Tuesday, 31 May 2011
Yet another in a long, long list of similar casualties: Aussie soldier is murdered by his Afghan Muslim 'colleague'

From the ABC.


'Manhunt after Afghan soldier killed Australian'

'A man hunt is under way for a rogue Afghan army soldier who shot dead an Australian comrade who was on guard duty in Afghanistan.

'Rogue'.  But there seem to be rather a lot of these 'rogues'. - CM

'Lance Corporal Andrew Jones, 25, was at a patrol base in the Chora Valley when he was shot by an Afghan Natiional Army (ANA) soldier who was sharing guard duties with him.

'The Afghan soldier fled the scene and escaped despite being shot at by another ANA guard.

'Escaped despite being shot at...'.  Maybe I have a nasty suspicious mind, but it does occur to me to wonder whether that 'other ANA guard' was really trying very hard to hit his fellow Muslim who had, after all, just killed one of the dirty kuffar. - CM

'Lance Corporal Jones was airlifted to a medical facility at Tarin Kowt, where he later died.

'He was on his first deployment to Afghanistan, and was serving with the Mentoring Task Force, which is involved with training the Afghan army.

His first deployment.  Yes, and it seems he had not yet learned what I suspect the average non-Muslim soldier on the ground in that jihad-racked, sharia-crazed hellhole soon learns, if he means to survive: do. not. trust. a. Muslim. Did anyone teach Lance Corporal Jones about Islam?  Did anyone give him, say, Mr Robert Spencer's Complete Infidel's Guide to the Quran?  Did anyone encourage him to read Sir Winston Churchill's little book The Story of the Malakand Field Force, or at least its opening chapter, 'The Theatre of War', whose observations on the effects of Islam in the north-west frontier provinces, now Afghanistan,remain as ruthlessly accurate today as they were in the late 19th century?  If he - or his commanding officers - had read something of that sort, he might still be alive today.  - CM.

'The ANA has expressed its "shock and outrage" at the shooting, and vowed to track the soldier down.

Promises, promises...- CM.

'Defence chief Angus Houston has confirmed a manhunt is underway.  "We have his name, we have his service number.  So this was not an imposter, and I would characterise him as a rogue soldier", he said.

I would classify him as a zealous orthodox Muslim who had decided to switch from Slow Jihad to Fast Jihad - CM.

'Lance Corporal Jones was one of two Australian servicemen who lost their lives in Afghanistan on Monday in what Air Chief Marshal Houston described as a "very bad day".  

'In a separate incident, Lieutenant Marcus Case, 27, was killed when a Chinook helicopter crashed east of Tarin Kowt.  Lieutenant Case, the youngest of six siblings, had recently flown helicopter rescue missions for the ADF during the Queensland floods.

'Lance Corporal Jones and Lieutenant Case were both from Victoria.

'The Defence Force is investigating both incidents'.

I gather, from other sources, that the helicopter crash appears to have been a simple accident.  But when the ADF investigates the murder of Lance Corporal Jones, all they need to do is read the thrice-accursed Quran, and one or two other little things, such as S K Malik's "the Quranic concept of War", and they will know why that Afghan Muslim soldier did what he did. - CM

'Prime Minister Julia Gillard described news of the two deaths as "heartbreaking"...

'Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said the soldiers' deaths were "tragic news"..."This is a tragedy for our country", he said. "It's a terrible personal loss for the families involved, but it remains an important cause.  We must support our allies in Afghanistan".

In the Sisyphean task of attempting to create a stable civil society out of a sharia-crazed population? - CM

'Greens leader Bob Brown has praised the soldiers for their commitment and offered his condolences, but says it is time for Australia to get out of Afghanistan.  "It is time for a very serious review, and I call on the Prime Minister to reconsider the Australian troop commitment", he said. "Like the Netherlands, we should bring our troops home safely to our shore".

I know, from other things he has said on other occasions and other issues, that Mr Brown is utterly clueless about Islam and is, indeed, as hopeless a proto-dhimmi as one might find anywhere; however, I quite agree with him that we should bring our troops home.  I think that because I think that chasing murderous Mohammedan kilkenny cats round and round and round in the hell-pits of Afghanistan and trying in vain to make them play nicely together and eat from the same plate, is perfectly futile.   I shall write Mr Bob Brown a letter, I think.   - CM

 'Unavoidable Risk'.

'The death of Lance-Corporal Jones [has] been described as the "realisation of a long-held fear".

Hmmm.  Their instincts are screaming at them, but they refuse to listen. - CM

'Australian Defence Association spokesman Neil James said the risk of an Afghan soldier (that is, of an Afghan Muslim soldier - CM) turning rogue (no, deciding to Go Jihad - CM) was an unavoidable one.

'He said Australian soldiers serving in the mentoring units had always known one of their Afghan colleagues could turn on them.

But he still doesn't face the full reality of the reason for this. - CM

'"The Mentoring Task Force role is inherently dangerous because it involves, just as the training team in Vietnam did, working with the security forces of the country you're helping, and occasionally one of them will prove unreliable and be an enemy sympathiser", he said.

False analogy, mate. Vietnam is not Afghanistan.  The South Vietnamese didn't want a communist state, so the occasional 'rogue' or 'enemy sympathiser' was just that.  But all good Muslims are supposed to desire a sharia state.  All good Muslims are supposed to hate Infidels, and do them harm as opportunity presents.  Every Muslim in the Afghan National Army, being Muslim, is in effect an 'enemy sympathiser', sharing many if not all of his attitudes and goals with the Taliban that he is supposed to be fighting. - CM

'"We've said right from the start that this is a very, very dangerous role, especially because of the trust you need to have in the Afghan security force with people you work with".

'The trust you need to have'.  Why do you 'need' to trust them?  You can't.  You mustn't.  If our soldiers are told to suppress their survival instincts and blindly 'trust' those Muslims with whom they are forced to work, more people will wind up dead, just like Lance Corporal Jones. - CM

'Mr James says the risk is unavoidable in that type of job.

"Whenever you have this type of training and mentoring role that requires you to work very closely with members of a society that is riven by religious and political factionalism (translation: that is saturated with the suspicion and aggression that Islam naturally inculcates in all its adherents...- CM) there is always the risk that someone you're working with will either be working for the enemy indirectly, or directly", he said.

Mr James: look up Dar al Harb and Dar al Islam, and find out how Muslims are taught to view all Infidels, such as yourself.  Then tell yourself - in Afghanistan, every single Muslim we meet must, alas, be assumed to be in some sense 'the enemy', because every one of them is taught to see us, the Infidels, as 'the enemy'. - CM

'But Mr James warned against using the incident to renew calls for an end to Australia's mission in Afghanistan.

Oh, dear. - CM

"Let's have a debate, let's have an objective debate, but let's not have it full of subjective slogans like, 'Oh dear, the job's too hard so we should quit", he said.

'Shocked and disturbed'

'Air Chief Marshal Houston says all Afghan soldiers enrolled in the ANA are vetted by NATO recruiters.

Just because they pass the screening when they enlist doesn't mean they can't and won't 'Go Jihad' later on.  See Ali Sina on 'moderate Muslims', for more.  - CM.

"Let me stress, we have been in Afghanitan on this mission for six years", he said.  "We've worked with thousands and thousands of Afghans through those six years right from the outset, and this is the first incident we've had of this nature'.

You mean, surely, the first time an Australian has been killed by an Afghan Muslim who was supposed to be his colleague/ ally?  For this is definitely not the first time that non-Muslim  soldiers from the coalition forces, American, or British, or German, or from other backgrounds, have met a death similar to that of Lance Corporal Jones. - CM

'Ms Gillard said Australians would be 'shocked and disturbed' that a supposed friendly soldier would turn his firearm against an Australian.

My dear Ms Gillard, knowing what I know about Islam, and how Muslims are supposed to view all non-Muslims, all the time, I am not shocked at all.- CM'

"I think we've got a really shared want to get to the bottom of this and to understand it", she said.

Good idea.  So:  read the Quran, and the Sira, and some of the Hadiths, and The Complete Infidel's Guide to the Quran, or perhaps just "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades", by one Robert Spencer.  And an essay by Dr Raymond Ibrahim, entitled "How Taqiyya Alters Islam's Rules of War".  Then you might understand. - CM

'But she urged people not to get discouraged by the setbacks, saying Australian troops have trained thousands of Afghan soldiers without a problem.

Without a problem. Yet.  So let's make our young, young soldiers go on playing Muslim Roulette... - CM.

"I, personally, when I've been in Afghanistan, have heard our soldiers compliment members of the Afghan National Army on their professionalism and their determination", she said.

Hmmm.  I have heard, however, rumours about both the Afghan army and the police recruits, that suggest otherwise...And did the soldiers tell you, Ms Gillard, about institutions such as 'Man-Boy Love Thursdays"...? - CM

'Ms Gillard said the Government was determined to 'stay the course' in Afghanistan.

"We are in Afghanistan because we don't want it to be a safe haven for terrorists", she said.

"It has been in the past, and if we left a security vacuum in Afghanistan, it would be filled by terrorist groups from around the world".

Yep, just like Londonistan.  And by the way, Prime MInister, could you please see your way to placing a ban upon Hizb ut Tahrir in Australia?  - CM.



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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
Australian politician fails to look Islamic gift horse in the mouth

This particular piece of news came out early in May, but I was distracted by other things, and so delayed putting it up, until now.  It seems that the Premier of Queensland, Australia, one Anna Bligh, has not yet learned that when dealing with Muslims, one should be wary of those proffering gifts.  This is because, strictly speaking, there is and can be no such thing as disinterested charity (in the infidel sense of that term) from Muslims toward non-Muslims.  All actions by Muslims are governed by whether they will benefit Muslims/ the Ummah/ the advancement of the power and prestige of Islam.  Muslim 'charity' is supposed to be given to Muslims only; if and when gifts are given to non-Muslims they usually come with strings firmly attached.  A quick read of Surah 48: 29, which states that Muslims are 'ruthless toward the unbelievers, but compassionate toward one another', and of all the other surahs, and hadiths, and discussions of the principle of al-walaa wa al-baraa (loyalty, to Muslims only; enmity, overt or covert, toward non-Muslims) that delineate the attitude - of hostility, of condescension, of aggression and (if under duress, and for expedience) false friendship, that Muslims are taught to deploy toward non-Muslims at all times, would warn Anna Bligh not to take this Emirati 'gift' at face value - CM.

As reported by Australia's ABC:


'Abu Dhabi donates $30 m for cyclone shelters'

'The Emirati state of Abu Dhabi is sending a $30 million donation to Queensland to pay half the cost of building 10 new cyclone shelters in the state's north.

'It will help fulfil a promise first made by former premier Peter Beattie after Cyclone Larry five years ago.

'With Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd (who is Queensland born, and whose electorate is in the city of Brisbane - CM) and Premier Anna Bligh standing by, the United Arab Emirates minister of state, Her Excellency Reem Al-Hashimy, announced the donation in Brisbane today.

Now for a dose of flowery insincerity - CM.

"The outpouring of neighbours helping neighbours, Australians reaching out to their fellow countrymen, is both heart-warming and deeply illustrative of the Australian spirit", she said.  "It is thus motivated that we wish to support your can-do attitude, your ability to pick yourselves up and get on with it."

An attitude, by the way, madame Muslim, that is conspicuous by its absence throughout the lands of dar al Islam...I wonder whether that thought has, once or twice, in the middle of the night, crept into your head? - CM

"Work will begin on the shelters this year once locations are finalised and Ms Bligh says the Queensland Government will match the donation.."

Why could not the Emirates afford to cover the whole sum?  For them, sixty million Australian dollars would be mere chickenfeed. - CM

"The location, as Her Excellency indicated, will now be the subject of consultation with local councils and local communities".

I wonders, yes, I wonders, just how soon the quid pro quo will be demaded; just how soon Queenslanders in various coastal and country towns will discover that there are proposals to build very large mosques in their neighbourhoods, and that if anyone expresses hesitation about those mosques, they will be castigated for their intolerance and ingratitude...how could they oppose the building of a mosque, when those nice Emirati sheikhs have been so very, very generous in providing some of the money to cover cyclone shelters? - CM

'Mr Rudd has been drumming up overseas support for investment in Queensland in the aftermath of the summer flood and cyclone disasters.

I don't think I like the idea of Muslim investment in Queensland, or any other part of Australia, at all, at all, at all. Look at what Saudi 'investment' has done to London...- CM

"I've been touched enormously, personally, by the level of interest and concern expressed to me by the foreign ministers of the Gulf Cooperative Council about the recent Queensland natural disasters, the floods and the cyclones", he said.

And you believed them?  Mr Rudd, Mr Rudd, you really should not be so naive. They're soft-soaping you, that's all.  They cannot possibly be sincere, given that they are Muslim through and through.  Read the works of J B Kelly and get a clue.  You seem not to know very much about Islam, and about the Gulf States whose glittering exterior conceals a monstrously cruel reality of de facto enslavement, abuse, and outright murder of vulnerable people - Muslim and non-Muslim - from some of the world's poorest countries.  Emirati money is accursed, it is drenched with the blood of slaves, of tormented and degraded Filipino and Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi and Indian maids and labourers.  No Australian with any self-respect would accept a 'gift' of any kind from any of those abominable sheikdoms and princedoms on the Arabian peninsula; in dealings with the devil, it is best to employ a long, long spoon. - CM

"...Former state opposition leader and now police and community safety spokesman, John Paul Langbroek, says it should have happened sooner.  "It's taken a generous donation from someone from (from? - shouldn't it be 'to'? - CM] whom we're thankful, Abu Dhabi, to make this promise...come to reality", he said.

Alas, it seems that Mr Langbroek, too, in his effusive gratitude for the 'generosity' of an Arab Muslim statelet for which $30 million is chickenfeed, a triviality, is also entirely uninformed about the kinds of strings that are normally attached to any gift made by a Muslim to a non-Muslim person or group.

I repeat: I wonder how many mosque building proposals will be required to be approved, up and down the state of Queensland, no questions asked, no community complaints admitted, in the wake of this much-ballyhooed 'donation' by Abu Dhabi? - CM.













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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
An Essay in Honor of Yom Yerushalayim: “The Impossible Dream”

IDF Paratroopers at Kotel, Western Wall
Jerusalem, 1967

This evening marks the onset of Yom Yerushalyim: Jerusalem Day in Israel and around the Zionist world. It marks the reunification of the eternal Capitol of the Jewish State of Israel that occurred on this date in the Hebrew calendar, the 28th day of Iyar,  during the  June Six days of war in 1967 when the IDF liberated the Old City that had been occupied by Jordanian forces for 19 years since the country’s founding.   This year  the 44th Jerusalem Day falls on June 1st. Given the current controversy over President Obama’s call for establishing a Palestinian State based on the 1949 Armistice Lines, the so-called “1967 borders,” Jerusalem Day takes on new meaning.

Jerusalem Day is commemorated on Ammunition Hill in Israel’s Capitol, where there is a memorial to the 183 IDF soldiers who lost their lives in retaking and re-unifying the ancient capitol of the Jewish State.  Prayers of Hallel  (‘thanksgiving”) are typically recited in Synagogues that mark this important date. 

In Washington, a Prayer Breakfast and Press Conference will be held in the Rayburn House Office Building, Gold Room. 30 Members of the House have sponsored a bill, H.R. 1006
that would eliminate an existing waiver loophole and finally enact the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 expressing the will of the American people. See today’s post at the Unity Coalition website.

In honor of Jerusalem Day we bring you this op-ed, “The Impossible Dream”  by Ms Ariella Gottesman, an undergraduate, at the Stern College of Yeshiva university in New York and President of the college’s Israel Club.

The Impossible Dream

By Ariella Gottesman

Many years ago, I heard a speaker – a self-proclaimed Zionist – taking HaTikvah to task. In her opinion, it didn’t speak to the Zionist dream, the true feeling of the Jewish heart aching to return home, or the mission of Zionism. She suggested that The Impossible Dream from the hit Broadway musical "The Man of La Mancha" take its place as the Israeli national anthem. The very words, she thought, encapsulated everything Zionism and Israel stands for:

To dream the impossible dream,

To fight the unbeatable foe,

To bear with unbearable sorrow,

To run where the brave dare not go…

I was quite taken with this idea as a child, with the notion that this stirring song about reaching “the unreachable star" could serve as a more fitting national anthem for our homeland. I took out the CD from the library and listened to the song countless times, smiling as I internalized the lyrics. It struck a chord within me, far deeper than HaTikvah ever had.

So, why shouldn't this song represent the Zionist dream? What does HaTikvah really have over The Impossible Dream?

Recently, I hit the books (and the Internet) to figure it all out.  What I discovered was fascinating.

Similar to The Star Spangled Banner, which is actually a four paragraph poem with only the first verse known, HaTikvah has seven other stanzas, which nobody knows.

HaTikvahwas originally a nine stanza poem written by Naphtali Herz Imber, a relatively unsuccessful poet, loafer, and womanizer who lived in the late nineteenth century. The original title was actually TikvateinuOur Hope – and it was the anthem of several settlements in the 1880s. Imber later died of alcohol induced liver disease, a glorious way for the writer of Israel’s national anthem to pass.

Samuel Cohen later put these rhymes to a Romanian folk song, Carul cu Boi. Though he slowed down the rhythm and refined the sound, when one listens to Carul cu Boi, it is clear that the two songs are related. The tune that makes Jews worldwide rise and put their hands to their hearts means, in Romanian, “Cart and Oxen,” and the original is a dancing tune.

The more I uncovered in my research, the more the case was made for The Impossible Dream to take center stage.

Yet, HaTikvah, with its interesting, and perhaps scandalous, past, still has a unique quality that The Impossible Dream cannot and never will have. This quality fills the heart of the Jew. It makes us smile, it makes us cry, it defines us, and it makes HaTikvah our national anthem.

On May 12, 1948, before David Ben-Gurion read the Israeli Declaration of Independence, the audience spontaneously sang HaTikvah in unison. After the Declaration was signed, the crowd once again rose and sang:

To be a free people in our land,

The land of Zion and Jerusalem.

No one in that room, or anywhere in that newly born country, would have envisioned owning all of Jerusalem. Not under the White Paper, nor under the UNSCOP Partition Plan, nor by any other conceivable course of events. At best, they thought, it would wind up under UN jurisdiction. At worst, it would fall into the hands of the Arabs, who would in all likelihood deny Jews access. Indeed, by the end of the 1948 war, when the smoke had cleared, Jerusalem was still not under Israeli control.

Yet, Jews still dreamed of Jerusalem. Their eyes still looked towards Zion. The city where David camped was still in their hearts. And, in 1967, against all odds, we claimed our birthright.

The Impossible Dreamis a wonderful song. I smile and cry every time I listen to it. But it does not focus on Jerusalem.  As such, it cannot possibly represent the Zionist dream because it is impossible to fulfill the Zionist dream without our Golden Jerusalem.

Ariella Gottesman is an undergraduate student at Stern College for Women and the president of the Yeshiva University Israel Club. 




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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
Portrait of a Survivor

by Thomas Ország-Land (June 2011)

András Mezei’s Holocaust Poetry is Meant for Our Time

SEVEN DECADES after the Second World War, humanity must still confront, resolve and make peace with the past and learn to live with the ability of each community in every generation to commit mass racist murder. András Mezei (1930-2008), a major Jewish-Hungarian poet, has left behind a healing, retrospective exploration of the Holocaust for our time.  more>>>

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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
Historical Trauma

by David Asia (June 2011)

My grandfather is running,

Running for his life.

From Dinepropetrovsk to Radomyshl,

Shepetovka to Berezovka,

Descending,  more>>

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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
I Spy - Animals

by Esmerelda Weatherwax (June 2011)

One of the most popular types of pub sign features animals. There are so many of these I’m just featuring English wildlife on land, in water and the farm yard this month. Dogs (and a few cats) horses, and exotic animals could be a month’s articles on their own. And probably will, one month. more>>>

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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
Pursuing an Outlaw – The Real Wild Humphrey Kynaston

by David Hamilton (June 2011)

The romantic legend of Wild Humphrey Kynaston obscures the real man like a facade. Events from his life have either been interpreted through the legend or just forgotten.(1) I went on the trail of an outlaw – the historical figure behind the legend. There are gaps but we now have a much clearer view of the real man and his activities. more>>>

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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
An Unquiet House: Deferral of Discord in Shakespeare's Comedies

by David P. Gontar (June 2011)

I.  Deferral of Discord in "The Merchant of Venice"

Shakespearean comedy usually concludes with marriage. This is true of The Merchant of Venice,  but with one small difference. Here, unlike so many of the other comedies, we are granted a glimpse into the lives of the principal characters subsequent to the ceremony that unites them. And what we see is a harsh note of discord inconsonant with the traditional happy ending. more>>>

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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
Looking at Robert Frank’s "The Americans"

by Terry Dunford (June 2011)

The critical literature on The Americans may be summarized as follows: the book is appreciated as long as it is viewed as a polemic rebuking American culture of the 1950s. more>>>

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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
In the Zone: Managing Impossible Emotions

by Thomas J. Scheff (June 2011)

Abstract. This note proposes tentative answers to three questions about emotions: Why are they often either hidden or out of control? How do these transformations from normal emotions come about? How can they be managed more effectively? The answer suggested to the first two questions is that emotions can loop back on themselves, having feelings about feelings, sometimes without limit. Feedback loops can produce emotions that are experienced as either unbearably painful or out of control. The answer to the third question involves zones that allow one to feel emotions and to also observe oneself feeling. These zones are possible because of the human capacity for role-taking; seeing one’s self from the imagined point of view of another person. Difficulty in accessing the zone may be produced by the nature of the self in modern societies, dominated by the ego. Some implications of these ideas for persons and nations are suggested. more>>>

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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
A Walk Through Forest Hill

by Geoffrey Clarfield (June 2011)

(For my friend Norman Doidge, who has joined me on countless walks through Forest Hill)

Let me take you on a walk through Forest Hill. It is a walk that I have done hundreds, if not thousands of times and over the years the walk has gotten longer for as I have become older, the places that I have walked to have been farther away, farther away in both time and space. And that is where the walk stops, for after that I left Forest Hill. more>>>

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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
What Lies Behind Obama’s Face-Off With Netanyahu in Washington?

A Round Table discussion with Jonathan Schanzer

by Jerry Gordon and Mike Bates (June 2011)

Late May witnessed a conflict between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu on the occasion of the Annual Washington Policy Conference of the pro-Israeli lobby group, AIPAC, and an invitation by the new House GOP leadership to have Netanyahu speak before a joint session of Congress.  Not to be upstaged,  Obama delivered a much heralded major policy address on the Middle East roiling from internal the so-called Arab Spring conflicts in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Bahrain on the day before Netanyahu’s arrival in Washington. more>>>

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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
Another Obama Foreign Policy Disaster

by Dr. Richard L. Benkin (June 2011)

Americans of all ages and political stripes were in the streets on May 1 cheering, waving the flag, and chanting “USA, USA!”  They were out all night—some of them mere children when the September 11th terror attacks changed our nation forever—to celebrate the killing of the man behind those attacks:  Osama Bin Laden.  more>>>

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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
Rewriting History: How the Omar Khadr GITMO Clemency Appeal Failed

by Jerry Gordon (June 2011)

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive -Sir Walter Scott, in his poem "Marmion" (1808)

In the final week of May, 2011 Canadian Afghan GITMO detainee, Omar Khadr, and his military legal defense team were blanked out in two separate decisions by the highest US military legal tribunal, the Convening Authority, and, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). On May 24th, the majority of Justices of SCOTUS ruled not to review the Khadr matter filed almost a year earlier. May 26th, the Military Legal Convening Authority denied a Clemency Appeal filing made in late March in a terse dismissal.  more>>>

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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
Political Revolts and Religious Reform

by G. Murphy Donovan (June 2011)

 “Revolution is a transfer of power; reform is the correction of abuses.”  Lytton

Scholars and politicians are still trying to make a case for Muslim “democracy” in the wake of an ongoing viral Arab revolution. These arguments, as they have since the beginning, are underwritten by two grand assumptions; a “moderate” Islamic present and an enlightened Muslim future. If asserted conclusions and wishful thinking were evidence, such speculations might be supportable. more>>>

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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
Warning! Terrorists Ahead!

by Jerry Gordon (June 2011)

Erick Stakelbeck is truly unique. He is the only on-air TV journalist who has a full-time "beat" on Islamic counterterrorism for the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). Stakelbeck has just published The Terrorist Next Door, a riveting first person account that is neither politically correct nor morally equivocating. The Terrorist Next Door is a highly readable background dossier that should be on the desks of every member of Congress. more>>>

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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
State Department Documents Expose Iranian Terror Group

by Kenneth R. Timmerman (June 2011)

An Iranian group that has attracted high-level support from former White House and senior national security officials, was dealt a body blow last week in its effort get off the terrorism list, when the State Department released a series of documents the group had sought under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  more>>>

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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
Why I Wrote These Two Books

by Norman Berdichevsky (June 2011)

Two weeks ago I returned from a trip to Denmark where I visited my son and his family. I also made the trip to publicize my new book, An Introduction to Danish Culture (McFarland Publishing) and was interviewed by Tim Anderson of MyDanishtv.com, a weekly internet video program on different aspects of Life in Denmark. The 10 minute interview can be viewed on their website in early June. The book on Denmark will be available in mid-July,  just a month after the publication here in the U.S. on June 10th by the New English Review Press of The Left Is Seldom Rightmore>>>

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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
The Baseness of Acid

by Theodore Dalrymple (June 2011)

Revenge, said Lord Bacon, who was not himself completely foreign to the impulse, is a kind of wild justice, which the more man’s nature runs to, the more ought law to weed it out. Furthermore, he says, it does the revenger harm, psychologically, for he goes on to say: This is certain, that a man that studieth revenge keeps his own wounds green, which otherwise would heal and do well.  more>>>

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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
Nuke the Uke

George Formby's little stick has risen from the dead. According to Hugh, George had a banjolele, but let's not get picky. The Telegraph's Michael White is appalled:

Appalling news in morning papers: there’s a boom in ukulele sales. According to reports from UK retailers, purchases of this infuriating noise-box have risen faster in the past twelve months than purchases of any other instrument, outstripping keyboards and acoustic guitars. Very depressing.

Many of us thought the uke had died a well-deserved death with George Formby and the vogue for baggy trousers belted just below the nipple (as older readers may recall he used to proselytise). But suddenly it’s back among us with a vengeance. And I know exactly who to blame.


1. The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain, which rose inexplicably to prominence a couple of years ago plink-plonking its way through arrangements of Beethoven’s 9th.

2. The Proms, which encouraged the UOGB in its assaults on Beethoven and (worse still) organised online tutorials so that thousands of others – innocent and harmless people, most of them – could share this evil practice. In another context you would call it grooming.

The consolation in the news, though, is that, by contrast with ukuleles, keyboards and acoustic guitars, sales of ELECTRIC guitars have slumped. I write as someone who lives next door to a former rock star and within earshot of a few of his more devoted admirers. Maybe I can get some sleep now.

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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
Let this be a lesson

Watch out - there's an angel about. Another endarkening Hadith from Khalifah:

Ibn Ishaq said: Yazid bin Ruman told me that `Urwah bin Az-Zubayr or one of the other scholars said that Jibril came to the Messenger of Allah ??? ???? ???? ???? when he was performing Tawaf around the House (the Ka`bah). He (Jibril) stood and the Messenger of Allah ??? ???? ???? ???? stood next to him.

Al-Aswad Ibn Al-Mutalib passed by, and he (Jibril)  threw a green leaf in his face, and he became blind.

Al-Aswad bin `Abd Yaghuth passed by, and he (Jibril) pointed to his stomach, which swelled up and he died (of dropsy).

Al-Walid bin Al-Mughirah passed by, and he (Jibril) pointed at a wound on lower of his ankle, which he got two years earlier when he once was trailing his garment and he passed by a man who was feathering his arrows. One of the arrows got caught in his garment and scratched his foot. It was an insignificant wound, but now it opened again and he died of it.

Rotten luck. Now that's what I call "remoteness of damage", both tortious and torturous. For a woman it is particularly difficult to proceed. If you don't trail your garments, you're uncovered meat, but if you do, you risk a scratch from a feathered arrow -- and we all know where that leads.

Al-`As bin Wa'il passed by, and he (Jibril) pointed to the instep of his foot. He (Al-`As) set off on his donkey, heading for At-Ta'if. He rested by a thorny tree, a thorn pierced his foot and he died from it.

Al-Harith bin At-Talatilah passed by and he (Jibril) pointed at his head. It filled with pus and killed him.'

Moral anyone? Feather your nest and not your arrows? Don't walk past when Jibril is standing next to the Messenger of Allah ??? ???? ???? ???? when he is performing Tawaf around the House? Mend your ways, whatever those ways might be, and Allah, SWT, knows best?

Posted on 05/31/2011 2:43 PM by Mary Jackson
Tuesday, 31 May 2011
Journalist murdered after writing about links between al Qaeda and Pakistan's navy

From The Telegraph

The death of Syed Saleem Shahzad, who wrote for Asia Times Online and an Italian news agency, has sent shock waves through the country's newsrooms amid suspicions that he fell foul of the country's shadowy intelligence agencies.

He was reported missing in the capital, Islamabad, on Sunday. On Tuesday police said family members identified a body pulled from a canal almost 100 miles away as that of the 40-year-old journalist. They said his body bore signs of torture.

He disappeared two days after writing an investigative report in Asia Times Online describing how al-Qaeda carried out last week's attack on a naval airbase in Karachi. . . Mr Shahzad's explosive report claimed the navy had been in talks with al-Qaeda who wanted the release of officers arrested on suspicion of terrorist ties.

Ali Dayan Hasan, senior South Asia researcher at Human Rights Watch, said Mr Shahzad had complained about being threatened. "The other day he visited our office and informed us that ISI had threatened him. He told us that if anything happened to him, we should inform the media about the situation and threats," said Mr Hasan.

A senior intelligence official dismissed the allegations as "absurd".

Posted on 05/31/2011 2:31 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Tuesday, 31 May 2011
Father of American Taliban Seeking Official Pardon for Son

Janet Levy writes:

Frank Lindh, the father of John Walker Lindh, is working to obtain an official pardon or clemency for his son who he likens to Nelson Mandela.  Lindh voluntarily traveled to an Al Qaeda training camp for courses in weaponry, explosives and combat.  He adopted a Muslim name and swore allegiance to jihad.  Lindh had foreknowledge of the 9-11 attacks and bears responsibility for the death of CIA agent, Mike Spann.

Following are rebuttals to false statements made by Frank Lindh in defense of his son, the "American Taliban."

False and misleading statements by Mr. Frank Lindh omits many known facts 
Article of appeal by Johnny Spann 
February 01, 2006 
This rebuttal of statements and claims made by Frank Lindh, father of John Walker Lindh, will address these issues.  Frank Lindh is pushing for an official pardon or clemency of his son for the 
Al Queda activities of which he is known to have been involved.  These activities came to the public's attention in November of 2001, and involved the death of my son, Johnny Micheal 
Spann, a CIA agent sent to interview the prisoners at the Qala I Jangi fortress outside Mazar E Shiref.  My son met his death at the hands of Al Queda terrorists on November 25, 2001…one of 
the Al Queda terrorists present that day was Frank Lindh's son. 
First and foremost I would like to clarify two primary points: 
Frank Lindh claims that his son never fired his weapon.  This is false. 
Frank Lindh claims that his son did not fight against Americans.  This also is false. 
Some other known facts that Frank Lindh chooses to overlook are listed below. 
1. John Walker Lindh, changed his name to Suleyman al-Farisand was also known 
as Abdul Hamid. 
2. John Walker Lindh was a member of, and trained with Al Queda. Al Queda is a 
league of foreign fighters who are trained by Osama Bin Laden. Members of this 
group of fighters are typically not citizens or natives of Afghanistan.  John Walker Lindh 
was not allowed to join the Taliban, because he did not speak any of their languages like 
Dari or Postum, and was not a Afghan. But was allowed to join and train with the Al 
The Taliban harbored Bin Laden and his  Al Queda terrorist. 
3. Al Queda terrorist members flew airplanes into U.S. buildings on September 11, 
2001, killing over 3,000 Americans. 
4. John Walker Lindh trained in the mujahideen terrorist camps first. 
5. After trying to join the Taliban and being refused. John Walker Lindh trained at Al 
Farooq - Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist training camp -and has officially stated that 
he met and talked to Bin Laden more than once while in this training. He also 
stated he spent time at Bin Laden’s guest house. 
6. John Walker Lindh stated that he had knowledge of the plans for the 9-11 attacks 
against the U.S.  He stated that he knew that  Al Queda members had been sent to the 
United States to carry out suicide missions. He stated that he had also been told about 
the 9-11 attacks on America, but chose to stay and continue to  fight with the Al Queda 
terrorists. For all Lindh knew, his own family members could have been victims of 
the suicide missions. 
Frank Lindh claims that his son was not responsible for 9/11 attacks, and that he 
had nothing to do with them. He is not telling that he not only knew about the
plans, but also opted - as an American - not to alert anyone about his knowledge. 
Lindh stated that after training camp he was asked if he like to go to other places 
to carry out terriost activities, This proves he was just like the rest of the trainees 
or he would never have been ask to go. 
7. John Walker Lindh sent an email to his mother stating that the attacks on the USS 
Cole were justified, and that he did not care if he ever set foot in America again. 
8. After leaving the training camps, John Walker Lindh went to Takar. While in the 
trenches on the front lines in Takar, he said that his rifle malfunctioned and was 
issued another one. 
Frank Lindh said his son never fired his weapon.  How can his rifle malfunction, if 
he never fired it? 
9. John Walker Lindh surrendered with the other terrorist Al Queda fighters at 
Kundus, having retreated there from Takar.He did not let anyone know that he was 
American, or that he wanted to leave. (He stated that he was told to say that he was 
Irish if anyone should ask). 
10. John Walker Lindh was transported to Qala I Jangi Fortress on Saturday evening, 
November 24, 2001, and stayed in the basement house, also known as the Pink House, 
that night. 
11. The revolt was planned that night while at the Pink House. Two of the prisoners 
stated that everyone there that night had to choose if and how they were going to be 
12.Sunday morning, November 25, 2001, my son and his partner arrived at the prison. 
During this time Micheal Spann attempted to question John Walker Lindh.  This 
encounter was captured on the, approx. 2 hours of video, being filmed by General 
Dostum’s  soldier. 
The prisoners being interviewed were led one at a time, from the Pink House to an open 
courtyard.  They were lightly restrained with their elbows tied behind their back. This left 
their hands free to the front. This was the afghan way of restraining. 
John Walker Lindh was one of these prisoners. After being asked to identify himself, 
(practically begging him).   He would not talk to his fellow Americans, and yet another 
opportunity went by to tell someone whom he was and that he needed help. John 
Walker Lindh also did not inform Mike Spann, or any other American there, about 
the planned revolt. 
If that information had been shared it would have saved my son's 
13.  At approx. 11 AM Sunday Morning, as planned on Saturday evening by the 
prisoners, a grenade was thrown to signal the attack. This is verified on the two- 
hour video. 
The prisoners inside the Pink House, which were approx. 300, began their attack against 
the guards, and the Americans.  The prisoners in the courtyard, which only had their 
elbows tied, jumped to their feet and attacked my son, Mike,  from behind while he was 
engaging the terrorist that were charging him from the basement house. 
This is verified in  the FBI  documents released in late 2004, of interviews with 
prisioners at Guantánamo Bay. which have the  accounts of that attack how it 
started and what ensued. Additionally, two doctors and other northern Alliance 
soldiers that I personally talked to in Afghanistan, stated that they were within feet 
of Mike when the grenade was thrown by the terrorist to start the revolt.
 John Walker Lindh jumped to his feet to take  part, just like the other terrorists, 
and was shot in the leg. ( His father says he jumped to his feet to run) 
14. John Walker Lindh, and the others in the courtyard, retreated to the basement 
house (Pink House), and continued to fight the Northern Alliance and the 
On the second day, the Northern Alliance sent  Red Cross workers inside to get 
them to surrender, and John Walker Lindh, and his fellow terrorist fighters, killed 
them.  Some 5 days later they finally surrendered. 
15. Robert Young Pelton, a reporter working in Afghanistan, was the first to 
interviewed John Walker Lindh after they finally surrendered. After bringing John 
Walker Lindh food and an American Medic, he tried to help him during their interview 
offering to get in touch with his parents. John Walker Lindh stated to Pelton, when 
asked if this was what he thought it would be like. He stated "This  is exactly what I 
thought that it would be like". Pelton stated thatJohn Walker Lindh showed no 
remorse for his actions.  Pelton’s account is also attached to this article. 
16. Frank Lindh maintains that the terrorists' prisoners were beaten. This is blatantly 
false. I personally have a copy of the original video, whichclearly shows that no 
beatings took place. It is documented on the video that two doctors were brought 
to the site and were treating and tending to the wounds of the terrorist prisoners. 
There was no violence at all until the grenade was thrown to start the revolt. This is 
also shown on the video. 
This is only a portion of information that Frank Lindh is not making public 
during his quest for his son's pardon. 
The facts stated in this letter are documented in the following ways: 
Video from General Dostum, taken the morning of the attack, which is the video the 
French reporter obtained and sold to CAPA TV, which in turn sold asmall portion to 3 
American TV news networks. This small portion was then shown on television showing 
Mike Spann trying to talk with Lindh. 
Reports of the attack given by the prisoners at Guantánamo Bay and released by FBI, 
Eyewitness accounts: including the accounts of two Afghan doctors that I personally 
spoke with while visiting Afghanistan. A Northern Alliance intel officer, and several 
northern alliance soldiers. The two doctors and the intel officer are shown on the video. 
Information given to Mark Kukas, by two prisoners in Shurbergon prison. 
Information supplied by Robert Pelton, whose letter is attached. 
John Walker Lindh’s own personal statements. 
     *     Information given to me by General Dostum and his staff 
As an American, and one of many parents who have lost a child to war in order to protect our 
country, I appeal to you to not allow Frank Lindh to achieve a pardon for hisAl Queda, terrorist, 
traitor son,  John Walker Lindh,  Aka: Sulleyman al Farris,  Aka: Abdul Hamid 
Johnny Spann 
Posted on 05/31/2011 11:54 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Tuesday, 31 May 2011
Denmark - 12 years for Mohammed cartoon attempted bombing

From The Copenhagen Post

Lors Doukaev will spend 12 years in a Danish prison for last September’s failed plan to send a letter bomb to the newspaper that published the Mohammed drawings, a court in Copenhagen announced today. The sentence, which includes permanent expulsion from Denmark after the sentence is served, was handed down a day after a unanimous court found the Chechen-born Belgian citizen guilty of attempted terrorism and weapons possession. . . attempting to send a letter bomb to the offices of Jyllands-Posten newspaper in retaliation for the 2005 publication of 12 caricatures of the prophet Mohammed.

Doukaev’s only comment to the court today before receiving his sentence was to maintain his innocence.

As he was prosecuted under terrorism legislation passed in the wake of the September 11 attacks, Doukaev could have been sentenced to 16 years. Earlier in the day, however, the prosecution said it would ask the court for a 12-year sentence.

After expressing disappointment yesterday at the court’s unanimous decision, Doukaev’s lawyer, Niels Anker Rasmussen, said today he was “surprised” that the court had followed the prosecution’s recommendation. Previous terrorism trials have resulted in similar sentences, but Rasmussen said those cases involved much larger quantities of explosives. He compared the Doukaev case with the case against a Somali immigrant sentenced to nine years in February for attempting to kill Mohammed cartoonist Kurt Westergaard.

Posted on 05/31/2011 9:27 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Tuesday, 31 May 2011
Ephraim Inbar: In Israel Netanyahu Soars

Netanyahu Turns Centrist and Triumphs

by Prof. Efraim Inbar

BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 143, May 30, 2011

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu went to Washington with a centrist message, eliciting great support for the Israeli position both by the US Congress and by the Israeli public. He parried the attempts of President Obama to extract additional concessions and signaled to the world, specifically to the Palestinians, that their expectations about the shape of a future agreement must be calibrated in accordance with the wishes of the Israeli electorate. As a result of this visit, Netanyahu has strengthened his political positioning and garnered popularity at home.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu went to Washington to meet with President Barack H. Obama, speak at the AIPAC annual gathering and address US Congress. This visit was of great political importance.

Prior to his visit, Netanyahu addressed the Knesset, where he conveyed a centrist position. He insisted on Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish national state, on solving the Palestinian refugee problem outside of Israel, on defensible borders, and on keeping Jerusalem united as Israel’s capital; he also demanded the incorporation of the settlement blocs into Israel. This last element, new to Netanyahu’s rhetoric, drew criticism from the Israeli far right as well as from some Likud members, as it indicates a willingness to withdraw from parts of Judea and Samaria.

After positioning himself at the heart of the Israeli consensus and securing the backing of his people, Netanyahu went to Washington, a trip that culminated with his address on the Hill. There, he further clarified his position favoring a territorial compromise with the Palestinians, saying that “some settlements will end up beyond Israel’s border.” Netanyahu received enthusiastic applause for his oratory skills and his emphasis on the common values and bonds between America and Israel. Moreover, the substantive positions espoused by the Prime Minister were well received in Washington. Even Obama felt the need to clarify in his AIPAC address that his advocacy for a settlement based on the 1967 borders must reflect demographic realities on the ground.

What transpired from this visit is that Washington, even if it disagrees with some aspects of Israeli policy, will stand firmly with Jerusalem. The US clearly favors a negotiated Israeli-Palestinian settlement and opposes Palestinian attempts to achieve statehood via the UN General Assembly while not actually ending the conflict. More so, Obama's remarks reflected Israel’s demand to be recognized as a Jewish state and its insistence on a demilitarized Palestinian state.

Netanyahu, on his part, did not refrain from publicly disagreeing with Obama on the territorial contours of a future settlement, signaling to the White House that Israel will resist American pressures and is ready for a political battle.

The courage displayed by Israel’s prime minister has earned him praise abroad and at home. Netanyahu’s coalition government remains strong and stable despite its willingness to make territorial concessions, and his mainstream message makes him much more popular than before with the Israeli public. All public opinion polls have shown a significant increase in his popularity. Furthermore, most Israelis acknowledge that the Palestinians are not a true partner for peace negotiations and believe that Netanyahu is sincerely trying to advance the goal of peace in the region.

Nowadays, Israeli society seems more united than ever on many issues, including the consensus on a market-oriented economy, the elimination of ethnic (Ashkenazi-Sephardi) inequalities, and the approach to the protracted conflict with the Arabs. This growing social cohesion and optimism about the future, concomitant with the realization that peace is not around the corner, strengthens Israel as a society ready to wage war, if necessary, in order to survive in an increasingly tough neighborhood. Netanyahu’s performance in Washington has further reinforced this reality.

Another important outcome of Netanyahu's US visit is that it has sent out a new message to the world, specifically to the Palestinians, that their expectations about the shape of a future agreement must be calibrated in accordance with the wishes of the Israeli electorate. More realism must be infused into their thinking.

Netanyahu made clear that the often used phrase in diplomatic corridors – “we all know what the settlement will look like” – requires redefinition. The overgenerous plans devised by former Israeli premiers, such as Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert, which were rejected by the Palestinians, are not relevant anymore. Similarly, the "Clinton Parameters," which were also dismissed by the Palestinians, were never acceptable to the Israeli majority and continue to be seen as suicidal for the Jewish state. Israelis seem ready to back their current government in resisting international pressure.

The US has largely come to terms with and supports Israel's position. It remains to be seen, however, how the rest of the civilized world will digest the clear Israeli message. There are great reservoirs of support in the West for the embattled Western bastion, Israel. While the Palestinians have always had the automatic support of third-world tyrannies in international forums, they have also made important inroads in Western public opinion. Still, it is unclear if Western governments will support a PLO-Hamas alliance – the most recent development in Palestinian politics.

Netanyahu's diplomatic tour de force will hardly affect the chances for a peace agreement because Palestinian society is moving in the wrong direction. The incorporation of Hamas into a new Palestinian government is only one indication of the growing radicalization in that society. Unfortunately, the Palestinian media and education system perpetuate a culture of hate and death and have hardly prepared the people for political pragmatism and coexistence alongside a legitimate Jewish state. This unwillingness to accept the existence of a Jewish state, as Netanyahu stressed, has been the main obstacle for peace over the past 100 years.




And why is there an "unwillingness to accept the existence of a Jewish state"? If Netanyahu cannot yet say publicly what he knows, and Inbar can't either (assuming he does kknow), that doesn't mean that you and I can't do so. We don't have to worry about getting in trouble with the electorate, or with foreign governments that would quickly distance themselves from Israel were its leaders to state what is the obvious, or by now should be the obvious.

Muslim Arabs -- who are the most fervently Muslim of Muslim peoples because Islam is a "gift of the Arabs," Islam is what puts the Arabs on the world map, Islam is a vehicle for Arab supremacism, that both justified, and promoted, conquest by the Arabs who, bringing the gift of Islam to non-Arabs in the Middle East and North Africa, also managed to make local peoples forget their own ethnic identities, cultures, even languages, as they became not only islamized but also arabized.

It is impossible for Muslim Arabs ever to accept the existence of the Jewish state of Israel, no matter what its size, and impossible for them ever to abandon the desire to see that state destroyed. And they will continue to work toward that end, whether a peace treaty -- not the same thing as peace, and any peace treaty iIsrael is pressured to make will mean tangible  Israeli concessions for nothing in return save that same "peace treaty," which "peace treaty" will be treated by the Arabs as the Muhammad, the Model of Conduct (uswa hasana), the Perfect Man (al-insan al-kamil), treated his own agreement with the Meccans at Hudaibiyyah in 628 A. D.

Any peace treaty, that is, will only be a hudna, from the Arab Muslim pount of view, and will make more, not less likely, another attempt by the Arabs to use open war-making (the diplomatic and propaganda campaign, the economic warfare, will continnue against Israel no matter what "peace treaty" is signed or not signed) to end the life of the Infidel nation-state whose existence makes that of the Arabs so painful.


Posted on 05/31/2011 8:08 AM by Hugh Ftizgerald
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Join leaders of the American Middle Eastern community to endorse

Donald J. Trump
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and spend an evening with his foreign policy advisors featuring
Dr. Walid Phares
and other surprise campaign guests.

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