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Indonesian was 'told to kill Christian girls'
A SENIOR Muslim militant who has confessed to beheading three Christian schoolgirls said he was ordered to kill "infidels" in the restive Indonesian town of Poso.
Basri said he and other militants were ordered to carry out the killings after joining a group blamed for a series of sectarian attacks in religiously-divided Poso district on Sulawesi island.
Basri and two other men were arrested on February 1 in a police raid after a tip-off from Poso residents.
"I never killed the authorities but I killed four Christians," he said in Jakarta.
"It was not my idea, I was told to kill. Please (spare me) the death sentence," he said when asked if he understood he could face the death sentence.
Basri did not say who ordered the attack on the girls but, in an interview with Tempo magazine after his arrest, said the killings were carried out "at the orders of Ustad (teacher) Sanusi".
In the interview, Basri said he and two others killed the girls and took their heads to the group's headquarters as a "gift" to mark the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.