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Along with Mustafa Akyol, a sly propagandist, as a supposed "Muslim reformer," for Erdogan's party, who was permitted to peddle his wares in The Washington Times, and along with the editorial board, consisting of fundamentalist free-marketeers, for whom homo economicus is everything,  and the Iraq policy making perfect sense, thank you, of The Wall Street Journal, there is My Weekly Standard and, of course, the atrocious views expressed by D'Souzites at National Review, with their devout faith in "moderate Muslims" who, of course, are for many offer (how is never stated) the "solution" to the "problem" of Islam.  

Andrew Bostom's new book contains piquant information about young Erdogan. Back in the 1970s he  wrote, directed, and acted in a play called "MasKomYa," which takes its name from the first syllables of "Masons" and "Kommunists" and "Yahudin" -- Masons, Communists, Jews. It was wildly popular; he took it everywhere. The play's  title suggests in its abrided portmanteau fashion, what that play is about: : the Triple Threat, the Triple Entente that threatened Islam and therefore Everything Good and Right and Just, and that young Erdogan warned other young Turks (and come to think of it, middle-aged and old ones too) about. The Freethinkers. The Communists. And, of course, the Jews.

Did Richard Perle, who introduced Erdogan to an audience at the American Enterprise Institute during the Turkish leader's last trip to Washington, know about MasKomYa when he gave him that glowing tribute? Did Perle, or others who in the past have been, like him,  registered foreign agents for Turkey, ever think that just possibly Kemalism was thin, that Islam was re-emerging and steadily more powerful, and that promoting an esemplastic shape called "Turkey" unattached from its Kemalist moorings was dangerous, given the general level of unreality about Turkey already present in Washington, where the cold-war business about Islam as a "bulwark against Communism" continued, in other forms, to live on? That view helps explain the surprise expressed by so many when Turkey turned down the American request to invade Iraq from Turkish bases in the north; it explains the almost bottomless naivete about Pakistani generals over many decades, a naivete the continues into the present with so much faith put in outwardly rectitudinous, inwardly meretricious, Musharraf.

The next time Mustafa Akyol (a friend of Suleiman Schwartz, and promoted by Daniel Pipes, for whom Akyol arranged a recent visit to Turkey to make sure Pipes saw things aright), or the editors of My Weekly Standard, National Review, The Wall Street Journal, and other Great and Good Pontificators, tell us not to worry about Turkey, that its Muslims are merely "traditioinalists" and besides, aren't the akyols of this world reforming Islam just the way we want them too, and hasn't the government favored free-market economic activity which, as we all know, is a sure sign of benevolence by any state or people, just say those three little syllables and the actor/dramaturge/politician associated with them: MasKomYa. Erdogan.

Don't forget, by the way, that the egregious Abraham Foxman outdid Richard Perle (who only welcomed, Erdogan, gave him his  imprimatur, before a crowd at the American Enterprise Institute). What did Abe Foxman do? He had the A.D.L.give Erdogan, author and director of, and actor in, "Maskomya," a Humanitarian Award. Yes, he did. For services. But not, one supposes, for that play warning about the evil Masons. And evil Communists. And evil, evil Jews. .  

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The Thinking Person's Safari
Led by Geoffrey Clarfield
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