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Monday, 30 November 2009
Former Muslims in US Support Swiss Ban on Minarets- �The Bayonets of Islam�

My colleagues at Former Muslims United (FMU) issued a press release commending the Swiss Referendum victory to ban construction of Minarets for the approximately 150 Mosques serving the estimated 400,000 Muslim faithful in the alpine republic of 7.5 million.


Darwish of FMU said: "the Swiss referendum victory is the equivalent of banning what Turkish PM Erdogan called: ‘the bayonets of Islam.’ Supporters of a ban claim that allowing minarets would represent the growth of an ideology and a legal system - Sharia law - which are incompatible with Swiss democracy. The Swiss Referendum victory drew a red line against Islamization in Europe.”   

She also noted that “this referendum victory is a credit to Swiss citizens, especially women voters who viewed construction of Minarets as leading to adoption of other graphic elements of Sharia law including wearing of burkas in public by Muslim women.”

Score one for the doughty Apostates from Islam at the FMU. Only four Minarets exist currently at Mosques in Switzerland. Just about everyone in the Muslim ummah and mainstream press castigated the Swiss for being violators of religious freedom  and minority rights by not succumbing to further Islamization in their country.  

Among the critics was Swiss citizen, Oxford University Professor Tariq Ramadan, grandson of the founder of the extremist Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan al-Banna, who was a fan of Hitler. Ramadan had his visa application to visit the U.S. in 2006 denied as a result of questions about his charitable gifts to the Palestinian terror group Hamas. The visa ban was lifted following a successful Federal Appeals court decision in July, 2009. Ramadan castigated his Swiss compatriots with these remarks in a Guardian U.K. op ed on the ban on Minaret construction, “My compatriots' vote to ban minarets is fuelled by fear:”

The Swiss have voted not against towers, but Muslims. Across Europe, we must stand up to the flame-fanning populists . . .

It is as if the populists set the tone and the rest follow. They fail to assert that
Islam is by now a Swiss and a European religion and that Muslim citizens are largely "integrated". That we face common challenges, such as unemployment, poverty and violence – challenges we must face together. We cannot blame the populists alone – it is a wider failure, a lack of courage, a terrible and narrow-minded lack of trust in their new Muslim citizens.

Sunday’s Swiss Referendum victory banning minarets won handily according a report in Der Spiegel: 'Germany Would Also Have Voted to Ban Minarets'.

More than 57.5 percent of voters and 22 out of 26 cantons voted in favor of the ban on Sunday. The initiative was brought by supporters of the right-wing Swiss People's Party and a smaller party. The campaign's organizers had argued that minarets are a symbol of a Muslim quest to dominate others and to introduce Shariah law, and that banning them would help stop an "Islamization" of Switzerland. Muslims make up around 5 percent of the Swiss population.

Der Spiegel
went on to observe the reactions in Europe that hewed to the great divide of political sentiments:

's decision to ban the construction of minarets in a referendum on Sunday has drawn condemnation from politicians across Europe and from Muslim leaders, but far-right politicians have welcomed it as a courageous step that should be copied by other countries.

's Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa, the country's top cleric, called the ban an "insult" to Muslims across the world but called on Muslims not to be provoked by the move. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said he was shocked by the decision which showed "intolerance."

However right-wing and far-right parties such as Italy's Northern League and France's National Front were quick to welcome the decision. The right-wing populist Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who is famous for his anti-Islam views, called the result "great" and said he would push for a similar referendum in the Netherlands.

Covering the gamut of German domestic opinion about the Swiss banning minarets, Der Spiegel noted its appeal:

But mass circulation Bild, which can claim to have its finger on the nation's pulse more than other newspapers, said Germans would probably vote the same way if they were allowed a referendum on the issue:

"The minaret isn't just the symbol of a religion but of a totally different culture. Large parts of the Islamic world don't share our basic European values: the legacy of the Enlightenment, the equality of man and woman, the separation of church and state, a justice system independent of the Bible or the Koran and the refusal to impose one's own beliefs on others with 'fire and the sword.' Another factor is likely to have influenced the Swiss vote: Nowhere is life made harder for Christians than in Islamic countries. Those who are intolerant themselves cannot expect unlimited tolerance from others."

In the United States, Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR used a letter to President Obama to raise its ire about the Swiss ban on minarets. Pakistani on-line publication, The Nation noted this about the CAIR letter to the President:

In an open letter to President Obama, CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad said . . .

“I also urge you to use the opportunity presented by your prime-time address to repudiate the decision of Swiss voters to deny Muslims in that nation the same religious rights granted to citizens of other faiths. Our nation’s silence on this flagrant denial of religious freedom would send a very negative message throughout the Muslim world, which must improve its own record on religious rights."

The argument of protection for minority rights was evident in a news release issued by the Washington-based Center for Study of Islam and Democracy:

As an organization that has consistently taken a stand against the violation of fundamental human, political, and religious rights wherever they may occur, the Board of Directors of CSID takes this opportunity to express its apprehension and disappointment over this development which points to a dangerous attrition in the Swiss people's commitment to democratic values and augurs more generally a worsening of relations between Europe and Muslim-majority countries.

In conjunction with all people of faith, and all those who believe in freedom, equality, and democracy, we call upon the Swiss government and all Swiss political and religious leaders to continue to uphold and defend freedom of religion for all its citizens and residents. A democracy is measured not only by its application of majority rule, but also and more importantly by the respect it accords to the rights of minorities.

However, Darwish had this final comment on the Swiss ban on Minarets:

"Many Muslim groups are denouncing the ban as oppression to freedom of religion. However, such Muslim groups will be more credible if they first denounced the oppression of religious minorities in Muslim countries who make it illegal to practice any religion other than Islam. Muslim groups who claim that they are oppressed in Europe should be the first to stand up and yell "not in the name of my religion" when Churches are burned in Muslim countries. But instead all we hear from Muslim groups is "I am a victim" and "I am offended" while the blood of non-Muslims is being shed in the name of Sharia.  

Posted on 11/30/2009 10:59 PM by Jerry Gordon
Monday, 30 November 2009
A Musical Interlude: I'll Never Be The Same (Paul Whiteman Orch., voc. Mildred Bailey)

Listen here.

Posted on 11/30/2009 8:55 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Monday, 30 November 2009
December 5 Rally in NYC



What: December 5th rally protesting the NYC based trial of 9/11 conspirators
When: Saturday, December 5th, 2009 ­ 12:00 noon

The 9/11 Never Forget Coalition, a diverse group of 9/11 victims, family members, first responders, active and reserve members of the military, veterans, and concerned Americans, is holding December 5th rally protesting the plan to bring the 9/11 terrorist conspirators to trial in New York City.

The Coalition formed to fight the decision of President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to try the 9/11 co-conspirators in New York City’s federal court, effectively giving war criminals the same rights as American citizens while endangering the safety of all New Yorkers.

Two weeks ago, we sent a letter signed by 300 family members of 9/11 victims to the President, Attorney General and Defense Secretary Robert Gates asking them to reverse course. The letter has now been signed by over 120,000 Americans: Read it here and co-sign it here.

more here

Posted on 11/30/2009 6:01 PM by Rebecca Bynum
Monday, 30 November 2009
The Stone Of Secrets

(being, in some sort, a continuation of The Light Of Araby)

by John M. Joyce (December 2009)


“Yes, well, talking of silver: have you any idea what these are?” Lushkins asked, handing him two small knife-like silver instruments encased in clear plastic bags, “I didn’t think that you would be here so I was going to ask Samantha but you still being here is a bonus.”
Posted on 11/30/2009 5:33 PM by NER
Monday, 30 November 2009
Whitehall Act of Remembrance with March for England

by Esmerelda Weatherwax (December 2009)

On Sunday 22 November my family and I met up with the March for England parade in a very wet and miserable Whitehall just after they left placing their wreath on the Women’s Memorial in the centre of Whitehall and so we were in time for the final wreath laying and the two minutes silence at the Ghurkha Statue in Whitehall Place. more>>>

Posted on 11/30/2009 5:28 PM by NER
Monday, 30 November 2009
Israel, Iran, Washington, Fort Hood and the 9/11 Plotters Trial

-          An international round table discussion

by Jerry Gordon and Michael Bates with Dan Diker and Jon Schanzer (December 2009)

Israeli naval commandos seized an Iranian arms vessel off the Island of Cyprus loaded with 500 tons of rockets, missiles, arms and munitions destined for Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria. It has been left to Israel to police these arms shipments from Iran via the Sudan and Egypt rather than the US which had previously volunteered to do it. Israel also took out a Syrian reactor in September 2007. Meanwhile the US and other ‘5+1’ countries offered uranium enrichment ‘olive branch’ to Iran. 


Posted on 11/30/2009 5:23 PM by NER
Monday, 30 November 2009
Denial and Its Discontents

by D. L. Adams (December 2009)

Our Commander in Chief's immediate response to the jihadist massacre at Fort Hood was "we don't know all the answers yet and I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts.” What facts remain to be gathered? The traitor, betrayer, Muslim, jihadist killer Major Nidal Malik Hasan shouted "Allah Akbar" (additional sources here, and here) as he gunned down his fellow American soldiers. There is nothing else that we need to know. more>>>
Posted on 11/30/2009 5:16 PM by NER
Monday, 30 November 2009
A Former Muslim Speaks About the Fort Hood Massacre

by Mohammed Asghar with Jerry Gordon (December 2009)

Former Muslims, those who by choice have left Islam, were like most Americans shocked by the mass shooting of innocent soldiers and civilians at Fort Hood, Texas on November 5th, resulting in more than 13 killed and 30 seriously wounded. Major Nidal Hasan, an Army psychiatrist was a self acknowledged devout Muslim who was overhead by his victims at Fort Hood screaming “Allahu Akbar” as he jumped onto a table and sprayed 100 lethal rounds into the lines of soldiers and civilians waiting to undergo medical and dental examinations. In 2007, at the Uniform Services Unified University of Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland, Major Hasan gave a presentation to his medical officer colleagues, “The Koranic World View as it relates to Muslims in the U.S. Military.” Hasan’s presentation clearly stated the Islamic War doctrine of Jihad and warned of ‘adverse events’ if Muslim service personnel weren’t released from active service as ‘conscientious objectors.’ more>>>
Posted on 11/30/2009 5:11 PM by NER
Monday, 30 November 2009
Contemporary Art and Reviving Civilisation

by David Hamilton (December 2009)

The first thing that strikes one about contemporary artists is their general pettiness. Classical art provided something to aspire to not something to reduce.  The problem with contemporary artists is that they do not know what subjects to paint - have no conception of what is an artistic subject. They offer well-painted trivia.  Art became about the artist as celebrity, not about beauty; angst or social issues became "art" and now the mission is to merge it with pornography. The health of a civilisation is shown in its art. The comparison of some examples of contemporary art and the wholesome products of the dawn of European civilisation guides us in how we can revive this decaying inheritance of ours. more>>>
Posted on 11/30/2009 5:07 PM by NER
Monday, 30 November 2009
Conferring of the "Hero of Silence" Order on David G. Littman

“Operation Mural”: Casablanca 1961

Presentation by President Shimon Peres
(Presidential Commemoration Ceremony June 1, 2008)

Well, it is a belated ceremony, but it doesn’t lose its value, because what you did stands on its own legs and is not affected by time. I think that the saving of 530 children is, I imagine, the most moving experience a man can have. You say in Hebrew: “The one who saves one life is like the one that saved the life of the whole world.” (*) But when you save 530 children it’s really unforgettable. I want to express, on behalf of our people, our nation, our recognition of your courage, your wisdom, of your determination under extremely difficult conditions at a time when our connections were extremely weak. more>>>

Posted on 11/30/2009 5:02 PM by NER
Monday, 30 November 2009
Judeo-Masonic Thought And The Birth Of The Modern

by Robert Wolfe (December 2009)

Anyone familiar with the European anti-Semitic literature of the 19th and early 20th centuries will be struck by the extent to which this literature is directed not only against the Jews but also against the Freemasons. In the so-called "Protocols of the Elder of Zion" and similar expositions of a mythical Jewish conspiracy to rule the world, the Freemasons are assigned a major role in the alleged conspiracy. more>>>
Posted on 11/30/2009 4:58 PM by NER
Monday, 30 November 2009
Nazis in Newark 1933-41; a Parallel Universe with Today

by Norman Berdichevsky (December 2009)

Book Review of Nazis in Newark
by Warren Glover
Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick, NJ. 2003
ISBN 978-0-7658-0516-4

The crisis we face today that has resulted in an ever more aggressive and truculent, militant Islam threatening the foundations of Western civilization from without and within, bears an uncanny parallel, almost a parallel universe, with the dreadful anxiety-filled 1930s, when a virulent Nazism intimidated and cowed much of public opinion throughout the United States. more>>>
Posted on 11/30/2009 4:53 PM by NER
Monday, 30 November 2009
A Musical Interlude: That Ain't Right (Fats Waller)

Watch, and listen, here.

Posted on 11/30/2009 1:03 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Monday, 30 November 2009
Letter To The Washington Post
Leo Rennert brings an important semantic issue to the attention of the Washington Post:
Dear Mr. Brauchli:
Discerning Washington Post readers may be taken aback by a semantic double-standard that glares at them in the "news" section of the paper's Nov. 30 edition.
There on page A2 is an article about whether potential jurors in New York can render a fair verdict in the upcoming 9/11 trial.  Reporter Karl Vick reports preparations for trying those accused of orchestrating the Sept. 11, 2001, "terrorist attacks."  He also delves into the history of previous "terrorist trials."   And he carefully adds up the 2,976 people who lost their lives on 9/11 in New York, at the Pentagon, and in the crash of United 93 in Pennsylvania.
Quite a contrast, however, when a reader turns to page A10 to find an article by correspondent Howard Schneider about a potential swap of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners for a kidnapped Israeli soldier.  Here, Schneider tells Post readers that Gilad Shalit has been held "by militants" in the Gaza Strip for more than three years. Scheider then goes on to report that Israeli victims of "violence" by Palestinian "militant" groups have gone to court to demand that the government shed more light on the pending deal.  Schneider also reports that negotiations between Israel and "the militant Hsmas group" are nearing a conclusion.
One one page, the Post clearly identifies the perpetrators of 9/11 as responsible for "terrorist" attacks that claimed nearly 3,000 lives.  But eight pages later in the same edition, the Post refers to the second Palestinian intifada as simply a case of "violence," perpetrated by "militant groups," without telling readers that some 1,000 Israelis lost their lives as a result of attacks on Israeli civilian targets by the "militant group Hamas" and other such Palestinian organizations.
Yet, what's the difference?  Why was there terrorism in New York, but not in Jerusalem where children were blown up in school buses and pizza parlors?  Or in Sderot when thousands of rockets rained down on neighborhoods during virtually all of this decade?
In both cases, terrorist groups deliberately targeted and killed civilians in pursuit of their jihadist agenda.  If anything, the terror war against Israel, when viewed on a per-capita basis, spilled proportionately far more blood throughout the Jewish state than 9/11 did in the United States.  When one takes into account that U.S. population is 40 times larger than Israel's, the latter's losses were greater by a factor of more than 10.
Still, the Post persists in reporting "terrorist" attacks in the United States, Britain, Spain, Morocco, Turkey, Indonesia, the Philippines and other part of the globe.  But when such attacks occur in Israel, the paper goes out of its way to camouflage Palestinian "terrorism" with Orwellian euphemisms like "militant attacks" or just plain, ordinary "violence."
To borrow from Shakespeare, didn't Israelis killed or injured in suicide bombings and rocket attacks bleed just much as terrorist victims in New York and elsewhere?
Posted on 11/30/2009 12:57 PM by Rebecca Bynum
Monday, 30 November 2009
Segway To Follow

"The Islamic Hamas movement banned girls last month from riding behind men on motor scooters…”  -- from a story at Bloomberg

No motor scooters, because a female hand might drape around a male waist. But no singles on Segways either, for a girl on her Segway might be following a boy on his,  or vice-versa, and neither the one possibility nor the other is admissible. Besides, it was not Muhammad, but according to Islamic belief some lesser Muslim prophet, Issa by name, who said, did he not, "Chi me ama mi segue" (a famous phrase put to scandalous use, so it was declared, in an ad for short-short denims; a much more scandalous use -- for the sake of wit, not money --, depending on Italian slang, need not be posted here), that is Who Loves Me Will Follow Me, or Who Loves Me Will Segway. But there will be none of that Christian segue or secular Segway, not in thoroughly Muslim Gaza, among the Gazan Arabs.

I trust someone will bring this brief posting, a sweetly-obvious attempt at Product Placement, to the attention of Mr. Kamen. There's a space in my garage just waiting.


Posted on 11/30/2009 12:13 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Monday, 30 November 2009
December Named National Awareness Month

Yes, it's The Onion:

WASHINGTON—In an effort to combat what organizers are calling "our current epidemic of complete and utter obliviousness," the American Foundation for Paying Attention to Things has declared December "National Awareness Month."

Enlarge Image National Awareness Month

Despite organizers' best intentions, many passersby who aren't already off in space will confuse this poster with an ad for an upcoming movie.

"All across the country, millions of men and women are dangerously unaware," AFPAT spokesperson Karen Teeling said during a press conference Monday. "What's worse, the vast majority of those suffering from this debilitating state of mind don't even know it."

"That's why this December we're asking that all Americans stop whatever it is they're doing, and take a moment to open their eyes for once—just once—in their lives," Teeling added. "It'll make all the difference in the world."

According to AFPAT, planned events for National Awareness Month include a 10K charity walk, during which participants will be forced to actually interact and engage with the outside world for a change, as well as several advertising campaigns, which will help get the word out about things other than what currently happens to be playing on television.

Awareness-month organizers will also hand out large reflective ribbons, in hopes that, by wearing a 9-inch yellow reminder on their chests, citizens across the country might actually remember that something is going on.

"Obliviousness doesn't discriminate," said volunteer Robert Fargo, who added that his own father might still be alive today had he been more aware of his surroundings. "Adults, children, the elderly, those staring slack-jawed as their very existence rushes by—obliviousness can strike them all."

Defined as the ability to realize what one is doing, to whom one is doing it, and what the consequences of doing it or not doing it may be, awareness is considered to be a major factor in a number of modern human endeavors, among them: decision-making, prioritizing, and just basically walking around without always bumping into things.

While lack of awareness—or "unawareness," as the foundation calls it—has reached dangerously high levels across the nation, organizers said there are still steps that can be taken by everyone to address the issue.

"A simple self-exam once a month can greatly reduce the chances of becoming unaware," AFPAT founder Michael Poe said. "First, position yourself in front of your bathroom mirror. Second, make eye contact with the reflection in the mirror. Now, while still maintaining eye contact, take three to five minutes to think about the fact that you exist as a human being."

Added Poe, "As long as you can remember to do that and not just completely tune out for an entire year or so, you should be all right."

In addition to distributing literature about raising awareness of awareness itself, and launching a series of bus ads featuring such slogans as "Hey, you! Come on, snap out of it," organizers listed a number of symptoms Americans can look for when attempting to deduce whether or not they're aware.

"Lack of coherent thought is usually a sign of being unaware, as is a fleeting attention span, and forgetting what this particular sentence pertains to midway through reading it," said Dr. Howard Sturges, who has treated several hundred cases of acute obliviousness. "If you suspect you have such a disorder, please contact a health professional immediately, or, as you likely know him, the man in the white lab coat with the shiny thing around his neck who has that office with all the chairs and patients inside of it."

Though they remain confident about the success of the upcoming monthlong event, members of the American Foundation for Paying Attention to Things maintained that the cure for the national unawareness epidemic ultimately lies with the individual.

"We'll do what we can to help, but at some point it's really up to all Americans to make sure they can leave the house in the morning without setting the place on fire, show up to work without looking like a complete moron, or carry on an intelligent conversation without getting distracted by different tile patterns on the floor," AFPAT chairwoman Sheila Winters said. "Hello? Hello?"

Posted on 11/30/2009 10:54 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Monday, 30 November 2009
Rules of Etiquette for Modern Anti-Semitism

Bruce Kesler has them for you at Maggie's Farm.

Posted on 11/30/2009 6:55 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Monday, 30 November 2009
Former soldier suspected of train bombing

From The Independent
Islamic militant blamed for an earlier attack on same Russian rail line
Russian authorities suspect a former Russian soldier of being behind Friday's train derailment which killed at least 25 people and injured around 100. According to news reports yesterday, the Russian security services have marked Pavel Kosolapov, a Russian soldier turned Islamic militant, as one of the top suspects in the train derailment, which appears to have been caused by a bomb.
Little is known about Mr Kosolapov, and there is only one grainy photograph of him in public circulation. He is believed to have converted to Islam during the 1990s and become a close associate of Shamil Basayev, the terrorist mastermind behind the Beslan school siege, who was finally killed by Russian forces in 2006.
Mr Kosolapov is wanted in connection with a bomb incident that took place on the same line and derailed a similar Nevsky Express train two years ago. On that occasion, nobody was killed. Two men from Ingushetia, the restive province that borders Chechnya, are standing trial for the earlier incident, and one of them admitted his guilt in court last week.
"Our people have been challenged," said Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church. "They want to frighten everybody who lives in Russia." The Patriarch later led a special service for the victims at Moscow's Christ the Saviour Cathedral.

Posted on 11/30/2009 6:11 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Monday, 30 November 2009
Al Qaeda may have kidnapped Spaniards: minister

MADRID (Reuters) - Three Spanish aid workers who disappeared in Mauritania on Sunday appear to have been kidnapped by a group linked to al Qaeda, Spain's Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba said.
"Although we still can't be completely sure of anything, everything indicates that it was a kidnapping, and, if so, as I fear it was, everything indicates that it was a kidnapping by AQIM, al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb," Rubalcaba told Spanish radio on Monday.
Albert Vilalta, Alicia Gamez and Roque Pascual disappeared from a convoy run by a Barcelona-based humanitarian aid organisation to deliver computers and other equipment to poor communities.
Mauritanian security sources said an attack took place on the road between the capital Nouakchott and the coastal trading city of Nouadhibou.

Posted on 11/30/2009 6:30 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Sunday, 29 November 2009
Iran defies world with plan for 10 new nuclear sites

From The Sunday Times
Iran’s government today announced plans to build 10 new uranium enrichment plants and said work would start within two months.
Each site will be the size of the existing Natanz plant with the aim of producing between 250-300 tonnes of uranium a year.
Iran’s state news agency IRNA says the government ordered the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran to begin construction of five uranium enrichment sites that have already been studied and propose five other sites for future construction.
The decision was made during a Cabinet meeting headed by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Sunday evening, IRNA said
The move comes just two days after world powers united in condemnation of Iran’s nuclear activities in a rare show of international consensus on the threat posed by Tehran’s continued nuclear defiance.
China and Russia joined the United States, Britain, France and Germany in backing an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) resolution censuring Iran and ordering it to halt construction of a secret uranium enrichment plant near Qom.
“Because of world powers’ hasty behaviour, the government should submit its plan over reducing Iran’s cooperation level with the agency,” MPs said in a statement read out in parliament.
Parliament can oblige the government to change the level of cooperation with the IAEA, as it did in 2006 after the Vienna-based agency voted to report Iran to the UN Security Council.
Before the latest announcement Gordon Brown had warned that the major powers would pursue harsher sanctions against Iran if it ignored the vote.

Posted on 11/29/2009 9:29 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Sunday, 29 November 2009
Minarets Banned As Swiss Back Far-Right

Breaking news from Sky News
Switzerland has backed far-right calls to ban the building of new minarets, official referendum results have revealed.
Switzerland's biggest party, the Swiss People's Party (SVP), claims the turrets attached to mosques are symbols of militant Islam.
The anti-immigration SVP party believes the spires from where followers of Islam are called to prayer demonstrate a "political-religious claim to power".
It forced a referendum on whether or not minarets should be banned after collecting 100,000 signatures from eligible voters within 18 months.
Over 57% of Swiss voters chose to approve a blanket ban on the construction of Muslim minarets, according to official results posted by Swiss news agency ATS.
Partial results from the poll indicate the German-speaking region of Lucerne accepted the ban, while French-speaking areas Geneva and Vaud voted against.
Taner Hatipoglu, president of the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Zurich, said: "The initiators have achieved something everyone wanted to prevent, and that is to influence and change the relations to Muslims and their social integration in a negative way."
Mr Hatipoglu said if in the long term the anti-Islam atmosphere continues "Muslims indeed will not feel safe anymore".
Aljazeera is shocked!

Posted on 11/29/2009 9:20 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Sunday, 29 November 2009
Hit & Run Jihad

Ryan Mauro writes at Pajamas (with thanks to Alan): 

A radical Islamic terrorist attack doesn’t necessarily need several participants or a direct connection to a terrorist organization. It doesn’t need to be spectacular or done by someone motivated by nothing other than theology. It just needs to be an act of violence aimed at instilling fear in order to advance the cause of radical Islam, and it is because of this failure to understand what qualifies as a “terrorist attack” that the country does not see how many such acts have actually occurred. The increasingly ridiculous argument over whether Major Hasan’s Fort Hood shooting can be considered a terrorist attack underscores this point.

The failure to properly assess several incidents involving Muslims engaging in hit and runs of random civilians serves as a precursor to the debate we are seeing over Hasan today. These may not be big incidents, but they are a symptom of the plague and a foreshadowing of the type of creativity that those wishing us harm will utilize in planning their attacks.

The latest possible act of hit-and-run jihad occurred just this month. A 27-year-old man named Munir Muthana was apprehended in Rochester, New York, after he began running random people over, sending six to the hospital. Two squad cars were also hit as they tried to stop him. He has ties to Yemen and when he was arrested, he admitted to having six beers the previous hour and cursed at the police, saying “Ben Franklin was stupid. He should have made it so you [expletives] can’t swerve the law. The Muslims will fix this country.” If this was just a one-time occurrence, it wouldn’t be an event worthy of this column space unless further evidence of an extremist motivation surfaced. But it is not just a one-time occurrence.

The first major incident occurred on March 3, 2006, when Mohammed Reza Taheri-Azar injured nine people by hitting them with his car at the University of North Carolina. Following the attack, the authorities found he had written several letters explaining his actions. They show that the attack was not a sudden outburst but a thoroughly thought-out plan. “I was aiming to follow in the footsteps of one of my role models, Mohamed Atta, one of the 9/11 hijackers,” one reads. “After extensive contemplation and reflection, I have made the decision to exercise the right of violent retaliation that Allah has given me to the fullest extent to which I am capable at present,” another states.

On August 30 of the same year, Omeed Aziz Popal went on a similar rampage, killing one and injuring 18 with his SUV in San Francisco. His lawyer said he suffered from mental illness and media reports emphasized that he may have been under stress from becoming recently wedded to a woman in Afghanistan in an arranged marriage. One report citing sources in the investigation said that he seemed coherent and they ruled out mental illness as causing his actions, but he was found not guilty by reason of insanity. The fact that Popal targeted people outside the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco and was reported by two witnesses as saying “I’m a terrorist; I don’t care” upon his arrest did not affect the media’s coverage, and the story quickly faded.

On January 31, 2007, Ismail Yassin Mohamed engaged in a similar attack in Minneapolis, supposedly because he forgot to take his depression medication. He smashed into a taxicab, ran into a business, and stole a school van, which he then crashed into more cars. He was subdued by residents as he then tried to steal another vehicle. Throughout the attack, he yelled, “Die, die, die, kill, kill, kill,” and said that “Allah made me do it.”...

Posted on 11/29/2009 7:46 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Sunday, 29 November 2009
Christian convert teen wins arranged marriage case in Ohio

WorldNetDaily had a story about a Christian convert teen in Ohio winning a case against her parents that invalidated an arranged Muslim Marriage, "Judge: Christian’s ‘arranged’ Islamic marriage invalid."

Note this comment from Jay Sekulow's American Center for Law and Justice  that  defended 17 year old "Nishan:"             :

This is an important case involving the rights of a former Muslim to accept and convert to Christianity. And this decision no doubt will be watched closely by other Christian converts in this country who cannot publicly testify about their conversion to Christianity for fear of facing retaliation – and even harm – from their own family members.

Here are the facts in the Ohio case:

The ACLJ explained, "Nishan's marriage was arranged by her father during a trip to Karachi, Pakistan, in May 2007 following her graduation from high school. Three days after the 'nikah' ceremony, Nishan and her father returned to the United States.

    "She remained confused about the ceremony conducted during her trip to Pakistan and later took precautionary steps to annul her vows by preparing an affidavit for the U.S. consulate in Pakistan in August of 2007," the legal team said. "She gave her affidavit to her father who assured her he would send the necessary paperwork to the consulate. Her family never again mentioned her alleged Paksitani husband and Nishan believed that all necessary steps had been taken to annul any alleged marriage vows."

    However, her father's anger over her conversion to Christianity and her marriage included the statement she had falsified her marriage license application in the U.S.

    "The fact is that Nishan never knowingly or intentionally misstated her marital status on her application  the fact is that even if Nishian's own attempts to nullify her Pakistani marriage were insufficient, her conversion to Christianity in 2009 effectively annulled her partial marriage pursuant to Islamic law, which provides that if either spouse leaves Islam ? and the two never consummated their union, the 'nikah' is immediately annulled," the team explained.

    The court listened to testimony from Nishan, her father and the man who claimed to be her Pakistani husband, and said Nishan's version of the events was "credible."

    "On cross-examination, the father denied assaulting or abusing his daughter or making any threat to his daughter that a 'fatwa' - an Islamic religious ruling - could be issued against her. In fact, the father told the court that did not know what the term 'fatwa' meant - testimony that the court labeled "not believable,'" the organization reported.

Our comment is that this Ohio decision may provide a useful legal precedent in the pending custody hearing in Franklin County  for 17 year Apostate frrom Islam and Christian Convert, Rifqa Bary.  That hearing has been  rescheduled for December 27th.




Posted on 11/29/2009 3:59 AM by Jerry Gordon
Sunday, 29 November 2009
Lockerbie Bomber Linked To Libyan Chemical Arms Procurement

From The Times with thanks to Alan:

THE man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing was implicated in the purchase and development of chemical weapons by Libya, according to documents produced by the American government.

The papers also claim that Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed alMegrahi sought to buy 1,000 letter bombs from Greek arms dealers while working as a Libyan intelligence officer.

The documents, prepared by the US State Department, raise further questions about the wisdom of the Scottish government in releasing the convicted bomber on compassionate grounds in August.

The documents, written in 1992, were based on information gathered by the Central Intelligence Agency to bolster the case against Libya for the 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103 which killed 270 people.

They claim that Megrahi’s “deep involvement in Libya’s most sensitive, high-priority procurement operations indicates that he enjoyed the fullest confidence of Libya’s leadership”.

In 1987 Megrahi was appointed director of Libya’s Centre for Strategic Studies, a unit that served the military procurement department. The documents allege: “An alMegrahi subordinate operating in Germany in 1988 played an important role in acquiring and shipping chemical weapons precursors to Libya.

“Al-Megrahi is also linked to a senior manager of Libya’s chemical weapons development programme.”

Colonel Gadaffi, the Libyan leader, was suspected of seeking to stockpile chemical and biological weapons. In the 1980s the government of Chad accused Libya of using mustard gas and napalm against its forces. The documents also allege that Megrahi “met Greek arms dealers and expressed an interest in acquiring 1,000 letter bombs and associated technical equipment”.

In naming him as a prime suspect for the Lockerbie bombing, the documents conclude: “Megrahi ... acted with the approval of the highest levels of the Libyan government”.

Megrahi was freed from prison in Greenock on August 20 after Kenny MacAskill, the Scottish justice minister, received advice that he was terminally ill with prostate cancer. Since Megrahi has survived for more than the three months that he was expected to live, some American relatives of the victims of the atrocity are demanding that he be returned.

Tony Kelly, Megrahi’s lawyer in Scotland, said of the documents: “If there was any evidence backing any of this up I am absolutely certain it would have been introduced at trial and it wasn’t. I think you’re just left with it being unsubstantiated and unattributed intelligence rumours.”

A spokesman for the US State Department said: “We maintain our position that Megrahi should have served out the entirety of his sentence in Scotland for his part in the bombing of Pan Am flight 103.”

Posted on 11/29/2009 5:47 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Sunday, 29 November 2009
Women lead Swiss in vote to ban minarets

From The Sunday Times
A right-wing campaign to outlaw minarets on mosques in a referendum being held in Switzerland today has received an unlikely boost from radical feminists arguing that the tower-like structures are “male power symbols” and reminders of Islam’s oppression of women.
A “stop the minarets” campaign has provoked ferment in the land of Heidi, where women are more likely than men to vote for the ban after warnings from prominent feminists that Islam threatens their rights.
It seems to have struck a nerve in Langenthal, a small town near Bern where Muslims plan to put up a minaret next to their prayer room in a bleak former paint factory.
“If we give them a minaret, they’ll have us all wearing burqas,” said Julia Werner, a local housewife. “Before you know it, we’ll have sharia law and women being stoned to death in our streets. We won’t be Swiss any more.”
A spoof video game on the internet called Minaret Attack shows minarets popping up all over the idyllic Swiss countryside, after which a message proclaims: “Game over! Switzerland is covered in minarets. Vote to ban them on November 29.”
“It’s a dirty campaign,” said Mutalip Karaademi, an Albanian who leads Langenthal’s small Muslim community. “They’re trying to provoke us.”
A poll suggested the Swiss would narrowly reject a ban but the feminist involvement is having an effect: according to one poll, 39% of women were in favour of a ban, but only 31% of men.
Tatiana, a teacher who had previously voted for the left, was quoted in a newspaper as saying she would vote for the minaret ban as she could “no longer bear being mistreated and terrorised by boys who believe women are worthless”.  Very telling. How many English teachers feel the same but dare not articulate the thought, so indoctrinated into PC they are?
Socialist politicians have been furious to see icons of the left joining what is regarded as an anti-immigrant campaign by the populist Swiss People’s party, the biggest group in parliament.
Swiss women had to fight for their right to vote within my middle-aged memory. Their days of being restricted to Kinder, Kuchen und Kirke are not some distant folk tale. Good on them. British feminists should be so honest.
One of them, Julia Onken, warned that failure to ban minarets would be “a signal of the state’s acceptance of the oppression of women”. She has sent out 4,000 emails attacking Muslims who condone forced marriage, honour killings and beating women.
Swiss business is horrified. There are fears of a reaction against Swiss products similar to the one suffered by Denmark over the publication of cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad in 2005.
“The brand ‘Swiss’ must continue to represent values such as openness, pluralism and freedom of religion,” said Hanspeter Rentsch, a member of the board of Swatch, the watchmaker.
The government, for its part, is worried about reprisals plunging Switzerland into the front line of the war against terror. Micheline Calmy-Rey, the foreign minister, said a yes vote “could make Switzerland a target for Islamic terrorism”.
With a Muslim population of 400,000 and some 150 mosques and prayer rooms, the Swiss thought they had avoided the kind of tensions that have arisen over Muslims’ rights in bigger neighbouring countries such as France and Germany.
That changed in 2006, however, when a Sikh temple, complete with a gleaming white crown, was inaugurated in Langenthal. Karaademi appears to have been struck with cupola envy.
“I said to myself: why not us?” he recalled last week, adding that he had applied for a permit to build what would be Switzerland’s fifth minaret and permission had been quickly granted.
Encouraged by this, Muslim communities all over the country began applying for permits to put up their own minarets, regardless of the fact that noise regulations prevent the towers from fulfilling their traditional function of calling the faithful to prayer.
Patrick Freudiger, a Conservative MP (who) likes to remember a comment by Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, who once described minarets as the “bayonets” of the Muslim faith. “Minarets are symbolic of a quest for political and religious power,” Freudiger said.
Referendum or not, the arguments seem likely to continue. “In Switzerland,” said Hisham Maizer, president of the Swiss Federation of Islamic Organisations, “the debate about Islam is only just beginning.”

Posted on 11/29/2009 2:40 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
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