was part of a joint operation between the German and Afghan militaries, Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg told reporters in Berlin.

"Working together carries risks", said Guttenberg, who earlier this week spent the night with German troops at the base in northeast Afghanistan.

'Risks'.  You can say that again. - CM.

"Still, this attack may not lead to questioning the partnering (with the Afghan army) that has so far been successful

(I beg to differ, and I hope the mothers of the dead young soldiers will differ also.  I think that this attack should most assuredly lead to questioning of that 'partnering'; one hopes that Thilo Sarrazin, and Rene Stadkewicz and those with him, will ask those questions, loudly and repeatedly.  As for 'successful' -  Mein Herr, you have had three young German soldiers treacherously murdered by one of their Afghan so-called 'partners', and six wounded.  This is 'success' only from the point of view of Muslims who desire to reduce the number of non-Muslims in the world - CM)

because this would only serve our enemies".

Your enemy, Herr Guttenberg, is in fact the entire Ummah, which declared war on the whole non-Muslim world back in the 7th century and has been waging that war ever since on three continents (with, today, new fronts opening covertly on the other three - North and South America, and Australia), desisting only when weak or when it encountered sufficient resistance.   In Afghanistan the fast jihadists, the Taliban, are openly hostile; the slow jihadists, the Muslims associated with the Karzai regime, are content to wear you down gradually, and bilk you for what they can get - money and arms - while concealing beneath a false smile their Islamically-inculcated enmity toward you.  But every now and again the smiling mask slips; as it did, on Friday, in that military base in Pul-e-Khumri. - CM.