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Czech prosecutors warned of visit by radical Islamic cleric from UK

From the Czech Position

London-based radical Muslim cleric Haitham Al-Haddad — who sits on the UK’s Islamic Sharia Council, advocates a ban on music, refers to Christians and Jews as “accursed nations,” and calls for Jihad against Israel — is reportedly due to arrive in the Czech Republic on Friday to preach at a mosque and Muslim center in Prague.

Czech moderate Muslim and blogger Lukáš Lho?an has called upon the authorities to take measures to prevent the cleric from entering the country. “I’m convinced that the planned visit of this religious extremist to the Czech Republic could lead to the radicalization of the Muslim community, strengthen intolerant trends within Czech Islam, and lead to the violation of several laws,” he wrote in a letter he sent to the state prosecution service on Monday and published on the website on Tuesday.

If Haitham Al-Haddad is granted entry into the country, as expected, he will be under surveillance: Czech anti-terrorism police say monitoring the activities of such people is part of their work. Police Presidium spokeswoman Pavla Kopecká told the news server that appropriate units would closely follow the visit. “However, we cannot criminalize anyone before they commit a crime,” she added.

Al-Haddad is a member of the pan-global Sunni organization Hizb ut-Tahrir, which aims to establish a caliphate, i.e. one government of Sharia Law for all Muslims everywhere. Tony Blair’s government moved to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir in the UK following the bomb attacks on London in 2005, but according to the UK daily The Independent reneged after police and civil groups warned a ban could serve to further radicalize the group and prompt activists to resort to violence

Al-Haddad preaches loyalty to Islam, not one’s country, and calls for Jihad against Israel: “We should pay the price for this victory [over Israel] from our blood,” he says . . . defending the right of a husband to beat his wife, the indisputable duty of women to conceal their faces and figures by wearing a burqa, and claims that music is a non-Islamic and corruptive phenomenon.

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