Sunday, 27 February 2011
Retirement communities in battle for Gaddafi’s signature

Another crumb from the Newsbiscuit table:

Fat manilla envelopes have been piling up in the Tripoli palace of beleaguered despot, Muammar Gaddafi  from retirement communities around the globe.

Roy Greenstreet is managing director of Tyrants-R-Us – ‘almost assassination-free since 1975’ – a small gated community in Tirana, Albania. He says he’s excited by the prospect of adding Gaddafi to his rosta of brutal dictators who have chosen to spend their declining years in luxurious surroundings, overlooking beautiful Lake Tufina, that he’s already had a napkin ring engraved with the Libyan dictator’s name.

“He can have Idi Amin’s old room”, said Roy. ‘We were actually saving it for Robert Mugabe, but, well, things move so fast in the unelected dictatorship sector of the retirement home market. We’ve kept the lampshades made out of human skin, which should make Muammar feel at home.

“We run regular courses on ‘How to feign mental illness’. They’re proving to be very successful, and no-one who has finished a course has ever been extradited for crimes against humanity. Of course, from the footage I’ve seen, maybe this is one course that Muammar won’t be needing.

‘If he can get here by the weekend, we’re showing a film of the Nuremberg Rally on Saturday evening. That always perks the residents up; some of them will be goose-stepping for days’

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Sunday, 27 February 2011
Stop Western Interference in Muslim lands - support the call for Khilafah

Demotix are a group of freelance journalists and photographers (with a tendency to left wing bias) who cover events with their photographs  and (usually) some text which they showcase via the Demotix Ltd website. At MfE and EDL events I often find myself standing behind some rather large chap, or chaps,  with a camera I couldn't even lift and a helmet to match who I later find out publishes on Demotix.

One such was outside the Libyan Embassy in London yesterday and took these photographs.

Hizb ut Tahrir at the London Libyan Embassy protesting against Ghadaffi. They call for a system change to an Islamic Caliphate in the Muslim world. London, United Kingdom. 26/02/2011

The images speak for themselves.

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Sunday, 27 February 2011
Excuses for being late for church No 95.

This winter has been a cold one, and the last few weeks have been a succession of dull damp days. It got warmer this week and after yesterday’s rain this morning dawned clear, bright and fresh.

I was crossing the railway bridge on my way to the second early service at church this morning when a flock of seagulls, maybe 100-200 birds, came overhead from the north east and swooped in a circle above me. As they flew round and dipped and dived I could see their wings change colour against the bright blue nearly cloudless sky, silver above and white below. Camouflage I suppose, silver when seen from above against the grey sea and white seen from below against the white cloud.

After a few minutes, they got their bearings and turned on a sixpence almost as one to head off purposefully due south toward the Thames. As if they had directions; follow the railway line, chuck a left at the bridge and then straight on to the river.

I know people with Sat-Nav who can’t navigate like that.

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Saturday, 26 February 2011
Americans in England

As well as trying out the famous echo in the Reading Room of the British Library, Americans visiting the mother country might benefit from the following advice. It's on the internet, so it must be true:

The Brits have peculiar words for many things. Money is referred to as “goolies” in slang, so you should for instance say “I’d love to come to the pub but I haven’t got any goolies”.
“Quid” is the modern word for what was once called a “shilling” – the equivalent of seventeen cents American.

If you are fond of someone, you should tell him he is a “great tosser” – he will be touched.
The English are a notoriously tactile, demonstrative people, and if you want to fit in you should hold hands with your acquaintances and tossers when you walk down the street.

Since their Labour government whole-heartedly embraced full union with Europe, the Brits have been attempting to adopt certain continental customs such as the large midday meal, followed by a two or three hour siesta, which they call a “wank”.
As this is still a fairly new practice in Britain, it is not uncommon for people to oversleep (alarm clocks, alas, do not work there due to the magnetic pull from Greenwich). If you are late for supper, simply apologise and explain that you were having a “wank” – everyone will understand and forgive you.

One of the most delightful ways to spend an afternoon in Oxford or Cambridge is gliding gently down the river in one of their flat-bottomed boats, which you propel using a long pole. This is known as “cottaging”.
Many of the boats (called “yer-i-nals”) are privately owned by the colleges, but there are some places that rent them to the public by the hour. Just tell a professor or policeman that you are interested in doing some cottaging and would like to know where the public yerinals are.
The poles must be treated with vegetable oil to protect them from the water, so it’s a good idea to buy a can of shortening and have it on you when you ask directions to the yerinals. That way people will know you are an experienced cottager.

British cuisine enjoys a well-deserved reputation as the most sublime gastronomic pleasure available to man.
Thanks to today’s robust dollar, the American traveller can easily afford to dine out several times a week (rest assured that a British meal is worth interrupting your afternoon “wank” for).
Few foreigners are aware that there are several grades of meat in the UK. The best cuts of meat, like the best bottles of gin, bear Her Majesty’s seal, called the British Stamp of Excellence (BSE).
When you go to a fine restaurant, tell your waiter you want BSE beef and won’t settle for anything less. If he balks at your request, custom dictates that you jerk your head imperiously back and forth while rolling your eyes to show him who is boss.
Once the waiter realises you are a person of discriminating taste, he may offer to let you peruse the restaurant’s list of exquisite British wines. If he does not, you should order one anyway. The best wine grapes grow on the steep, chalky hillsides of Yorkshire and East Anglia – try an Ely ‘94 or Ripon ‘98 for a rare treat indeed.
When the bill for your meal comes it will show a suggested amount. Pay whatever you think is fair, unless you plan to dine there again, in which case you should simply walk out; the restaurant host will understand that he should run a tab for you.

Public taxis are subsidized by Her Majesty’s Government. A taxi ride in London costs two pounds, no matter how far you travel. If a taxi driver tries to overcharge you, you should yell, “I think not, you charlatan!” then grab the nearest policeman (bobby) and have the driver disciplined.
It is rarely necessary to take a taxi, though, since bus drivers are required to make detours at ‘patrons’ requests. Just board any bus, pay your fare of thruppence (the heavy gold-coloured coins are “pence”), and state your destination clearly to the driver, e.g.: “Please take me to the British Library.”
A driver will frequently try to have a bit of harmless fun by pretending he doesn’t go to your requested destination. Ignore him, as he is only teasing the American tourist (little does he know you’re not so ignorant!).
For those travelling on a shoestring budget, the London Tube may be the most economical way to get about, especially if you are a woman.
Chivalry is alive and well in Britain, and ladies still travel free on the Tube. Simply take some tokens from the baskets at the base of the escalators or on the platforms; you will find one near any of the state-sponsored Tube musicians.
Once on the platform, though, beware! Approaching trains sometimes disturb the large Gappe bats that roost in the tunnels. The Gappes were smuggled into London in the early 19th century by French saboteurs and have proved impossible to exterminate.
The announcement “Mind the Gappe!” is a signal that you should grab your hair and look towards the ceiling.
Very few people have ever been killed by Gappes, though, and they are considered only a minor drawback to an otherwise excellent means of transportation.

One final note: for preferential treatment when you arrive at Heathrow airport, announce that you are a member of Shin Fane (an international Jewish peace organization – the “shin” stands for “shalom”).
As savvy travellers know, this little white lie will assure you priority treatment as you make your way through customs.

Safe travels and Bon Voyage!

Another thing - for good and bad, British girls can handle a stick.

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Saturday, 26 February 2011
Islamist Apologists Cannot Refute the Facts, Or, Ketron-Matheny & National Security vs. Islamist Apologists

Justin O. Smith writes from Murfreesboro Tennessee:          

New light is shining on Islam and Sharia Law in America and specifically in Tennessee due to recently introduced legislation by Sen. Bill Ketron and Rep. Judd Matheny. This legislation encompasses national security concerns relating to Islam and Sharia Law. Where there is smoke there is fire, and the U.S. has certainly seen its share of fire from Islam; last Christmas a Somali man from Portland, Ore. plotted to detonate a bomb at a Christmas tree lighting, and recently a Saudi Arabian citizen and former Vanderbilt University student was arrested by the FBI in Lubbock, TX for plotting to detonate fertilizer bombs in U.S. cities.
It is extremely illuminating to watch Selah Sbenaty of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro hurl accusations of "bigotry" in Bob Smietana's (Islamist apologist) 2-23 Tennessean article. Sharia Law teems with bigotry, and it exemplifies a system that viciously differentiates between Muslims, Christians, Jews and other infidels.
Not all Muslims adhere strictly or completely to Sharia principles here in the U.S., because they do still have a choice here. Perhaps Mr. Sbenaty falls in this category, but too many other Muslims within the U.S. and abroad would like nothing better than to see Sharia span the U.S.. CAIR Chairman Awad Nihad has stated this very mission as his goal. Much of Sharia is considered illegal under existing U.S. law, but new Muslim immigrants still attempt to practice Sharia and introduce it into the U.S. legal system.
Sharia Law in its entirety is the harshest law in existence across the globe; some of its apologists, such as Charles Haynes of the First Amendment Center in Nashville, would have people believe that following Sharia is "voluntary"; but such is not always the case, and aside from their assertions, Sharia controls significantly more than "dietary rules" and "footwashing practices." In many areas, women are still stoned to death for merely imagined sins, and Christians and apostates are forced into fire-pits to be burned to death!
Islam is always peaceful until it has gained sufficient numbers of adherents and political power within its host nation's legal infrastructure. This rise in political power is often accomplished through the host nation's own political process, voter intimidation and eventually violence. Sharia Law is introduced in incremental steps and soon seeks to extend its jurisdiction to the non-Muslim citizenry, the infidels. Wherever Sharia Law arises the Muslim population soon isolates itself, Muslim slums become a fact of life and terrorist activities become common place events. Unfortunately for the U.S., the process is being accelerated by our own Pres. Obama and his pro-Muslim Brotherhood/ Sharia policies, as he also has appointed numerous Sharia compliant sympathizers to the U.S. State Department!
It is insane to aid the infiltration of an ideology that demands the destruction of ours, and our First Amendment does not demand that we aid in our own destruction. In its current form, Islam must not be allowed to expand in the U.S. with its historically incorporated and embedded radical and politicized doctrines that fuel the Islamists' worldview (Islamic caliphate/government worldwide). One of Islam's most celebrated scholars and leaders, Sayeed Qutb memorialized Islam's true nature with these words: "It is not the function of Islam to compromise with the concepts of Western culture...Either Islam will remain or the Western culture; no half-half situation is possible."
The U.S. Constitution contains the best set of rules for governing ever conceived by man. Charles Haynes describes the legislation proposed by Ketron and Matheny to slow the Islamization process as "wrongheaded." It is "wrongheaded" and insane to give a parallel legal system such as Sharia Law any remote semblance of a fingerhold within the U.S. legal system. Sharia Law concepts and precepts do not respect or protect the individual's rights, and Sharia stands diametrically opposed to our U.S. Constitution. Further still, most Muslims subscribe to the Islamist worldview that Islam must prevail and dominate any nation Muslims may come to inhabit by supplanting their host nation's legal infrastructure with Sharia Law. Even now in the midst of revolution, we hear that 70% of all Egyptians would prefer a Sharia-styled system. The nations of India, Great Britain, Indonesia, Serbia, the Netherlands, Lebanon, the Sudan and numerous others can attest to the veracity of this analysis; this is political jihad!
Imam Mohamed Ahmed of the Islamic Center of Nashville has stated, "Sharia Law teaches moral values." What moral values permit a father to indulge in the "honor killing" (murder) of his daughter, as occurred last week in Phoenix, Ariz., simply because she "had become too Westernized", and what happened to this young lady's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness under this ignoble and basically evil codified system of Sharia Law?
Since 1993 the U.S. has also witnessed violent jihad through mosques used as headquarters to plot two World Trade Center bombings, the detonation of a radiological bomb in Manhattan, the bombing of Florida nuclear plants and the bombing of Jewish community centers (al Farouq, Miramar and el-Hijrah Mosques). We have also seen many second generation U.S. Muslims defect to Al Qaeda, such as Adnan Shukrijumah...leadr of Al Qaeda in Yemen, which is indicative of the radicalization propagated by imams within the U.S. mosques. And yet, some Americans like Sam Stockard, editor of 'The Daily News Journal', still try to depict the nature of these mosques as entrely peaceful.
Oklahoma's anti-Sharia law declares that their state courts cannot consider Sharia or international law in legal rulings, and Oklahoma law must be interpreted only through the U.S. Constitution. CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood are currently representing a Muslim man's lawsuit against this piece of legislation, because he claims his First Amendment rights will be violated if he cannot practice Sharia Law. This further illustrates perfectly the subversive nature of Islamists in America as they work in a concerted effort to destroy the U.S. through political jihad. On Feb. 20, in advance of a planned protest in front of our own U.S. White House, Anjem Cloudary, U.K Muslim radical, called for all U.S. Muslims "to rise up and establish an Islamic state in America."
Nearly all major religions, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism, reject religious doctrines commanding them to conquer and control any land they may come to inhabit. Only Islam contains a political doctrine that commands it to always seek supremacy and dominate all within its reach. "Islam" literally translates to "submit"; therefore, due to all the aforementioned facts, it should be obvious to even the most obtuse among us that the recent bill proposed by Sen. Ketron and Rep. Matheny addressing Islam in the U.S. and associated national security concerns is extremely timely, necessary and warranted!
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Saturday, 26 February 2011
Ofabia Quist-Arcton On Arabs Killing Black Africans In Libya

From NPR:


Among those desperate to flee the troubles in Libya are thousands of African migrants from all over the continent.

As NPR's Ofeibea Quist-Arcton reports, they say they've become targets for Libyans who are enraged that African mercenaries are fighting on behalf of the regime.

OFEIBEA QUIST-ARCTON: Tens of thousands of sub-Saharan Africans are employed in Libya's oil industry and in other sectors. They want out, and not just to escape the violence. Samuel, who's from Ghana, told the BBC he's frightened. Samuel is in Benghazi, Libya's second city, which is in the hands of anti-Gadhafi supporters. But it's these Libyans the Ghanaian and other Africans fear.

Mr. SAMUEL: Holy God, holy God, holy God. For five weeks now I'm indoors. Everybody's panic, we need help. We need help. Please, we need help. They do not like the blacks, so, please, we need your help.

QUIST-ARCTON: The hostility Samuel describes stems directly from reports that Moammar Gadhafi has mercenary recruits in his security forces from Africa who are indiscriminately killing protesters.

Saad Jabbar, deputy director of the North Africa Center at Cambridge University, is monitoring developments in Libya and confirms Africans have become targets.

Professor SAAD JABBAR (Deputy Director, North Africa Center at Cambridge University): I tell you, these people, because of their scheme [sic, incorrect transcription for "skin"], they will be slaughtered in Libya. There is so much anger there against those mercenaries, which suddenly sprung up. I think it is urgent to do something about it now, otherwise, a genocide against anyone who has black skin and who doesn't speak perfect Arabic.

QUIST-ARCTON: This Turkish oil worker, who's managed to escape from Libya, told the BBC he'd witnessed violence against his African colleagues.

Unidentified Man: (Through translator) We left behind our friends from Chad. We left behind their bodies. We had 70 or 80 people from Chad working for our company. They cut them dead with pruning shears and axes, attacking them, saying you're providing troops for Gadhafi. The Sudanese, the Chadians were massacred. We saw it ourselves.

QUIST-ARCTON: Experts say Gadhafi's hired African fighters probably come from neighboring Chad, Niger, Mali and Sudan, some who've been in Libya for years and other newer recruits. Zimbabwe today denied reports its soldiers were deployed in Libya. Zimbabwe has this week arrested and charged with treason 40 people who'd gathered to watch news footage of Egypt's revolution.

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Saturday, 26 February 2011
Report: Man blows himself up at Moscow supermarket

From Fox News:

MOSCOW –  A man blew himself up with a grenade near a supermarket in Moscow on Saturday, Russian news agencies said. No other injuries were reported.

Police had no immediate official comment and reports from unidentified witnesses and police sources gave contradictory accounts of the blast in northeastern Moscow that killed the man. There was no immediate indication of whether the blast was intended as a terrorist act.

The Interfax news agency cited witnesses as saying the man drove alongside a supermarket, got out of the car and went up to the store's entrance muttering unintelligibly [reciting the shahada], then pulled out the grenade and set it off. Other reports said he was either in the car or next to it.

Another Simon-Ehrlich wager:  I bet that this man will turn out to be a Muslim.  I make that prediction with only the above information, and with the full knowlege that the vast majority of Moscovites are not Muslim.

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Saturday, 26 February 2011
BBC's shameful bias

James Dellingpole in The Spectator:

So you’re the leader of the Netherlands’ youngest, and now second-most-popular political party — and the reason you’re doing so well so soon is that your policies strike a chord with many Dutch. You believe in smaller government and lower taxes; you believe nuclear power is a safer bet than nuclear energy; and you believe that creeping Islamisation poses a serious threat to your country’s national identity.

And now someone wants to make a guerilla documentary about you. The production company is a left-leaning, activist outfit called Red Rebel Films; its aim is to insinuate that you are ‘Far Right’, guilty of ‘hate-speech’, mentally unbalanced, a control freak, a conspiracy theorist, a Zionist extremist, an Israeli spy, a fascist and a Nazi. How unreasonable would you have to be to refuse?

Not very unreasonable at all, I’d say, yet the BBC appears to differ. On Sunday night (BBC2) it repeated a documentary in which ‘liberal’ filmmaker Joost van der Valk was shown Michael Moore-style heroically trying and failing to secure an interview with the man billed in the title as ‘Geert Wilders: Europe’s Most Dangerous Man?’ Oh, the courage and tenacity this must have demanded!

Never mind that Wilders has been the subject of numerous death threats, lives in constant fear of his life and has to sleep in a different location every night with round-the-clock security protection. Never mind that he was recently the victim of a most outrageous, politically motivated ‘incitement to hatred’ trial which strove to deny him the right to free speech. In the eyes of the BBC, this impossibly brave, principled, popular, democratically elected politician poses a greater threat to European civilisation than: Albanian drug gangs; paedophile rings; Islamist suicide bombers; Irish republican and Basque terrorists; serial killers; mad axe murderers; animal-rights extremists; Italian and Corsican mafiosi; the whole bleeding lot.

How on earth do they get away with inflicting on their audience Islamist propaganda so shamefully biased it might just as well have been made by Hamas? Because they’re the BBC and they can, that’s why. They can lie and distort and propagandise with impunity, because no one is going to call them on it save a few blogs like Gates Of Vienna and Biased BBC, and maybe the odd, right-wing loon in The Spectator, and, hey, what do such heretical witterings matter any more in our glorious new era of post-Blair left-liberal consensus when even the leader of the Conservative party finds conservative ideas shabby and shameful?

Consider, for example, some of the ordinary decent Muslim spokesmen the documentary wheeled on in support of its contention that Wilders is a dangerous extremist. Shaykh Khalid Yasin was described as ‘an American Muslim teacher, extremely popular among young European Muslims. He has embarked on a mission to deradicalise them. He is also very critical of Geert Wilders.’

Yeah, and here’s one of Yasin’s speeches that has made him so ‘popular’: ‘There’s no such thing as a Muslim having a non-Muslim friend, so a non-Muslim could be your associate but they can’t be a friend. They’re not your friend because they don’t understand your religious principles.’ Do these sound like the words of a man capable of ‘deradicalising’ young European Muslims?

Of course I understand that according to the BBC’s Weltanschauung Wilders’s views on the incompatibility of Islam and Western liberal democracy place him beyond the pale. But we all pay our licence fee so that the BBC’s Guardian-recruited Leninist apparatchiks and north London liberals rise above their personal prejudices and strive, as best they are capable, to reach some kind of objective truth. If you believe, from the bottom of the heart, that there is nothing in the Koran or the Sura which in any way supports Wilders’s arguments, then it is the job of an honest BBC documentary-maker to prove it. Simply shooting the messenger using cheap smears, dishonest juxtapositions, crude assertions and dodgy innuendo serves its audience — nor the BBC’s impartiality guidelines — not one jot.

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Saturday, 26 February 2011
Man gets 25 years in jail for "South Park" threats

By Paul Bond for Reuters:

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – A Virginia man who encouraged the murder of Matt Stone and Trey Parker over an episode of "South Park" that portrayed the Muslim prophet Muhammed dressed as a bear was sentenced to 25 years in prison on Thursday.

Zachary Chesser had written in multiple Internet posts over a four-month period last year that the South Park creators should "wind up like Theo Van Gogh," who was murdered by a radical Muslim because he objected to the Dutch filmmaker's negative portrayal of Islamic society.

But Stone and Parker were only a piece of the case against Chesser, who also tried on two occasions to join al-Shabab, a terrorist group in Somalia, and encouraged like-minded people on the Internet to leave suspicious packages in public places in the U.S. so that if and when real bombs were planted they'd go unnoticed.

This sounds similar to the "dry-runs" on airline flights, trying to make suspicious actions eventually go unnoticed.

Chesser also encouraged violence against cartoonists who were planning to participate in "Everybody Draw Muhammad Day," which was a plan -- that never came to fruition -- created to show support for Parker and Stone and for free speech. He even supplied the necessary contact information for various cartoonists.

In October, Chesser pleaded guilty to charges that he provided material support to terrorists and that he communicated threats of violence. He faced up to 30 years and he agreed that he'd request no less than 20 years.

The threats against Stone and Parker ceased in July, a few days after Chesser, who was 20 years-old at the time, and his infant son were prevented from boarding a flight to Somalia.

"Zachary Chesser will spend 25 years in prison for advocating the murder of U.S. citizens for engaging in free speech about his religion," U.S. Attorney Neil MacBride said Thursday. "His actions caused people throughout the country to fear speaking out -- even in jest -- to avoid being labeled as enemies who deserved to be killed."

Again, with time already served and with time off for "good behavior", Zachary Chesser (a.k.a.  Abu Talhah al-Amrikee) will get out of prison still of age to participate in jihad.  Where will we be in 20 years as a society, in regards to how we view Islam?

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Saturday, 26 February 2011
'YouTube terrorist' who put Islamic extremist videos online is jailed for five years

From The Daily Mail    

A law student dubbed the 'YouTube terrorist' who posted Islamic propaganda on the internet after becoming radicalised was jailed for five years today.

Mohammed Gul was 'pouring petrol on the fire' and his actions could have spurred others to commit acts of terror, the Old Bailey heard. Gul, 23, of Hornchurch, Essex, who has since graduated, was found guilty of five counts of disseminating terrorist publications following a retrial at the Old Bailey. 

Judge David Paget said his sentence had to be a deterrent to others and reflect the seriousness of the crime. He told Gul: 'I am in no doubt that you have become thoroughly radicalised. One can only express sympathy to your family that this has happened. You are an intelligent young man who had a good law degree from a good university.

Sean Larkin QC, prosecuting, told the trial: 'These were glorifying terrorism. Mr Gul became more and more involved in extreme views. He spent more and more time in internet forums and chatrooms with people who expressed extreme views. He asked for footage showing sniper attacks, vehicle explosions and other terrorist attacks in places of conflict. He became more and more radicalised. He decided to make these videos and upload them. For people interested in this sort of thing, people with a grievance against coalition forces, he was pouring petrol on the fire.'

Gul was studying law at Queen Mary University in east London in February 2009 when police raided his home.

He used clips from al Qaida, the Taliban and Iraqi media sites and added jihadi songs. One showed an image of Osama bin Laden along with words from a poem which praised him. Other sections showed the bodies of children and images of conflict, including a coalition Jeep being blown up

Gul told the jury he did not support terrorism but acted out of curiosity and his political beliefs.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stuart Osborne, senior national co-ordinator for counter terrorism, said: 'The clips graphically showed acts of terrorism and the logos of known terrorist groups. This is one of the first successful prosecutions relating to disseminating terrorist publications via the internet.'

He was not poor, (Hornchurch is a good district, the peak of many an east Londoner's aspirations) he was not deprived, he was not downtrodden (QMC as I still think of it, while not being part of the Russell Group is one of the best colleges of the University of London). There is only one explanation - Islam. I would like to know what Mosque he attended;  although I suspect either the East London Mosque in Whitechapel which is a stone's throw from QMC, or a campus Islamic Society.  

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Friday, 25 February 2011
“. . . to Relight the Lamps of Liberty”: Mark Steyn At Rabbi Hausman’s Synagogue

Commentator and free speech hero, Mark Steyn spoke at Ahavath Torah in Stoughton, Massachusetts last night, where ‘warrior’ Rabbi Jon Hausman is spiritual leader. The topic was: "Relighting the Lamps of Liberty: Standing Up For Freedom in a Darkening World"- a send-up on his book, Lights Out: Islam , free speech and twilight of the West. Steyn’s appearance there was triggered by a chance meeting with Rabbi Hausman, during which he indicated interest at speaking at Ahavath Torah – the go to venue for free speech advocates to appear in the greater Boston area. Rabbi’s Hausman’s sponsorship of Dutch politician Geert Wilders two years ago, today, was one reason cited by Steyn in making a commitment. That was two weeks ago. A mad scramble ensued to make suitable arrangements, including security, and get out publicity for last night’s signature event. There were interviews with Steyn and Rabbi Hausman on The Michael Graham Show show on Boston Talk radio station WTKK 96.9FM and the Helen Glover Radio Show on Providence WHJJ talk radio station WHJJ 920 AM.  Michael Graham introduced Steyn at last night’s  event.

Despite ‘security concerns,'  in the end the social hall at the synagogue was packed to overflowing with a crowd estimated in excess at over 450 people.  Rabbi Hausman  said that they ran out of seating and many stood to hear what Steyn had to say. A fortunate 75 people who paid $100 each had a meet and greet private session with Steyn prior to his talk last night. The event was filmed  and we hope to bring you some of that when it becomes available. Among the attendees was Dr. Charles Jacobs, who we interviewed in the February NER. The blog Right Wing Granny had a post on the talk  “Steyn in Massachusetts”.

She noted:

Mr. Steyn's opening remarks dealt with the fact that security concerns are being used as an excuse for government authorities to control public discourse.  He pointed out that Ann Coulter had been prevented from speaking at a university in Canada due to 'security concerns' and that he had been prevented from speaking at a public forum in Canada due to 'security concerns.'  He praised the Rabbi of the Ahavath Torah Congregation for refusing to bow to the pressure of 'security concerns.'

Mr. Steyn described the current events in the Middle East as the 'Palestiniazation' (I suspect he coined the word--it's a great word {actually it was Bat Ye’or who did]) of the Middle East.   He pointed out that the events in the Middle East are the result of what former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice referred to in 2005 as 'the pursuit of stability at the expense of democracy.'  Mr. Steyn predicted that the new rulers in the countries where the dictators are being ousted will not be friendly to the West--the new leaders will be friendlier to the Muslim Brotherhood and to Iran.  He also pointed out that Anti-Semitism is already prevalent in the protests.  Mr. Steyn reminded us that in 1923, Egypt's first full year as a sovereign state, the Egyptian Minister of Finance was Jewish.  [ [That was also the case in Iraq in 1926]. Unfortunately, that is not possible today.  As the Middle East unravels, America, supposedly the world's superpower, is a spectator.  This is not about America.  It is about people in the Middle East who want freedom being used to usher in governments that will not give them that freedom.

Right Wing Granny noted Steyn four initiatives “to relight the lamps of liberty”:

1.      Stop out-of-control spending now and roll back government regulations and intrusion into our lives.

2.      Put an end to one-way multiculturalism.  It is amazing that a pastor in Florida who threatened to burn a Koran drew a visit from the FBI and a call from President Obama.  President Obama has never spoken out about either honor killings or female genital mutilation.  Why was burning the Koran worth a comment and not the other items?  We need a President willing to stand up and defend Western Civilization.

3.      We need to regain our individual liberty.  Our government's response to Islamic intimidation has been to find ways to limit the free speech of people who are telling the truth about Islam.  Islam wants to use hate speech rules to make it a crime to criticize Islam.  Public discourse can be controlled and limited by setting up the state as the sole arbiter of acceptable discourse.  The group who applies the most muscle to the government will be the group who wins the concessions.

4.      We need to spread the risk of speaking out against Islam.  It is time for an "I am Spartacus" moment.  If an artist who drew a cartoon or the newspaper who published a cartoon is threatened, that cartoon should be on the front page of every newspaper in the country.  Until we are willing to share the risk of speaking out, we will lose our freedom incrementally. 


From the reports it looks like it was a Boffo performance by  Steyn - a credit to Rabbi Hausman who organized this signature event at Congregation Ahavath Torah in Stoughton, Massachusetts.


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Friday, 25 February 2011
Ambassador Dennis Ross, Radical Islamists and Jewish Enemies of Israel to Speak at J Street Washington Conference

Amb. Dennis Ross

We have seen through the charade of Jeremy Ben-Ami and his leftist pro-Arab allies at J Street. Apparently Ambassador Dennis Ross, Special Envoy on the Obama West Wing National Security staff hasn’t seen through the charade. More likely it may have been suggested that he cultivate the self-styled Orwellian “pro-Israel, pro-Peace” group backed with anti-Israel funds from George Soros and mysterious donors from Hong Kong. In the light of the turmoil in the Arab Muslim Middle East, the rise of possible al Qaeda bastions in the ‘liberated’ areas of Libya, it would seem that Ambassador Ross would have better things to do then waste time at the J Street Conference. But J Street is the favored voice of leftist liberal American Jewish advocacy within the Obama Oval office. The Obama Administration remains in a Sphinx-like pose, saying little, about the current turmoil in the regional giving the impression that it favors radical Islamic regimes in the region, even if it clearly not in our strategic national and homeland security interests.

Watch this presentation by J Street head, Ben-Ami at Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy before a Middle East Studies association (MESA) meeting last November captured on a You Tube video post by Hillel Stavis of J Street Jive, “Ben-Ami and Squirm St. the Prequel”.

Note Ben-Ami’s opening remarks painting himself and J Street as victims.

“I am beset by enemies, all around, the rich and powerful ….I; the meek small voice will not be silenced”.

Fast forward to the looming J Street conference next Week in Washington and a letter sent by Noah Pollak of The Emergency Committee on Israel sent to Ambassador Ross, entreating him to reconsider given the radical speakers queued up to speak in support of the J Street anti-Israel agenda.

J Street has spent much of the last two years opposing sanctions on Iran while demanding that Israel refuse to consider military self-defense; it has partnered with leaders of the Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions movement; its inability to draw distinctions between Hamas and the IDF during the Gaza War was so striking that the president of the Union for Reform Judaism called the group “morally deficient” and “appallingly naïve.” And, more recently, the group was exposed as having dissembled for years about its sources of funding (much of it foreign) and about its support for the Goldstone Report. Rep. Gary Ackerman recently ended his relationship with the group in exasperation, writing that J Street is “so open-minded about what constitutes support for Israel that its brains have fallen out.”

The conference at which you will be speaking is titled “Giving Voice to Our Values.” J Street’s values are most clearly articulated by the speakers it has selected for its conference. These include:

Maen Areikat of the PLO, who denies there was a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and accuses Israel of “state terrorism.”

Mustafa Barghouti, a Palestinian leader who said that Israel has “a full-fledged Apartheid system” that is “much worse than what prevailed in South Africa,” and that Israel has been “ethnically cleansing” Palestinians since 1948.

Nadia Bilbassy-Charters, a correspondent for MBC TV, who says that Hamas should not be “lumped in” with other terrorist groups because “once Palestine is liberated then [Hamas] will cease to use violence.”

Edina Lekovic, of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, who was a managing editor of a magazine that praised Osama bin Laden as a “freedom fighter.”

Imam Feisal Rauf, the Ground Zero Mosque leader, who refuses to call Hamas and Hezbollah terrorist groups.

James Zogby, president of the Arab-American Institute, who has compared Israelis to Nazis and accused the IDF of “genocide” and a “Holocaust.” Only three months ago he wrote that “In a real sense, the plight of the Palestinians is to the Arabs, what the Holocaust is to Jews worldwide.”

Lawrence Wilkerson, a former State Department official, who has repeatedly accused Jewish members of the Bush administration of “working for Israel” and being “card-carrying members of the Likud Party,” and asked whether “their primary allegiance was to their own country or to Israel.”

Daniel Levy, one of Richard Goldstone’s leading advocates in Washington.

Jessica Montell, executive director of B’Tselem, who says that “the situation in the West Bank is worse than apartheid in South Africa” and that Israel’s policy toward Gaza is a “siege.”

Naomi Chazan, a leader of the New Israel Fund and a conference honoree. Her organization funds NGO’s that accuse Israel of war crimes and Apartheid, provided the bulk of the accusations contained in the Goldstone Report, support the BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) movement, and seek the end of Israel as a Jewish state.

Rebecca Vilkomerson, who runs the BDS group Jewish Voice for Peace. She has said, “Just as in Apartheid South Africa’s day, Israel’s society seems to be turning more bluntly racist and repressive.” She says her organization “speaks out for Goldstone, and we speak out for BDS campaigners.”

Debra Delee, president and CEO of the NGO Americans for Peace Now, who commented on the Turkish flotilla attack on IDF soldiers, “The root of this disaster lies not in the actions of the flotilla’s participants.”

Oded Na’aman, a founder of Breaking the Silence, which accuses IDF soldiers of war crimes. He says the IDF “is guilty of a wide range of abuses” including “allowing Jewish settlers to poison Palestinian wells” and evacuating entire blocks of Palestinian towns and then demolishing them. Palestinian terrorism, he says, is merely a “perceived threat.”

Daniel Seidemann, founder of the NGO “Terrestrial Jerusalem,” who claims that the Old City of Jerusalem is being turned into an “Evangelical settler theme park” and compared Israel’s security fence to the Berlin wall.

Michael Sfard, a lawyer for several radical NGO’s, who routinely demonizes Israel, accuses it of “Apartheid,” and promotes war crimes allegations against it. He testified as a paid witness on behalf of the PLO in a lawsuit brought in U.S. Federal Court by victims of terror attacks perpetrated by the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades. He is best known as a leading advocate of “lawfare” – prosecuting Israeli soldiers and officials in European war-crimes trials.

Will you challenge those who seek to brand nearly every Israeli security measure a war crime? Will you take on the inventors and proponents of so many false claims about Israel? Will you repudiate the Goldstone Report?

The pro-Israel community – and the American people – has great respect for Israel because of her consistent willingness to seek peace with her neighbors, even as those neighbors have used the peace process as a means to continue to fight. The American people not only understand and sympathize with Israel’s security challenges, but they refuse to be taken in by cynical and fraudulent accusations that aim to make it impossible for Israel to exercise her right to self-defense. Not only do they refuse to be fooled, they admire the Jewish State for the way it has created a vibrant and prosperous democracy while being subjected to constant terrorism, hatred, and incitement.


Putting aside the pro-Palestinian and Arabist speakers at the Washington J Street conference, the Jewish speakers are problematic. They fit the Hebrew definitions of traitors engaged in treachery and betrayal seeking Israel that we asked Rabbi Jon Hausman to provide us:

Traitor - Bogeyd.

Treachery, traitorous - Bogdanuut.

Betrayal - Begidah (pronounced B'geedah).

Et tu Ambassador Ross?

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Friday, 25 February 2011
Review of 'Allah is Dead'

By A. Millar, posted at Gates of Vienna:

More complex, more academic, more confrontational, drawing on the Bible, Tocqueville, and Milton, as well as contemporary intellectuals, reading Bynum’s work is like taking a white-knuckle ride with Jesus, drag racing against Islam and Western sell-outs, and slamming into any car with a politically correct bumper sticker. There are plenty of those on the road, it turns out. But there are no pleasant side roads to lead us from the ghettos, on fire with rioting, to that cozy wine bar off the Champs-Élysées. All escape routes are blocked. For Bynum, there is no Wahhabi, Shiite, Sunni, or Sufi Islam. There is only Islam. People like me who insist on differentiating between Islam and Islamism are sissy learner-drivers who need to get off the road — I paraphrase, but you get the picture.

Bynum’s work is provocative from the first page — actually, the cover. As she was undoubtedly aware, few people would worry about reading a book in public with a title as, say, The God Delusion or God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. Exchange “Allah” for “God” and “Islam” for “religion” and one is liable to feel considerably more nervous. Nietzsche’s “God is dead” fails to get a reaction, but a title like Allah Is Dead will, as we know, will send shockwaves through the “equalities”-educated class. We can already hear liberals howling “racism” and “Islamophobia”, although “God is dead” would not provoke even a single charge of self-loathing or Christio-phobia. Why? And how did it come to this?


Bynum contrasts Mohammed with Jesus, noting that the latter “did not repudiate the Jewish scriptures”. (The Koran portrays Islam as the authentic Abrahamic faith and Judaism and Christianity as corruptions or “schisms” of Islam.) This, and Jesus’s “historical Jewishness” are essential components of Christianity, and, thus, of Western civilization, Bynum suggests. As such, she reasserts the “Judeo-Christian” tradition, the very notion of which we find attacked in the media for not including Islam as an “Abrahamic faith.”

Allah Is Dead takes aim at Christian leaders as well, especially the Archbishop of Canterbury (sometimes nicknamed the “Grand Mufti of Canterbury”) for his speech in which he suggested that Britain accommodate some aspects of sharia. Speaking of the Archbishop and others of a similar mental ilk, Bynum tells us that “The history of the decline and fall of Eastern Christianity is filled with such well-meaning fools” (p. 61). Nevertheless, Bynum is also rightly perturbed by the secularization and misuse of Christ’s injunction to turn the other cheek, which has transformed the sentiment into a fetish for cultural masochism.

Hence, if Bynum sees Islam as a politics, she is no less scathing about the fusion of Christianity and politics in the West. Unusually — and refreshing in her consistency — she objects not only to those on the Left (such as the Archbishop of Canterbury) but to those Churches in the US which have allied themselves with the Republican Party. “Both sides, to a greater or lesser extent”, she says, “have abandoned the primary mission of religion, and the care and fostering of individual spiritual growth” (p. 84) Some of these churches even indulge in a form of “disguised voodoo” (p. 85), soliciting donations with the promise that it will be returned several times over — miraculously.

The West is hollowing itself out from the inside, confusing politics with religion, and even belief with unbelief. Atheists, not Christian students, she observes, are the most likely group on campus to believe in the paranormal (the embrace of Islam by socialists is undoubtedly another example of this confusion). “This unconscious manifestation of a religious drive is difficult to locate let alone criticize”, she says, “So rather than benefiting from honest criticism, religion is manifesting itself as an unexamined force which is changing our world in ways we do not fathom” (p. 87). Taken as a whole, Bynum’s argument suggests that this “unconscious manifestation” is acting as the perfect receptacle for Islam.

Certainly the tradition of critiquing scripture and belief, inherent to all profound religious tradition, is denied by the vogue for fetishizing religion. Like the primitive who believes that a spirit or god is literally present in his statues, so the West has come to believe that there is a format to religion — i.e., that it has a founder, holy book, a notion of God, heaven, etc. — that proves it valid. The actual teachings are irrelevant to the culturally relative. The widespread belief that the “holy book” of one religion is, by virtue of being regarded as a holy book by its devotees, the equivalent of another, shows a profound dumbing-down of the intellect. Does anyone belief that the books of Jacques Derrida are the equivalent of those of John Locke, simply because they are both works of philosophy? Or that one can understand the works of Goethe by studying those of Shakespeare, just because great literature deals with the same themes of life and death, relationships, sickness, and human emotions, etc.?

If an amorphous spirituality appears to have soaked through Western society, Bynum nonetheless diagnoses a certain insensitivity to the transcendent both in one aspect of the West and in Islam. (Such a contradiction might seem implausible if we were unaware of atheist believers in the paranormal and Marxist admirers of Islam.) “Like Western materialism there is no effort to differentiate the tangible and intangible in Islam”, she says. “Worship itself is brought down to the material level, being thought of as the equivalent of obedience to Islam [i.e., as sharia]” (p. 123). Later, in the final chapter, where she lays out why she believes that Islam is not a religion (at least as the West has traditionally understood it), she asserts that “Islamic rituals, as elaborate as they are, have little or no symbolic meaning beyond [emulating Mohammed]” (p. 147). Although I suspect that mystical Sufi Muslims in particular would reject Bynum’s diagnosis, it is certainly true that many Wahhabis do seek to emulate Mohammed in every way, from wearing trousers of a particular length to the manner in which he cleans his teeth, although these do not have any symbolic value.

All in all, Allah Is Dead: Why Islam is not a Religion is a complex and challenging book, but one that tackles the crisis of the West and the Westward push of Islam thoughtfully and seriously. One is unlikely to agree with Bynum on everything — and perhaps one might even firmly disagree with her on some things — but this is, on balance, more of a positive than a negative. Far too many books are written to avoid controversy. In contrast, Bynum succeeds in making us think through our situation, and rethinking our response to it. This might prove uncomfortable at times, but it is also essential.

Read it all. As so often with well-written pieces, it is difficult to quote from this thoughtful  review and do it justice.

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Friday, 25 February 2011
Italy arrests 6 for stirring hate against pope

ROME -- Police in Italy have arrested six Moroccan men suspected of inciting hatred against Pope Benedict XVI for having converted a Muslim journalist in Italy to Catholicism.

Investigators say they found literature exhorting Muslim immigrants against integrating into Italian society and saying the pope should be punished for the conversion of the journalist during an Easter vigil ceremony in St. Peter's Basilica.

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Friday, 25 February 2011
Tennessee State Sen. Jim Tracy Leads Nation on Codifying Refugee “Absorptive Capacity” with SB 1670

Tennessee State Senator Jim Tracy

State Senator Jim Tracy, whose district encompasses Bedford County and a portion of Rutherford County in Middle Tennessee,  has filed a bill, S.B. 1670 in the State Legislature that may be a model for areas impacted by refugee absorption issues under our defective Refugee Act of 1980. The Tennessee bill introduced by State Senator Tracy would codify federal regulations requiring mandatory consultation with local communities regarding refugee absorption.   Tracy knows that first hand given the problems associated with absorption of Somali Muslims and other refugees employed by Tyson Foods at their poultry plant in Shelbyville.  Our colleague Ann Corcoran at Refugee Resettlement Watch has a story on the Tennessee legislation based on a report filed by AP-award winning journalist, Brian Mosely of the Shelbyville Times-Gazette.  Mosely has chronicled the civilizatiional conflicts arising from forced draft absorption problems associated with Somali Muslim refugees  in this middle Tennessee community.

The problem has been compounded by virtual uncontrolled absorption management by local voluntary agencies (VOLAGS) contracted by the State Department and the US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Refugee Resettlement.  We noted in a related post that voluntary agencies in Nashville had sent busloads of Somali Muslims to the employment offices of Tyson foods without any consultation with the Shelbyville and Bedford County human services and public safety agencies.  In an email from a local clergyman in the Florida Panhandle, he graphically wrote of absorption problems his sister encountered in Columbus, Ohio, a major destination for Somali refugees, when she taught Music in a GED course to young Somali émigré men:

As to the Somali refugees, my sister-in-law has lived this. She is a music teacher in the Columbus, Ohio public schools and has a Ph.D. in music pedagogy from Ohio State. Last year she was teaching GED classes to ESL students. About half the classes were teenage Somali young men. All had the same birthday: Jan 1 because no one records birthdays in their culture. None of them would listen to her because she was a woman. Finally, they were outraged to have to listen to music. Their culture does not have music because the Prophet said music was sinful or led to sin. They literally stopped their ears! She finally convinced them that if they wanted to get their GED then they would listen to her and to music.

 This matter of reform of the Refugee Act of 1980 is one of the issues we have suggested to US Rep. Peter T. King for consideration during his current series of Homeland Security Committee hearings on radical Islamic

Mosely notes what S.B. 1670 may do to correct current imbalances in the refugee absorption dilemma in  Tennessee and nationally, for other similarly impacted communities like Greeley and Fort Morgan , Colorado and Grand Island, Nebraska with similar problems with Somali Muslim refugee workers employed in local meat packing plants.

The bill would make sure that a town's "absorptive capacity" would be evaluated at regular intervals in consultation between the local governments and the resettlement agencies before commitments are made for refugee resettlement.

A number of refugees from a variety of countries, such as Somali, Burma and Egypt, have moved to Shelbyville to be closer to jobs at the Tyson Foods facility.

Tracy said that there has been "a lot of discussion across the state about this, particularly in Bedford County ... but other counties also." The proposed bill would require resettlement agencies to let local governments know when a large number of refugees are coming "because it puts a burden on the local community."

The bill would require the charitable organizations that sponsor the refugees to let the state know when refugees are coming, how many, "what they're (the agencies) getting paid and where the money is going."

In 2008, the state withdrew from administering refugee services, but appointed Catholic Charities as the fiduciary agency for the state's refugee programs.

The Tennessee Office for Refugees, a department of Catholic Charities, would be required to meet four times a year with local governments’ representatives to plan and coordinate the appropriate placement of refugees in advance of their arrival.

"Right now, communities don't know when that's going to happen," Tracy explained. "It puts a burden on local communities, whether they are law enforcement, schools, or those kinds of things."

The state refugee office would also be required to accept applications from a local government for a moratorium on new resettlement if the host community "lacks sufficient absorptive capacity," the bill reads.

If a determination is made that further resettlement in the host community "would result in an adverse impact to existing residents," then the Tennessee Office for Refugees would suspend additional resettlement until it is jointly determined by local officials and the state refugee coordinator that there is an "absorptive capacity."

Corcoran in her post on Sen. Tracy’s bill noted about the defects in US refugee laws:

When the Refugee Resettlement Act (Kennedy, Biden and Jimmy Carter) was passed in Congress and signed into law in 1980, the law required “consultation” with local governments but that requirement is almost never followed except in the most cursory way.

The Act also made a provision for a state to opt-out of the refugee program altogether.  Today only Wyoming takes no refugees.

This concept of “sufficient absorptive capacity” sounds similar to a proposal I’ve mentioned several times on these pages and that is that a “social and economic impact assessment” should be made by the US State Department in advance of refugees being placed in a new refugee resettlement site and a periodic reassessment be made for existing refugee resettlement “preferred” communities.    Right now the Volags (a misnomer because they are not voluntary but paid federal contractors) literally sit around a table putting pins in a map and tag-you-are-it if they think your town has jobs, social services and public housing available.

By the way, when the Obama Administration came into power, with much fanfare in the White House they set out to “reform” the refugee program.  The only thing that came out of that was to throw more money at it (which Congress now has to take away) and I see back in June I said their reform was meaningless,here.

Tennesse State Senator Tracy is to be applauded in launching SB 1670 – a model for other similarly impacted states saddled with refugee absorption problems that await Congressional oversight hearings on long overdue reform of the Refugee Act of 1980.

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Thursday, 24 February 2011
And now, on the subject of 'racism' and attitudes toward Muslims in Australia, some commonsense from columnist Andrew Bolt

From the 'Herald-Sun'.

'Racism figures just don't add up, says Andrew Bolt.

'I give up. They're right: our real problem isn't the kind of people we let in but the kind of people we are.

'We're racist.  Bad to the bone.

'Just listen to a David Oldfield on Sydney radio, or watch that One Nation clown on the ABC's Q & A last Monday.

'Or check the University of Western Sydney survey released today, damning one in 10 of us as racist. Even a danger.

'As the survey, funded by the Australian Research Council, puts it:

"About one in 10 Australians have very problematic views on diversity and on ethnic difference.  They believe that some races are naturally inferior or superior.

'These separatists and supremacists are a destructive minority."

Funnily enough, anyone who has read the Islamic texts and taken even a passing look at Islamic history would have to say that the phrase 'a destructive minority of separatists and supremacists' is a pretty good description of...Muslims, in any society where they are present as a significant minority, and also if one considers the Ummah, the world's 1.2 billion Muslims, in their general attitude toward and dealings with the five billion or so non-Muslims.  - CM.

'That makes two million Australian racists, and the survey says 49 percent of us have "anti-Muslim" feelings, too.

'Ouch.  I've argued we should ditch multiculturalism for integration, and perhaps reconsider the kind of immigrants we take in, allowing more for cultural hurdles.

'But now I see we just need to shut down these two million racists and those who stir them up with their talk.

'So let's join Prime Minister Julia Gillard and demand the sacking of Opposition front-bencher Cory Bernardi for saying he opposes Islam.

'Let's  howl down as racist Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison for saying Muslim integration is failing.

'Yet one niggling thought still stops me: if two million of us indeed have "destructive" ideas on race and 10 million are "anti-Muslim" doesn't this make our immigration intake even more dangerous than the racists claim?

'Isn't bringing in so many Muslims to such a racist country just asking for trouble?  Why expose these vulnerable people to such dangerous hatred? Why invite more Cronulla backlashes?

'Of course, the Government has this figured.  In his speech last week announcing a fresh commitment to multiculturalism, Immigration Minister Chris Bowen promised a new "National Anti-Racism Partnership and Strategy".

'In other words, to make Australia safe for immigrants, he wants to pacify millions of nasty locals with a few commercials about being nice.  But isn't this an idiotically vain hope?

'Well, it is, if our problem with some immigrant communities truly is our own racism, rather than anything about those communities themselves.

'But now another thought starts to niggle.

'You see, our dislike of foreigners seems oddly selective, according to this University of Western Sydney research.

'Although 49 percent of us are "anti-Muslim", only half as many are "anti-Semitic", "anti-indigenous" or "anti-Asian" (that is, anti- Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, etc. - CM).  And our dislike of Buddhists (who are, in fact, more numerous in Australia than Muslims, and increasing in number slightly faster, last time I looked at the stats - CM)  is so minor that it's not measured at all.

'Let's ignore the trick questions that produced these startlingly high figures, and simply acknowledge that at least half of our alleged racists aren't actually racist at all towards, say, an Aboriginal, a Jew, a Hindu or [an] Italian.

'It's the Muslim minority which provokes by far the most concern, and another Government campaign announced this week may explain why.

'This one is aimed at Muslims, with $1 million to be spent on convincing the young to be against extremism, so that other Australians don't get killed.

'Well, that's nice, although I confess I've never heard a government say [that] such a plan was needed for Sikhs, Catholics, Indians, Chinese, or anyone else.

'And so we're back to the conversation we're told should be shut down.

'The one that's longer than just "racist!"


Well put, Mr Bolt.

There are comments, to Mr Bolt's essay.  Quite a lot of them.  They make for interesting reading.  There are some of the usual useful idiots, but there are other folk who have their heads screwed on tight, and have been doing their homework - which is more, it appears, than the bulk of our politicians and journalists have bothered to do.  

For example, 'Freddie of Melbourne' observed "did the research distinguish between an element of "fear of, or concern about" a certain minority (based on a fair amount of empirical evidence of violence around the world) or is that fear/ concern simply translated into racism by the researchers.  It is strange that we don't seem to fear Buddhists, Britons (except in the cricket) nor even the Chinese..".

One 'Rudolf of Queensland' observed - 'Politicians should get about a bit more, or maybe study the Quran.  Quran 5: 51 - "O you who believe! do not take the Jews and Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely allah does not guide the unjust people." The Quran is filled with similar intolerance, to asking Muslims to integrate is tantamount to asking them to abandon their religion...'.

'Geoffrey of Melbourne' pointed out the fact that Islam is not a race but a religion, and added 'why should the rest of us be happy with a religion whose religious book is discriminatory of other Religions and its legal system (Sharia Law) discriminates against everyone other than Muslims...when even educated Muslims including Medical Doctors are willing to engage in Terrorism and kill their fellow citizens, then I do not think that the Government's $1 Million will do much to stop Muslims killing non-Muslims.'

'Sunny of Greystanes' spoke from personal experience:  "It's not about Australians being racists.  It's about Muslims unwilling to integrate.  And moreover Muslims (not all of them, but significant part) hate non-Muslims.  I know what I am talking about. Some time ago my son attended school where was only one white kid in a whole class, the rest were Lebaneses.  And you know what? They mocked him because he wasn't Muslim".

And 'Bill of Queensland' cited Walid Phares' book 'Future Jihad'.



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Thursday, 24 February 2011
Australia: Opposition politicians distance themselves from colleagues who queried multiculturalism and criticised Islam

Of course, the fact that most politicians from both sides of parliament seem reluctant to publicly admit at the moment, is this:  that Muslims , generally considered, do not play well with others.  Very few have shown willing to come out and say that, and those who have, have been reviled as 'racists'.

So, here is Mr Brandis again, who called people like his party colleague Cory Bernardi 'bullies' for having dared to criticise Islam. Tim Leslie reporting, for the ABC.

'Brandis touts multicultural credentials'.

'Senior Liberal Senator George Brandis has launched a defence of the Coalition's muticultural credentials, saying the Liberal Party can lay claim to much of the credit for one of the great Australian success stories.

"We are, much more so than the Labor Party, the authors of it," he told ABC Newsradio.

"The multicultural project began with Harold Holt in the 1960s and was carried to fulfilment during the Fraser government in the 1980s.

Yes...that is when we started letting in huge numbers of Lebanese Muslim 'refugees'...with predictably dismal results, as described in former policeman Tim Priest's article "The Rise of Middle Eastern Crime in Australia" (Quadrant Vol 48 no. 1, Jan-Feb 2004) which may be read online here: - CM.

"So in that 25 years of Australian history, with the support of the Labor Party, it must be said, my side of politics has led the way".

'The Opposition has been struggling with the issue after reports emerged of a split in the party over immigration.

Not over immigration as such. Over Muslim immigration. - CM.

'Immigration spokesman Scott Morrison was widely criticised for questioning the cost of the Sydney funerals for asylum seekers (to be fair, it should be said that not all the deceased were Muslims; some of the funerals were Christian ceremonies - CM) killed in the Christmas Island shipwreck, and then faced reports he had suggested capitalising on fears over Islamic immigration.

'The Government has been on the attack over the issue, calling for Mr Morrison and outspoken Senator Cory Bernardi to be sacked, as well [as] relaunching its multicultural policy.

If Morrison and Bernardi were to be sacked for having - however mutedly - criticised Islam, it would signify a capitulation to the sharia demand that Islam and Muslims be placed absolutely beyond criticism, questioning or mockery.  Sure, the full 'blasphemy' penalty isn't being imposed, like in Pakistan; but politically speaking, their 'death' is being demanded.  This is shameful.  And when I wrote to the Prime Minister I told her as much. - CM.

'In yesterday's caucus meeting, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott told MPs Australia was the most successful multicultural nation in the world (that's only because, up until the 1980s, though we had all sorts of other folk, we didn't have any significant number of Muslims - CM) and the Coalition would never support discriminatory immigration.

What's wrong with discriminating against people who support killing those who defect from their belief system, and killing those who criticise it? Would we discriminate against known members of the Mafia or of the KKK who applied to migrate to Australia, even whilst proudly declaring their allegiance to the Mob or the Klan? Of course we would.  So why should it be unthinkable to discriminate against Muslims? - CM.

'Senator Brandis says everyone who matters in the Coalition supports multiculturalism.

"I think everyone who matters in the Liberal Party has the same view about multicultural Australia, and that is that we strongly support it", he said.

'But he defended the embattled Mr Morrison, saying he backed the immigration spokesman's recent motion to put a cap on the number of visas for arrivals by boat.'

Given that the vast majority of these recent boat arrivals are young Muslim men of military age, limiting the number of visas granted would be an excellent idea...I would prefer that such visas as are granted, be given to the minority among the arrivals who are non-Muslim:for example, the desperate Iraqi Christians and Mandaeans (fleeing genocidal Muslim violence against them), and the Burmese Christians. It can be guaranteed that such people will not get involved in 'extremism', that is, jihad plots. - CM.

"I support it entirely, because what the motion does is give preference in our humanitarian intake to people who are behind razor wire in refugee camps overseas", he said.

'And he played down any suggestion of widespread fears of Islamic immigration.

He's not listening. - CM.

"In a multicultural nation, as Australia is, there will always be a period of adjustment for new settlers, in which different cultures get used to one another", he said.

The Muslims aren't 'adjusting' and, in general, have no intention of 'adjusting', except to use slicker PR.  If one reads Mr Priest's article one sees that the moment they arrived in force in the 1980s the Muslims began behaving as they meant to go on, that is, badly; thirty years later, they are still behaving just as badly or worse, we have had more than one jihad plot hatched though luckily foiled, we have Muslim clan warfare in Australian suburbs (the Chaouk crime 'family' in Melbourne and the Ibrahim crime 'family' in Sydney, warring with their rivals just as they used to do back home in Lebanon) and we have had to create the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad,  which is kept very, very busy, and somehow mostly seems to catch perps of Muslim 'faith', rather than Jews or Copts or Maronites. - CM.

"There will always be tensions at the margins. But what is remarkable about Australia is how successfully so many different cultures have come and united in the great Australian story".

Like I said, that's only been possible because - up until 30 years ago - the Muslim component of our population was vanishingly small.  - CM.

And now for another whistler in the dark, Mr Turnbull.

'Turnbull touts Australia's cultural diversity'

'Opposition Communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull says Australia ranks as the most successful immigrant nation on the planet.

I thought that was America. Oh well, never mind...- CM.

'The Opposition has been struggling with the issue of multiculturalism, after reports emerged of a split in the party over immigration.

'Immigration spokesman Scott Morrison was widely criticised for questioning the cost of the Sydney funerals for asylum seekers killed in the Christmas Island shipwreck, and then faced reports he had suggested capitalising on fears over Islamic immigration.

"Scott Morrison has recognised that his remarks had been ill-timed, and he apologised for that", Mr Turnbull said.

'The Government has been on the attack over the issue, relaunching its multicultural policy and calling for Mr Morrison to be sacked.

'Mr Turnbull has told ABC's Lateline program the Liberal Party remains committed to a multicultural Australia and a non-discriminatory immigration policy.

'"We believe that one of Australia's greatest strengths is its cultural diversity.  We are the most successful immigrant country in the world" he said.

"We have achieved an extraordinary degree of harmonious integration of people from every possible culture in the world.

"It's a great achievement. We're proud of it. We are committed to a multicultural Australia - that is a reality. That's part of our life."

'A 10 year survey by the Challenging Racism Project yesterday said 49 percent of Australians described themselves as "anti-Muslim".

'But Mr Turnbull says discrimination on any grounds is "not the Australian way".

"People denigrating Christianity or Judaism or Islam or whether they're denigrating Greeks or Italians or Chinese, take your pick, denigrating people, religion, denigrating people's culture, denigrating their race is not the Australian way", he said.

Obviously Mr Brandis hasn't read the Quran, the Hadith or the Sira, let alone any other Islamic classic texts, nor has he ever visited MEMRI and sampled their translations of standard sermons and tv shows in the Muslim world, for if he had he would know that denigration - indeed cursing, slandering and hysterical hatred - of other people's (non-Arab) ethnicity and of their (non-Islamic) religions, is front and centre in Islam and the Islamic world. - CM.

"It is not. Because if it were, we could not be the extraordinarily successful and diverse culture that we are.

"We are defined as Australians because of our commitment to the shared political values of this country, and that's why our society is so inclusive.

"We share in the Chinese New Year, the lunar New Year festival.  We share in the Greek and Italian festivals.

I observe he doesn't mention any Muslim 'special days' or seasons.  I  wonder whether he is aware of the frenzy of public self-mutilation and blood-letting that marks the Shiite Muslim ceremony of 'Ashura'? Would he be happy to see that being practised in Australian streets?   And is he also aware that - whereas non-Hindus can go to Varanasi, and non-Christians are welcome to walk the St James of Compostela pilgrim trail in Spain, and non-Jews are welcome to leave a prayer at the Kotel, no non-Muslim is permitted to enter the Muslim 'holy' cities of Mecca or Medina, on pain of death?  and that only Muslims can take part in the Hajj, or see the Kaaba? - CM.

"It is part of our way of life.  It is the richness, the diversity of this nation that makes us so strong and we must cherish it because it is precious and it is almost - not quite - but almost unique in the world."

And that is exactly why those of us in Australia who love our country and who know that classical Islam - Islam of the texts, and Islam as generally practised throughout history - is like 'the Blob' in the old B-movie of that name, intent upon obliterating anything and everything different from itself,  have come to realize that we have to put a stop to Muslim immigration.  Wherever it has gone, historically, the Muslim Ummah has attacked and diminished, or even entirely destroyed ethnic, linguistic, cultural and religious diversity.


Posted on 02/24/2011 6:09 PM by Christina McIntosh
Thursday, 24 February 2011
Niall Ferguson's chat-up line

Knowing me, knowing you ... A.H.A.

Posted on 02/24/2011 6:26 PM by Mary Jackson
Thursday, 24 February 2011
Norman Berdichevsky's New Book: An Introduction to Danish Culture

His book with NER Press, Why the Left is Seldom Right is due out in June.

An Introduction to Danish Culture

Norman Berdichevsky

Print ISBN: 978-0-7864-6401-2
EBook ISBN: 978-0-7864-8652-6
ca. 35 photos, maps, notes, bibliography, index
softcover 2011

Buy Now!

Price: $45.00




Not Yet Published, Available Spring/Summer 2011

About the Book
For many non-Danish citizens of the world, Denmark remains an enigma. Too often confused with other Scandinavian countries, this southernmost Nordic nation has been characterized by stereotypes and cliches related to socialism, cradle-to-grave security, football, pornography, Hamlet, pigs, dairy cattle, and beer. This enlightening guide to Danish society, culture, and history offers an inside look at the "real" Denmark, highlighting the best of both the country and its people. It details Denmark’s substantial contributions to science, engineering, exploration, seafaring, literature, philosophy, music, architecture, and many other fields. Brief portraits depict well-known Danes, including "Clown Prince of Denmark" Victor Borge, Hans Christian Andersen, Kierkegaard, and Out of Africa author Karen Blixen. Throughout, Denmark’s outstanding human rights record, democratic institutions, and humanistic traditions are clear. By illuminating Danish culture and clarifying misperceptions, this work fosters a greater appreciation of Denmark, its people, and their way of life.

About the Author
Norman Berdichevsky teaches Hebrew in the Department of Judaic Studies at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. The author of several books, he is also a professional translator from Hebrew and Danish to English, and lived in Denmark from 1978 to 1985 while teaching geography at Aarhus Katedralskole

Posted on 02/24/2011 4:57 PM by Rebecca Bynum
Thursday, 24 February 2011
Aldawsari's Nashville Connection

From AP via The Tennessean:

LUBBOCK, Texas -- The young college student from Saudi Arabia charged today with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction in Texas attended an English language center at Vanderbilt University.

Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, 20, of Lubbock, Texas, who studied chemical engineering in Texas, purchased explosive chemicals over the Internet as part of a plan to hide bomb materials inside dolls and baby carriages to blow up dams, nuclear plants or the Dallas home of former President George W. Bush, the Justice Department said today.

"He was a weird guy," said Ahmid Obaidan, a senior at Tennessee State University who also is from Saudi Arabia and met Aldawsar in Nashville when Aldawsari was studying at an English language center at Vanderbilt.

"He was quiet. I thought he was a good guy, but what I've heard now, I'm shocked."

The student wrote in his private journal: "After mastering the English language, learning how to build explosives and continuous planning to target the infidel Americans, it is time for jihad," according to court documents. He said he was influenced by speeches from Osama bin Laden and despaired the plight of Muslims.

One of the chemical companies, Carolina Biological Supply of Burlington, N.C., reported suspicious purchases by Aldawsari, to the FBI on Feb. 1.

Within weeks, federal agents had traced his other online purchases, discovered extremist posts he made on the Internet and secretly searched his off-campus apartment, computer and e-mail accounts and read his diary, according to court records.

TNP, the chemical explosive that Aldawsari was allegedly trying to obtain, has approximately the same destructive power as TNT. FBI bomb experts said the amounts in the Aldawsari case would have yielded almost 15 pounds of explosive.

That's about the same amount used per bomb in the July 2005 London subway attacks, which killed scores of people.

Aldawsari, who was legally in the U.S. on a student visa, was expected to appear in federal court on Friday.

He was charged Thursday with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction.




Posted on 02/24/2011 4:45 PM by Rebecca Bynum
Thursday, 24 February 2011
Bravo Capt. Paul Fields of the Tulsa PD for Standing up Against Islamic Intimidation

Capt. Paul Fields of Tulsa, Oklahoma Police Department

Capt. Paul Fields stood up for all law officers and first responders in America, when he refused to attend a mandatory “Law Enforcement Appreciation Day" at the Tulsa Islamic Center. He considered it a violation of his civil rights, while the chief flackmeister of CAIR, Ibrahim Hooper lambasted Capt. Fields, as “another example of anti-Muslim bigotry." We consider it a palpable example of why Capt Fields and hundreds of thousands of American first responders need An Act to Protect First Responders Engaged in Fighting Terrorism, H.R 1640, introduced by senior House Select Intelligence Committee member, Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC). It is something that we suggested to U.S. Rep. Peter T. King and his staff should take up in their own House Homeland Security Committee hearings to begin shortly in March.

Here are the specifics of this latest act of intimidation by Muslim Brotherhood Fronts as reported by FoxNews in an article, “Oklahoma Police Captain Faces Disciplinary Action for Refusing to Attend Islamic Event”.

The Tulsa Police Department is investigating a captain who refused an order to assign officers to attend an upcoming Islamic event because he said it would violate his religious beliefs.

Capt. Paul Fields was reassigned after he refused to order officers under his command to attend the Islamic Center of Tulsa’s Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, a spokesman for the department said.

“It is my opinion and that of my legal counsel that forcing me to enter a Mosque when it is not directly related to a police calls for service is a violation of my Civil Rights,” Fields wrote in an internal police department memo obtained by Fox News.

“I have no problem with officers attending on a voluntary basis; however, I take exception to requiring officers to attend this event,” Fields wrote in an e-mail to his superior officer obtained by Fox News. “I believe this directive to be an unlawful order, as it is in direct conflict with my personal religious convictions.”

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan told FOX23-TV the event was about community relations, not religion.


“This was not religious,” he said. “I would never assign a police officer to participate in religious service,” he told the TV station. “This is about a group who bonded together because of their religion. We are not going there because they are Islamic. We are going there because they are Tulsa citizens.”

However, according to a promotional flyer, the Islamic event included not just food and entertainment, but “presentations” on “beliefs, human rights, and women.” They would also be able to watch a Muslim prayer service and take a tour of the mosque.

“It’s up to you,” the flyer stated.

Ibrahim Hooper, the spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, called the incident an example of “anti-Muslim bigotry.”

“It’s a symptom of the unfortunately rising level of anti-Muslim sentiment we have in our society,” Hooper said. “It sends a message of marginalization that somehow Muslims aren’t part of American society.”

“When somebody feels empowered to say ‘I’m not going to take part in a community outreach event at a mosque because I basically don’t like Muslims,’ it’s all part of that rise in Islamophobia in our society,” he said.

Gary Allison, a professor at the University Of Tulsa College Of Law, said the case poses a dilemma.

“It is true that individuals have their own religious beliefs and that they come to their workplace with their own religious beliefs,” Allison said. “The question is how far can an employer go to require people to go against their religious beliefs for something to do the job that they are supposed to do?”

This is a typical ploy by CAIR and mosques around the US to entrap law enforcement officers via lawfare charges into these mandatory community relations courses. It was just such an incident in 2008 that led us to draft up a national measure when a Fairfax county Virginia officer was involved in a similar incident while arresting a Muslim doctor on violation of Commonwealth of Virginia drug dispensing laws upon investigating a traffic infraction. Following a hearing and conviction in magistrate’s Court in Fairfax, County the officer was threatened with legal actions by CAIR and the Police Chief was requested to subject the force to a mandatory diversity training course about Muslims. Passage of a national measure to protect law officers like Capt Fields in Tulsa and the Fairfax county police officer in Virginia against abuse of our court systems via lawfare and these mandatory diversity training programs, sic Da’wa or call to Islam, must be stopped cold.

Posted on 02/24/2011 3:31 PM by Jerry Gordon
Thursday, 24 February 2011
One More for the List of Attempted Terror Attacks in America

Another Saudi here on a student visa. NY Daily News:

A Saudi national attending college in Texas was busted in a bomb-making plot that targeted the home of President George W. Bush, nuclear power plants and hydroelectric dams.

Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, 20, was arrested late Wednesday night by FBI agents in Texas on charges of attempted use of weapons of mass destruction, authorities announced Thursday.

The student at South Plains College near Lubbock was jailed pending a Friday morning court hearing and faces a term of life in prison.

Authorities charge the defendant acquired the chemicals to create a homemade bomb and considered using a booby-trapped car or explosives-laden dolls to pull off his plot.

"Aldawsari purchased ingredients to construct an explosive device and was actively researching potential targets in the United States," said David Kris, assistant attorney general for national security.

A notebook found in the suspect's Lubbock apartment indicated Aldawsari - who arrived legally in the U.S. three years ago - was plotting his personal jihad for years.

"After mastering the English language, learning how to build explosives and continuous planning to target the infidel Americans, it is time for Jihad," he wrote in one entry.

Aldawsari also maintained a blog where he expressed his desire to become a martyr for his anti-American cause. "You who created mankind ... make jihad easy for me only in your path," he wrote.

The suspect e-mailed himself various targets considered for bombings, including the "Tyrant's House" - his code name for Bush's home in Dallas. That e-mail was sent Feb. 6.

Another e-mail, titled "NICE TARGETS 01," listed a dozen reservoir dams in Colorado and California. And one of the notebook entries made it clear Aldawsari was bent on avenging U.S. involvement in Muslim nations.

"One operation in the land of the infidels is equal to 10 against occupying forces in the land of the Muslims," he wrote.

The citizen of Saudi Arabia arrived in the U.S. on a student visa in 2008. According to a criminal complaint, he came to Texas after winning a scholarship that allowed him to enter the country.

"Winning a scholarship" means the Saudis paid for him to come here and paid his tuition - probably at the full rate which colleges and universities just cannot resist.

A search of his apartment turned up an assortment of items, including a gas mask, a Hazmat suit, glass beakers and flasks, wiring, a stun gun, clocks and a battery tester.

An affidavit said the terror suspect purchased concentrated nitric and sulfuric acids, which are typically used to make an explosive known as TNP - trinitrophenol.

Posted on 02/24/2011 12:58 PM by Rebecca Bynum
Thursday, 24 February 2011
The love of a good woman

When Niall Ferguson first started stepping out - or stopping in - with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the general view of the counterjihad was that she was too good for him, and that he would be a bad influence. The first is true, but not the second. Smug and arrogant he may be, but Ferguson knows when he is well off - and it is not just Hirsi Ali's beauty that he appreciates. From The Guardian, which could use a little of Ferguson's uncharacteristic humility:

As soon as he starts talking about Hirsi Ali, Ferguson's demeanour changes. His voice becomes softer, infused with feeling. Suddenly, he is no longer the super-confident scholar; he seems almost humble. "Ayaan comes from a completely different civilisation," he says, explaining what he meant by saying she knows what western civilisation "really means". "She grew up in the Muslim world, was born in Somalia, spent time in Saudi Arabia, was a fundamentalist as a teenager. Her journey from the world of her childhood and family to where she is today is an odyssey that's extremely hard for you or I to imagine. To see and hear how she understands western philosophy, how she understands the great thinkers of the Enlightenment, of the 19th-century liberal era, is a great privilege, because she sees it with a clarity and freshness of perspective that's really hard for us to match. So much of liberalism in its classical sense is taken for granted in the west today and even disrespected. We take freedom for granted, and because of this we don't understand how incredibly vulnerable it is."

In talking of liberalism in its "classic" sense, Ferguson is perhaps pointedly drawing a distinction between the liberalism espoused by Hirsi Ali (and himself) and that of certain left-leaning liberals – notably Timothy Garton Ash and Ian Buruma – who have been critical of her anti-Islamic stance. The French philosopher Pascal Bruckner depicted their attitude as the "racism of the anti-racists". Does Ferguson agree? "I think Ayaan's critics – Ian Buruma in particular – were more guilty of sexism than racism," he says. "But certainly they underestimate her intellectual rigour at their peril. She's just smarter than they are, as well as having a great deal more courage. I mean, there aren't many people who really put their life on the line for human freedom. And I think when you come across someone like that you've got to be a little bit respectful. It just sticks in my throat a bit to have middle-aged men who've had cushy lives turning up their noses at someone who has gone through what she's gone through. There's a particular role you're supposed to play as an oppressed woman... you're supposed to smile and look pretty and not say too much."

The Guardian used to support uppity women, and has indulged many a black writer of doubtful merit. So why does it sniff at Hirsi Ali? Is she the wrong kind of black or the wrong kind of uppity?

Posted on 02/24/2011 11:55 AM by Mary Jackson
Thursday, 24 February 2011
Cliché corner

I totally get why people say stuff like "I totally get". It's because they're hurting.

I'm not in a good place right now and I'm, like, "totally get" 24/7.

Posted on 02/24/2011 11:06 AM by Mary Jackson
Thursday, 24 February 2011
Man runs amok in Ibiza - up to 11 people stabbed or otherwise injured

There are quite a few reports of this incident in the world's press this morning. All reported slightly differently, although the facts of so many peple injured are undisputed, but all within a certain established framework.

Lets start with the oldest published, the dear old BBC.

A man wielding a knife has wounded at least nine people at random on the Spanish holiday island of Ibiza. . . The alleged attacker, a 41-year-old Moroccan man, is now in police custody. At least four of those stabbed were reported to be seriously wounded, including one man who was knifed in the neck. 

According to Now Public he had a machete and an iron bar, which of course we all carry about our person, just in case.

According to Channel Six News

The incident occurred at a supermarket around 13.15 pm, when several employees of the establishment called the attention of the man who was allegedly stealing, according to a witness.  

The Herald Sun

The man was arrested by police as he was trying to attack an officer with a stick, the police spokesman said.  He said the man, who had been living in Ibiza "for some time" had a history of "resisting authority." 

Thereby hangs a tale, I expect.

The Press Association

The official said the assailant was a 41-year-old Moroccan whose motive was unknown, but it was believed he had mental health problems. A police statement said he lived in Sant Antoni and had money problems.

So why did he do it? Go into a supermarket with a machete, steal, near murder a dozen innocent people? 
Mental health problems? Money worries? A protest against authority? Will we ever find out?

The Mirror

The Moroccan, named only as Mohamed E.B, pulled out what was described as a large knife or machete when staff approached and went on to attack an internet cafe and a hairdressers. At least six people were seriously injured, including a man of 48 and a 52-year-old woman who were both stabbed in the neck.

The man, who lives locally, was under armed guard in hospital last night.

Now we have it - emulating the perfect man, his namesake. 

Posted on 02/24/2011 3:03 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
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