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'Honor' Murderer On Trial in Australia: Persian Muslim Man Stabbed Ex-Wife in Back in Front of 300 People at Party

The murder happened in sleepy little Adelaide, South Australia, in  2010 but is only now coming to trial.

First, let's hear from an Adelaide paper, The Advertiser, Sean Fewster reporting.

'Stabbed in back by angry husband'

If ;you click on the link you will see a photo of the victim, a very pretty Persian woman, sans hijab. - CM

'A man who could not break his wife's spirit with his fists stabbed her in front of 300 people as a final act of control, a court has heard.

'A jury yesterday heard Zialloh Abrahimzadeh's murder of his wife, Zahra, was so premeditated that police found a passport and Iranian immigration papers waiting in his car.

Sooo - not a spur-of-the-moment crime passionelle as one sometimes encounters in non-Muslim lands. - CM

'Sandi McDonald, prosecuting, said the killing was vengeance on a woman who found the courage to leave her abuser.

"For years, Abrahimzadeh had used his anger, his fists, his feet and his belt to punish and control his wife and, at times, his family", she said.

Just as Islam permits and prescribes.  Quran 4: 34 - "As for those [women - CM] from whom you [that is, the man - CM] fear disobedience, admonish them, and send them to beds apart, and beat them.  Then if they obey you, take no further action against them".  And if they still do not obey...what 'further action' might be expected, after a thrashing?  It appears that in Mr Abrahimzadeh's case, he deemed that his wife's continuing refusal to submit - indeed, her flight from his abuse - warranted a public execution. - CM

"This is the case of a man who lost control of his family and, as a consequence, hunted his wife down to punish her and make her pay the consequence of her actions."

'Abrahimzadeh, 57, in the Supreme Court, has pleaded not guilty to one count of murder.

As we shall see, he stabbed her in the back, eight times, in front of 300 people.  And he says he is not guilty of murder.  One can only assume that he does not regard the killing as murder, but as the just and proper execution of a criminal female. Pour encourager les autres. - CM

'Opening the trial, Ms McDonald said Zahra died at the Adelaide Convention Centre on March 21, 2010.  She said that was the culmination of years of abuse that began in 1997, when the couple and their children moved to Australia.

"He was controlling, domineering, regularly resorted to verbal abuse and to violence.

"He said he would rather go to jail than of his family ruin his reputation".

 'Reputation'. In other words, the so-called 'honor' of the malignantly narcissistic Mohammedan male, that 'honor' which is gained and maintained only by being seen - by other Mohammedan males - to be always and everywhere the unchallenged and absolute master of all his female chattels. - CM

'After a 2009 fight in which Abrahimzadeh tried to use a knife, Zahra and the children took out restraining orders.

They appealed beyond the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob, looking to the non-Muslim law and its representatives for help.  And that, doubtless, filled this Mohammedan male with even greater fury. - CM

'On the night of her murder, Zahra and her eldest daughter were attending a Persian New Year celebration.

'Ms McDonald said they were surprised to see Abrahimzadeh among the 300 people in attendance, and alerted security.

I would like to know who among the 300 guests, or who among their 'friends' and relations in the Ummah, had told Abrahimzadeh where to find his wife.  And security were just not quick enough. - CM

'As Zahra was sitting at a table...Abrahimzadeh ran up behind her and repeatedly stabbed her in the back.  He did not even stop as she fell to the floor...she didn't have a chance to defend herself."

'Ms McDonald said Zahra died from eight stab wounds.

Overkill - as so often with 'honor' murders, as Phyllis Chesler has observed in several classic articles on the subject. - CM

'Police later discovered a roll of newspaper n his jacket, serving as a sheath for the knife, and paperwork, including a completed visa application for Iran, in the car he had used.

The trial continues".

Now for what the ABC made of it.  There are some useful extra snippets of information in this report from Candice Marcus.

'Husband killed wife in front of 300 guests, court told.

More accurately: Muslim Husband Killed Separated Wife in Front of 300 Guests..."

 'A man (a Persian Muslim man - CM) accused of stabbing his wife to death at a crowded function at the Adelaide Convention Centre has gone on trial for murder.

'The prosecution said he was a violent and abusive husband who wanted to make his wife pay for leaving him.

'The South Australian Supreme Court heard Zialloh Abrahimzadeh went to the Convention Centre with a knife hidden under his jacket.

'His wife Zahra was there with one of their daughters for a Persian New Year's Eve celebration in 2010.

'The court heard she became concerned for her safety when she saw her estranged husband arrive.

'Prosecutor Sandi McDonald ( a woman - how this Mohammedn must be fuming at being had up in court, with a female kuffar lawyer prosecuting him for killing his wife, whom he deeply believed deserved to die for the unpardonable sin of not wanting to go on living under the blows of his boot and his fist - CM) said Abrahimzadeh waited until his wife was looking in her handbag, then stabbed her in the back, continuing his attack when she fell to the ground.

'The court heard people nearby wrestled the knife from him, but the victim had been stabbed eight times.

I wonder whether there is security camera footage of the whole thing as it happened? Not to mention the possibility that people were recording the function itself, taking pictures of the guests, etc. - CM

'The prosecution said Abrahimzadeh allegedly was heard to say, "She's mine, she's done a shameful thing", and "You betrayed me", before the woman was stabbed repeatedly in front of  300 guests.

She had 'outed' him as a violent husband, to the non-Muslim authorities from whom she had sought help; she had refused to suffer meekly in silence, allowing him to abuse her at will behind closed doors without complaint as a 'good' Muslim wife should have done. And so - he punished her, by execution.  'She's mine'.  Although she had left him, and they were separated, it seems he saw her precisely as Islam would teach him to see her: as an owned thing, an object, as tilth, chattel, like a slave or a domestic animal. - CM

'Ms McDonald told the jury a restraining order had been imposed on the accused less than two weeks before the attack because of his history of domestic violence towards his wife and children.

"He used his anger, his fists, his feet and his belt to punish and control his wife and at times his family", she told the hearing.

'The court heard the couple's three children will give evidence for the prosecution".

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that Candice Marcus the ABC reporter, or for that matter, any member of the Australian judiciary involved in the trial, let alone members of the jury, will have read Phyllis Chesler's magisterial studies of how Muslim 'honor' murders differ from the kind of 'crime passionelle' or domestic killings that happen in non-Muslim western countries, nor will they have read Spengler's lapidary discussion of the peculiar theologico-legal paradigm that underpins and justifies those murders.  They will not, therefore, know all that they need to know, in order to understand what was going on in that household, and why that man would feel entitled to execute his wife in a vicious multiple stabbing attack in front of 300 witnesses, and yet - in court - plead innocent of murder.

And so, just in case Ms Marcus or others covering or involved with this case may one day come across this discussion, I will provide the links.

Here is the redoubtable Jewish-American feminist and psychologist Phyllis Chesler, writing for the Middle East Quarterly in 2009: "Are Honor Killings Simply Domestic Violence?"

And again in 2010 - the same year the Zialloh murdered his deemed-rebellious wife in that convention centre in Adelaide.

'World-Wide Trends in Honor Killings'.

And here is 'Spengler', of Asia News, on the subject of 'Wife-beating, Sharia, and Western Law'.

Here is part of Spengler's discussion.

"More than the Koran's sanction of wife-beating (which I have quoted verbatim above - CM), the legal grounds on which the Koran sanctions it reveals an impassable gulf between Islamic and Western law.

"The sovereign grants inalienable rights to every individual in Western society, of which protection from violence is foremost.

"Every individual stands in direct relation to the state, which wields a monopoly of violence.

"Islam's legal system is radically different; the father is a 'governor' or 'administrator' of the family, that is, a little sovereign within his domestic realm, with the right to employ violence to control his wife and children.

'That is the self-understanding of modern Islam spelled out by Muslim-American scholars (and doubtless shared by Islamic scholars in Australia, if only we knew where to look and how to read their pronouncements - CM) and it is incompatible with the Western concept of human rights.

"The practice of wife-beating, which is found in Muslim communities in Western countries, is embedded too profoundly in sharia law to be extracted.

"Nowhere to my knowledge has a Muslim religious authority of standing repudiated wife-beating as specified in Surah 4: 32 [or 4: 34] of the Koran, for to do so would undermine the foundations of Muslim society.

'By extension, the power of the little sovereign of the family can include the killing of wayward wives and female relations.

'Execution for domestic crimes, often called 'honor killing' is not mentioned in the Koran, but the practice is so widespread in Muslim countries - the United Nations Population Fund estimates an annual toll of 5,000 (and that, I am sure, is a major underestimate, as these killings tend to be covered up rather than reported - CM) that it is recognized in what we might term Islamic common law.

"Muslim courts either do not prosecute so-called honor killings, or prosecute them more leniently than other crimes. Article 340 of Jordan's penal code states, "He who discovers his wife or one of his female relatives committing adultery and kills, wounds, or injures one of them, is exempted from any penalty".  Syria imposes only a two-year prison sentence for such killings.  Pakistan forbids them but rarely punishes them...

"I can find no record of a recognised Muslim authority repudiating wife-beating".

And that is why this Muslim man, who murdered his wife in front of multiple witnesses in order to punish her for 'shaming' him by exposing him as a bad husband and leaving him and seeking help from non-Muslim authorities, could stand in an Australian court and claim that he was innocent of murder.  Conditioned by Islam, by the Islamic world-view, he simply does not see what he did, as being murder.  He - so he thinks, his conscience seared by Islam , his ego swollen by a monstrous sense of entitlement- was merely asserting his authority by executing a rebel and traitor.

However, he forgot he was not in Jordan, or Pakistan, or Iran, or any other part of dar al Islam where a man can appoint himself judge, jury and executioner and kill his female chattels on the flimsiest of pretexts, and get away with it.  He is in Australia, where what he did is - I think, rightly and properly - defined as murder, and I sincerely hope that the jury will have enough sense to ignore any whining and weaselly appeals to 'culture' as a mitigating factor in his violent abuse and ultimate murder of his wife, and will find him Guilty and put him away for life.

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