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Arab League, Moral Arbiter For The West, Will Submit "Palestinian" Statehood Request As Part Of Its Endless Diplomatic Jihad
Arab League to submit UN Palestinian statehood bid

DOHA — The Arab League will submit to the United Nations a request for recognition of a Palestinian state, Secretary General Nabil al-Arabi said on Thursday in Doha.

The Arab peace initiative committee "has decided to submit a call to the member states of the United Nations to recognise a Palestinian state," Arabi told a news conference after a meeting of the committee in the Qatari capital.

It would "move to present a request for full membership of a Palestinian state in the General Assembly and the Security Council," Arabi added.

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat said the aim of the Doha meeting, which was attended by Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas and various Arab foreign ministers, was to "strengthen Arab support for obtaining UN membership for a Palestinian state."

The plan for the Palestinians to seek recognition from the UN is opposed by Israel, the United States and some European governments.

Comment: "some"? Why only "some"? Wherefore "some"? Have people in Europe  not yet been able to grasp,  by now, that the war against Israel is a Jihad, identical   in its promptings and ultimate goals, as the Jihad -- for now conducted in different ways -- against the people and institutions of Europe? What does it take to fully grasp the doctrines of Islam, the attitudes of Muslims, the goals of Jihad, and the way that any victory for Muslims in any theatre of that never-ending war merely whets, and never sates, Arab and Muslim appetites? Not recognizing  the propaganda war, the diplomatic war, the economic war being conducted against Israel, and failing to link the ability of Israel to withstand that war, using those instruments, with the abilty of Europe, in turn, to withstand a war now being waged mainly from within, by the Muslim population that grows and grows and grows and grows, is a disaster akin to that observable in Europe in the 1930s.

But peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians are stalled, with the stalemate increasing Palestinian determination to seek statehood via the UN. [no, it is not the "stalemate" that increases "Palestinian determination"-- the Arabs who call themselves "Palestinians," and the other Arabs who do so little to help those "Palestinians," share so little of that vast Arab wealth, but are willing to use them as an instrument in the diplomatic and propaganda war against Israel that has no end -- for Jihad has no end until the Infidels lose everything, and are condemned to endure, under Muslim rule, lives of deliberately-imposed humiliation and insecurity, as has happened, in the past 1350 years, to Jews and Christians, Hindus and Buddhists, and

The Palestinians say they will not return to the negotiating table without a freeze on settlement construction and clear parameters for new talks, including that any borders will be based on the lines that existed before the 1967 Six Day War, with mutually agreed land swaps.

But Israel has rejected any new settlement moratorium, and says setting preconditions for talks prejudges the substance of negotiations.