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These Late Eclipses Of The Sun And Moon

"the Darfur conflict began as an ecological crisis, arising at least in part from climate change."
-- from this article by Ban Ki Moon,, shifting blame for Arab mass-murder of black African (i.e., those determined or perceived to be non-Arab) Muslims in Darfur, as of 1.8 million black African Christian and animist blacks in the southern Sudan

And presumably the mass killings of black Christians by Muslims in Nigeria which led to the 1967-69 Biafra War, a war to turn back -- Col. Ojukwu's word -- the "Jihad" against the Christians (a Jihad in which outside Arabs -- Egyptian pilots -- enthusiastically participated, compensating for the humiliation of their recent loss in the Six-Day War by strafing helpless Ibo villagers), were also a result of some changes in weather patterns? And the enslavement of blacks by Arabs, wherever a local black population was present to be enslaved (Mali, Mauritania)? That too must reflect something in the climate -- perhaps a reaction to some volcano's eruption, some Pinatubo, or further back, Mont Pele, or even a long-delayed reaction to the eruption of Krakatoa in 1889.

And the slavery still practiced, far from prying Western eyes, or taking place under those very Western eyes but given a different name, by rich Saudis -- for how else can one characterize the domestic household servants, especially women from southeast Asia, of the Saudis? -- for despite the official ending of slavery, under Western pressure, in 1962, the practice in all but name is still to be recognized in Saudi Arabia, for the institution of slavery is not a peculiar institution to Islam, but rather permanently sanctioned by it, in Qur'an, in Hadith, in the Sira.

Yes, it's the weather, it's the climate. It's the sky, either too full of louring clouds or, per contra, too perfectly inobnubilated, simply too true-blue, that explains Muslim Arab aggression and violence, wherever it can be gotten away with, against non-Muslims and even non-Arab Muslims, as with the blacks in Darfur, the Berbers in Algeria, the Kurds in Iraq.

And if bombs go off in London or New York or Washington, in Madrid or Moscow, or Infidels are killed in Amsterdam or Antwerp, if Danish embassies are attacked in Cairo or Karachi, don't blame Muslims, and certainly don't blame the texts, the teachings, the tenets, the attitudes, the atmospherics, of Islam.

Blame something in the atmosphere. Blame, if you can't find any other root cause connected to the sky, these late eclipses of the sun and moon.

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