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Monday, 31 July 2006
Demographic conquest

"In some schools muslim children are the majority now and not a minority. They tell German children (I have heard this many, many times) that Germany will soon belong to islam, because the German infidels don't produce enough children and they will outbreed them."
-- from a reader

This theme of demographic conquest, which no Infidel commentators apparently wish to discuss outside the confines of this website and JW, is constantly discussed by Muslims. Boumedienne did so at the U.N. in 1974, saying that Islam would conquer Europe through the "wombs" of its over-breeding women. A mild-mannered Pakistani accountant, writing in "Dawn" a few months after the 9/11/2001 attacks, casually listed the instruments of Jihad, adding to the end of his list a "new" instrument -- demographic change within the Lands of the Infidels.

And so many reports have come in from Europe about Muslims in France, in Holland, in Belgium taunting Infidels about how it was only a matter of time before they, the Muslims, "took over" because, in their view, demography was destiny, and in their view, the Infidels would do nothing to halt or reverse the Muslim presence within their own countries, that to keep ignoring this weapon of Jihad is one more sign of mental paralysis, of want of imagination, of the deep belief that "war" is conducted only by means of deploying troops, and guns, and bombs, and tanks.

If Europe goes under, and Islam comes to dominate, and the fount of our civilization slowly succumbs as did the Middle East, as did North Africa, as did Byzantium -- and look at what became of all these places under Islam--- it will be partly the fault of those who call this war a "war on terror" and keep thinking that "boots on the ground" are part of an intelligent strategy to"fight them over there, so we won't have to fight them over here."

Stupid, obstinate, and ignorant people are presuming to lead us, to protect and instruct us. They are doing a very bad job, all over the Western world. They must be replaced.

Posted on 07/31/2006 5:54 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Monday, 31 July 2006
Latest Israeli Atrocity: Media Hack Attack
Next up: CNN?  This just in:

After repeated Israeli efforts to destroy Hizbullah's al-Manar television station have failed, an IDF intelligence unit succeeded this week in hacking the station's live broadcasts, planting Israeli PR messages in the transmissions..

The al-Manar channel regularly airs juicy propaganda against Israel, including reports of "heroic" and "successful" operations by Hizbullah fighters against IDF special forces.

However, this weekend the IDF prepared a surprise for the Lebanese and Arab viewers of the channel: The broadcast was interrupted and caricatures of Nasrallah appeared on the screen, accompanied by captions reading: "Your days are numbered" and "Nasrallah, your time is up. Soon you won't be with us anymore."

Additionally, Hizbullah and al-Manar internet sites also received "special treatment" by Israeli technical specialists, and several were erased from the internet.

Truly despicable, depriving terrorists their right to free speech!  You just know the line mainstream media folk are going to take on this story. 

(Hat tip: LGF)
Posted on 07/31/2006 2:24 PM by Robert Bove
Monday, 31 July 2006
The tensions between Muslims and non Muslims is rising in Bulgaria as evidenced by this article.

Let me remind everyone of a bit of the history of Bulgaria under the rule of the Ottoman Turks, that is to say, of the Muslim (Ottoman) Turks, taken from "The Blight of Asia," a book written long ago, and in quite a different, much more vivid and indignant style (today much of British -- certainly the BBC's -- store of indignation seems reserved for the "carnage" and the "atrocity" committed by the Israelis trying to take out a site from which a dozen of the 1,700 missiles fired at it already had been launched). What follows is  a quote:


”IN THE list of massacres antedating the colossal crimes which have come under my own personal observation, is cited the killing of 14,700 Bulgarians in 1876. This butchery of a comparatively few—from a Turkish view-point—Bulgarians, some fifty years ago, provoked a splendid cry of indignation from Gladstone. As this narrative develops and reaches the dark days of 1915 to 1922, during which period whole nations were wiped out by the ax, the club and the knife, and the Turk at last found the opportunity to give full vent to his evil passions, it will appear that no similarly effective protest has issued from the lips of any European or American statesman.

The curious feature is that, owing to the propaganda carried on by the hunters of certain concessions, an anti-Christian and pro-Turk school has sprung up in the United States.

In “A Short History of the Near East”, Professor William Stearns Davis, of the University of Minnesota, referring to the Bulgarian atrocities 1876, says:

‘What followed seems a massacre on a small scale compared with the slaughter of Armenians in 1915-16, but it was enough to paralyze the power of Disraeli to protect the Turks. In all, about twelve thousand Christians seem to have been massacred. At the thriving town of Batal five thousand out of seven thousand inhabitants seem to have perished. Of course neither age or sex was spared and lust and perfidy were added to other acts of devilishness. It is a pitiful commentary on a phase of British politics that Disraeli and his fellow Tories tried their best to minimize the reports of these atrocities. They were not given to the world by official consular reports, but by private English journalists.’

The above is interesting, as it illustrates a quite common method of government procedure in such cases. The Tory does not seem to be a unique product of British politics.

While I was in Europe recently, I talked with a gentleman who was in the diplomatic service of one of the Great Powers and was with me in Smyrna at the time that city was burned by the Turkish army. This gentleman was in complete accord with me in all details as to that affair, and asserted that his Foreign Office had warned him to keep silent as to the real facts at Smyrna, but that he had written a full memorandum on the subject, which he hopes to publish.

It is significant that the Turks in 1876 were championed by Jews, while to-day such Jews as Henry Morgenthau, Max Nordau and Rabbi Wise are prominent among that group of men who are raising their voices in behalf of oppressed Christians. It is due to their influence, and to the voices of such senators as King of Utah and Swanson of Virginia, that confirmation of the Lausanne Treaty has been deferred until the blood on the bayonets and axes of the Turks should get a little drier.

Speaking of Disraeli, Gladstone wrote to the Duke of Argyle: “He is not such a Turk as I thought. What he hates is Christian liberty and reconstruction.”

The Bulgarian massacres were made known by an American consular official, and denounced by Gladstone in a famous pamphlet. They led to the declaration of war by Russia, the treaty of San Stefano and the beginning of the freedom of Bulgaria.

In a speech at Blackheath in 1876, Gladstone said:

‘You shall retain your titular sovereignty, your empire shall not be invaded, but never again, as the years roll in their course, so far as it is in our power to determine, never again shall the hand of violence be raised by you, never again shall the flood gates of lust be opened to you.’

In his famous pamphlet, Bulgarian Horrors and the Question of the East, we have the following, a thousand times truer to-day than when it was written:

‘Let the Turks now carry away their abuses, in the only possible manner, namely, by carrying off themselves. Their Zaptiehs and their Mudirs, their Blmhashis and Yuzbashis, their Kaimakams and their Pashas, one and all, bag and baggage, shall, I hope, clear out from the province that they have desolated and profaned. This thorough riddance, this most blessed deliverance, is the only reparation we can make to those heaps and heaps of dead, the violated purity alike of matron and of maiden and of child; to the civilization which has been affronted and shamed; to the laws of God, or, if you like, of Allah; to the moral sense of mankind at large. There is not a criminal in an European jail, there is not a criminal in the South Sea Islands, whose indignation would not rise and over-boil at the recital of that which has been done, which has too late been examined, but which remains unavenged, which has left behind all the foul and all the fierce passions which produced it and which may again spring up in another murderous harvest from the soil soaked and reeking with blood and in the air tainted with every imaginable deed of crime and shame. That such things should be done once is a damning disgrace to the portion of our race which did them; that the door should be left open to the ever so barely possible repetition would spread that shame over the world.’

‘We may ransack the annals of the world, but I know not what research can furnish us with so portentous an example of the fiendish misuse of the powers established by God for the punishment of evil doers and the encouragement of them that do well. No government ever has so sinned, none has proved itself so incorrigible in sin, or which is the same, so impotent in reformation’”

The time will never come when the words of Gladstone, one of the wisest of English statesmen, will be considered unworthy of serious attention. The following characterization of the Turk by him has been more aptly verified by the events that have happened since his death than by those that occurred before:

'Let me endeavor, very briefly to sketch, in the rudest outline what the Turkish race was and what it is. It is not a question of Mohammedanism simply, but of Mohammedanism compounded with the peculiar character of a race. They are not the mild Mohammedans of India, nor the chivalrous Saladins of Syria, nor the cultured Moors of Spain. They were, upon the whole, from the black day when they first entered Europe, the one great anti-human specimen of humanity. Wherever they went a broad line of blood marked the track behind them, and, as far as their dominion reached, civilization disappeared from view. They represented everywhere government by force as opposed to government by law.—Yet a government by force can not be maintained without the aid of an intellectual element.— Hence there grew up, what has been rare in the history of the world, a kind of tolerance in the midst of cruelty, tyranny and rapine. Much of Christian life was contemptuously left alone and a race of Greeks was attracted to Constantinople which has all along made up, in some degree, the deficiencies of Turkish Islam in the element of mind!'

To these words of Gladstone may appropriately be added the characterization of the Turk by the famous Cardinal Newman:

'The barbarian power, which has been for centuries seated in the very heart of the Old World, which has in its brute clutch the most famous countries of classical and religious antiquity and many of the most fruitful and beautiful regions of the earth; and, which, having no history itself, is heir to the historical names of Constantinople and Nicaea, Nicomedia and Caesarea, Jerusalem and Damascus, Nineva and Babylon, Mecca and Bagdad, Antioch and Alexandria, ignorantly holding in its possession one half of the history of the whole world.'"

Posted on 07/31/2006 11:06 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Monday, 31 July 2006
Islamic bombs

Pakistan has a nuclear program based on the thefts of secrets by "Dr." A. Q. Khan, national hero of Pakistan, and willing sharer -- a Secret Sharer -- of such secrets with Iran and North Korea. Pakistan has been the incubator and promoter and supporter of the Taliban, Pakistan that has just announced plans to make 40-50 nuclear weapons a year. Pakistan is a land of impoverished and semi-demented masses who find their sole solace in Islam and only Islam, while the anglophone families of zamindars and generals, who are hardly Muslims in their own lives, and whose children so enjoy their English and American universities, and some of those children -- such as the accountant son of the untrustworthy, but with the allure of rectitude (did he pass out from the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurt, like so many of those "trustworthy" and "pro-Western" Terry-Thomas-moustachioed Pakistani generals?) Musharraf, now enjoy their Western lives (Musharraf's son, when last he was in the news, was in Canton, Massachusetts). Many of the richest Pakistanis, or at least their children, have similarly elected for the sanity and safety of Infidel lands, but apparently have not used their mental freedom sufficiently, have not bethought themselves about the nature of Islam, and its connection to the hideous condition, the political, economic, social, and intellectual failures of Pakistan itself, or of Islamic countries in general, a failure directly attributable to the tenets and attitudes and atmospherics of Islam.

And Pakistan, of course, has been deeply involved in promoting terrorism against Hindus in Kashmir, and deep within India. Where is that leader of the Mumbai underworld, the one now hiding from Indian authorities after the last terrorist attack? In Pakistan. Where is the ISI that has done nothing to stop, and much to promote, Lashkar-e-Toiba. In Pakistan.

But it is not Pakistan alone. The Indian government, as Tavleen Singh points out in a recent article, is avoiding admitting to itself, and is keeping carefully from the people of India, the domestic Muslim terrorists -- for fear of the reaction of Hindus. It is, like governments of the Western world, hiding the evidence of support of every kind for Muslim terrorists in Mumbai and elsewhere.

Pakistan is to blame, yes. But not Pakistan alone. A better formulation would be: Muslims, in India and in Pakistan, are working to terrorize the non-Muslims of India, and not only of that part known as Kashmir.

Posted on 07/31/2006 11:03 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Monday, 31 July 2006
Barf-Bag Alert
This is one of those days when you need a barf bag handy while reading the newspapers.

From the New York Post:

"President Bush called for a 'sustainable peace' in the Middle East 'for the sake of children'..."  
"For the sake of children?"  What will the President tell us next, that when jihadis are hurting, government must move?  WFB was right about this guy.

"His smooth baby skin was mottled purple with bruising and his reddish hair frosted by cement dust, but nine-month-old Abbas Mahmoud Hashem wore a hauntingly peaceful expression when rescue workers reached him yesterday."  

Now look:  I like kids as much as the next person (so long as that person isn't W.C. Fields).  HOWEVER:  If we think we can win wars without killing any kids, we better get ready to lose a lot of wars.
Posted on 07/31/2006 10:01 AM by John Derbyshire
Monday, 31 July 2006
Derbyshire: Penny for Your Thoughts
Don't miss John Derbyshire's NRO contribution this morning. It's priceless:

A National Review colleague, who in my opinion should jolly well be ashamed of himself, recently suggested we should get rid of the penny. The reasons he gave were... German. I mean, they were to do with efficiency and reason, briskness and social hygiene, clearing away the clutter and lumber of life, sweeping away all that is old and useless. I’m surprised my colleague didn’t write the shameful piece in Esperanto, or one of those “improved” spelling systems favored by Edwardian meliorists like George Bernard Shaw.

Yes, we luv Aybruham Linkun. We luv owr memuriz uv bying kandy with penniz wen we wer childrun. But nun uv that shud be enuf enymor tu inflict thuh penny on adults atempting tu konduct kash tranzakshuns in an effishunt way....

The notion of sweeping away what is old and useless makes me uncomfortable, for personal reasons into which I’d prefer not to go. It ought to make any conservative uncomfortable, though, even an American conservative. I say “even” in deference to British journalists John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge’s The Right Nation, in which, after laying out the six principles of Burkean coservatism thus:


  • a deep suspicion of the power of the state,
  • a preference for liberty over equality,
  • patriotism,
  • a belief in established institutions and hierarchies,
  • skepticism about the idea of progress,
  • elitism,


the authors explain that “the exceptionalism of modern American conservatism lies in its exaggeration of the first three of Burke’s principles and contradiction of the last three.” Since the penny is, to stretch the meaning of words just a little, an “established institution,” belief in it ought to be one of those things we thrusting, forward-looking Americo-cons are willing to jettison...
Posted on 07/31/2006 7:21 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Monday, 31 July 2006
Bostom: Muhammad?s Willing Executioners

Andrew Bostom has a compelling piece at Frontpage this morning:

The ongoing violence in Lebanon and northern Israel, engendered by Hezbollah’s toxic amalgam of jihad and Jew hatred, reached Seattle, Washington this past Friday July, 28, 2006, just after 4 PM, local time. Naveed Afzal Haq, a Pakistani Muslim, hiding in the foyer of the entrance to the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, seized a 13-year old girl hostage. With a gun pointed to the young girl’s head, Haq forced his way through the buildings security door, and then opened fire with two semi-automatic pistols, killing a 58 year old woman, and wounding five other women, three of whom were wounded seriously. Haq reportedly exclaimed: “I am a Muslim American, angry at Israel”...These are Jews and I'm tired of getting pushed around and our people getting pushed around by the situation in the Middle East.”

Earlier the same day, a triumphal pronouncement from Hezbollah accompanied the launching of so-called “Khaybar-1” rockets, five of which reached Afula, south of Haifa, and 30 miles from the Israeli-Lebanese border. A Hezbollah statement proclaimed, “With this, the Islamic Resistance begins a new stage of fighting, challenge and confrontation with a strong determination and full belief in God's victory”. Throughout the preceding week, Al-Manar television and Al-Nur radio—Hezbollah-controlled media outlets which disseminate its propaganda—blared out in sonorous tones, “Nastarjiu Khaybar”—“We will return to Khaybar”.

 These disparate events, occurring thousands of miles apart—the attack upon Jews in Seattle, and the firing of “Khaybar-1” rockets at Afula—reflect and celebrate the predatory relationship—Muslims preying upon Jews—established by Islam’s prophet Muhammad, and his earliest Muslim followers....

Read it all.

Posted on 07/31/2006 6:17 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Monday, 31 July 2006
The Scheuer/Plame show

On Sixty Minutes last night one had a treat -- the bodyguard of Osama bin Laden, smiling, affable, a winning face -- was interviewed by the dumb Bob Simon, ably assisted later on by the dumber Mr. Scheuer. This man (the bodyguard, I didn't write down his name) was perfectly believable, perfectly consistent. He's a True Believer. And he admires Bin Laden, would have gladly participated in the 9/11/2001 attack, remembers how Bin Laden bit in to a date and then put a bit in his little son's mouth, a kind of majnoon-based metempsychosis in which the spirit of Bin Laden enters the soul of the young 'un, and the guard, who said that Bin Laden would not tolerate bad words being said, looked forward to that same son growing up and becoming, not an "engineer" as the poor kid said he's like to be, but rather a martyr for the Faith. No doubt many watching assumed that this was a nearly-unique example, that it made no sense, that he must be a crazed extremist. You know differently.

It was appalling to see Scheuer on the show, and more appalling still to find out that he has actually been hired by CBS as some kind of "expert." Expert on what? His knowledge of Islam is non-existent. His knowledge of the great world is clearly slender. He is uneducated, uncultivated, polite in a cub-scout sort of way (even looks like a crewcutted, large, overgrown cub scout), and clearly will add nothing of value beyond the fact that once upon a time, five years or so ago, he proved a complete failure as head of something idiotically called the "Bin Laden Desk" (can you imagine Scheuer being asked to discuss the significance of other terrorist groups, or their comparative importance, or even being asked to make sense of the instruments of Jihad other than terrorism, such as what Hizb-ut-Tahrir has to offer in its campaigns of carefully-targetted Da'wa in the Western world?). Yet there he is, on a fat retainer from CBS.

Whose bright idea was that? Who decides what "experts" to hire? And why are they always, those "experts," in "terrorism" rather than in the broader matter of Jihad?

Well, Scheuer makes the case for the proposition that after the Cold War, after all those clever European immigrants from Central and Eastern Europe had helped the CIA, and whatever one thinks about the objects of James Angleton's suspicions, his general cultivation (anyone read the literary review he edited in college with Reed Whittemore? I have a nice copy) and that of other agents of the period made them better able to function. I am thinking fondly of a grandson of Buffalo Bill, met in Paris, the brother of a famous Harvard archeologist, who used to be stationed in Rome, the son of a famous writer who apparently helped to ease a Soviet general into a watery grave, a lacustrine grave, somewhere in Europe. If people at this level still exist in the CIA, and in the "anti-Jihad" department -- hey, is there such a department at the CIA, or is this still too painful to recognize and to fathom? -- they are nowhere in evidence.

When one sees former CIA employees who turn out to be as unimpressive, as slow-witted as Scheuer, it's worrisome. Or glamour girls like the one married to the oily, Gucci-loafered Joe Wilson -- like Valerie Plame, the one now suing for all that money. It's enough worrying about infiltrators on behalf of Islam, the kind who tried recently to "volunteer" for service in the British security services. It's more than enough worrying about those who apparently find that they sympathize with, can even make the case for, terrorist groups, men such as Alistair Crooke who lobbied on behalf of Hamas (a reflection of what? of antipathy to Israel, for the obvious reasons, so great that he could not see the connection of one terrorist group to another, could not see how Hamas threatens not just Israelis but all Infidels?). How many more Crookes are there, still at MI5? How many more Scheuers? Moral simpletons, and the other kind, and even publicity-hounds pretending to be the opposite, in our new and unimproved security services, are a problem for Infidels everywhere.

Posted on 07/31/2006 6:13 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Monday, 31 July 2006
Attack of the Spiral of Violence
AP reports that the Pope has come out against  an abstraction dear to the hearts of hand wringers everywhere (and not for the first time):

In the name of God, I appeal to all those responsible for this spiral of violence [to] immediately put down their arms on all sides.

(Question for geometry whizzes out there in the 'sphere:  Do spirals go up or down?  Or sideways?  Or, since the spiral is itself an abstraction, does it, in fact go anywhere?)

Do an advanced Google search on Google on spiral of violence and you get  206,000 pages.  Here are the first several:

A spiral of violence
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Williams laments Lebanon vicious spiral of violence

an article that relates to theology and politics from ekklesia, a news service and think tank promoting theology in public life. - Cached

Asia Times Online :: South Asia news - Mumbai attacks: A spiral of ...

Mumbai attacks: A new spiral of violence By Sudha Ramachandran BANGALORE - What adds to the significance of Tuesday's terror attacks in Mumbai is that they ... - Cached

BBC NEWS | World | Africa | Analysis: Behind Nigeria's violence

The BBC's Dan Isaacs looks at the complex reasons behind the recent spate of localised conflicts in Nigeria. - Cached Jesus and the Spiral of Violence: Popular Jewish ... Jesus and the Spiral of Violence: Popular Jewish Resistance in Roman Palestine (Facets): Books: Richard A. Horsley by Richard A. Horsley. - Cached

Iraq’s spiral of violence Paul Rogers - openDemocracy

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Lone Voice Against 'The Spiral of Violence'

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Heather Gray: The Spiral of ViolenceThe Spiral of Violence. By HEATHER GRAY. We have recently been accosted by the photo of the dead Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in newspapers and on television ... - Cached
Posted on 07/31/2006 5:46 AM by Robert Bove
Monday, 31 July 2006
Brick Lane protesters hurt over 'lies'

From the BBC - the latest on the protests about the filming of the book by Monica Ali.

Some 120 members of the Bangladeshi community from London and beyond marched in protest against the forthcoming film adaptation of Monica Ali's novel, Brick Lane. The book is about a Bangladeshi woman sent to London for an arranged marriage.  But some local Bangladeshis claim the novel insults them specifically, by being named after the street in which they live and work. They say Ms Ali portrays Bangladeshis as uneducated and unsophisticated, and repeatedly mention a passage which they say has Bangladeshis coming over to England in the hold of a ship and with lice in their hair.

This community first complained vehemently when the novel was first released in 2003 to much critical acclaim. But the attempts of Ruby Films, makers of the forthcoming movie adaptation, to film exterior scenes in the street itself have re-opened wounds that have never really healed. The film-makers have since abandoned their plans and will now shoot the footage elsewhere. (Whenever crime films were filmed locally we never complained about how indigenous East Enders were portrayed - it was a good chance to earn a few bob as an extra and get an autograph or two)

A small group of mostly middle-aged Bangladeshis, all men save for two women, gathered in Brick Lane in the warm afternoon, holding a banner and hand-written posters. Assurances were given by local businessman and protest organiser Abdus Salique that the widely-reported plans to burn copies of the book were incorrect . . . Numbers began to swell, and everything seemed orderly enough until a young Asian man stepped forward to ask if anyone had actually read the book. . .He was swiftly stopped in his tracks by a hug from Dr Hasanat Husain, one of the organisers of the protest, and the incident quickly cooled down.  Dr Husain delivered a short speech.

Two protesters with posters"This hard-working community has been offended by lies, slander and cynicism. There should be a limit to what you can write or say.  "You can write fiction, but you cannot use names that are reality. The reality is Brick Lane."

It's upsetting our elders and giving us a bad name" Shochall admits to not having read the book, but says he has read "bits and pieces" of it while having other sections explained to him by others.

. . . Dan Simon, 28, of south-east London, who admitted he was shouting and remonstrating with the marchers. He was pulled to one side and given a bit of a talking-to by the policeman. Dan later said he was annoyed the film-makers were "thwarted" by the Bangladeshi community. "The film should be made . . .

It was quite noticeable that there were almost no women directly involved in the march. One of the two who did march was Salina Akhtar, 41, who lives not far from Brick Lane. She said she didn't know why women were not at the protest, but said the female members of the Bangladeshi community were upset by Ms Ali's novel. Muhammad Shahabuddin, 56, from Plaistow, London, said the lack of female representation was because "Muslim women are very conservative and they don't feel comfortable coming here. "If there was a protest just for the women then they would come."

However, when this suggestion was made to Dr Husain, he spoke of his "frustration" at "stereotyping" of the community. The reasons there are few women protesting about a book and a film which is centred around a woman's life, he said, is more mundane. "This event was organised at short notice and obviously our families have children. So who looks after them? My wife wanted to come and face this, but at the moment I have guests."

Passer-by Andrew Insley, 26, who lives in Tower Hamlets, watched the protest with interest. "All this is making me want to do is read the book and watch the film," he said.

I don't know Brick Lane anymore. My Great Aunt lived there and  I used to go there with my father.  In those days most of the shops were Jewish, I took no interest in Katz the famous string shop, but I loved the delis with the rollmop herrings and gherkins where Klezmer music was playing from a record player in the back room. We would buy some to take to my nan's for tea. And there is still a bagel bakery left.

The Sylhetis have actually lived there a long time.  The first were seamen landed from the docks who took jobs, tailoring was a favourite, so that they had money to send home.  I once noticed a thin man buying at least a dozen hideous pullovers from one of the secondhand clothes stalls.  I asked my Dad why he needed so many pullovers and why such hideous ones.  Dad explained that he would be sending them home to his family in East Pakistan (as it was then), that the family would be as poor, or probably poorer, than our family when he was a child, and like him they would  not care if the pullover was an ugly colour so long as it was warm, sound and clean.

I can understand a family wanting a better life for their children in another country.  The Hugenenots came,  then the Irish, then the Jews.  My heritage is mixed in with all those groups. There was Chinese, Indian, Italian and more. But there is one difference.

They all adapted to their adopted home. Unlike some.

Posted on 07/31/2006 3:32 AM by Esmerelda weatherwax
Monday, 31 July 2006
Panorama programme - exposing da'wa, jihad and taqiyya

Last night John Ware did a first rate investigation for BBC's Panorama programme of the link between Interpal (George Galloway's favourite charity) and Hamas. The programme, "Faith, Hate and Charity", can be seen here for the next few days, and is highly recommended.

The word "da'wa", variously translated as "proselytising" and "missionary work" came up repeatedly. A recurring theme was the fact that in Islam, religion, charity, politics and jihad are all fused. Particularly chilling were the scenes of children singing songs about dying as martyrs and "making of our skulls a ladder to your glory". John Ware also shows clearly how Muslims present one side for Western consumption and one side when talking among themselves (taqiyya). Towards the end, Qaradawi is shown, first being welcomed by Ken Livingstone, then stating explicitly on Al Jazeera that Europe is to be re-conquered for Islam. On charity, Qaradawi says: "I don't like the word 'donations'. I like to call it 'jihad with money'.  Because God ordered us to fight enemies with our lives and with money." He also talks about the "population bomb", hinting at the demographic conquest, which is a major part of jihad today.

The programme should have gone on to demonstrate that the principles of taqiyya, da'wa and jihad are part and parcel of mainstream Islam, and are mandated by the Koran, Hadith and Sira. John Ware has also exposed the Muslim Council of Britain, but what he has not yet done is join the dots, and show that the problem is not just Hamas, or the Muslim Brotherhood, or the Muslim Council of Britain but Islam itself. However, this criticism aside, and it is not a small one, this was an excellent programme, and it is hard to imagine that it came from the same BBC whose news coverage of matters Islamic, particularly as they involve Israel, is so abysmally one-sided.

Do watch it - it will be 45 minutes well spent.

Posted on 07/31/2006 3:56 AM by Mary Jackson
Sunday, 30 July 2006
Let's Keep Pretending It's Just Israel's War
A press release from the Iran Policy Committee:

On 25 July 2006, during a visit to the White House by Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki, the Iran Policy Committee (IPC) held a press conference to discuss the Iranian regime’s brazen efforts to fuel the insurgency and exacerbate sectarian violence in Iraq. The IPC revealed newly-acquired intelligence identifying the exact location of a roadside bomb factory in Tehran that manufactures improvised explosive devices (IEDs) for shipment to Iraq. 

Georgetown professor and former senior member of the National Security Council staff Raymond Tanter stated: “The Ordnance Factories Complex is located in the Lavizan neighborhood in northern Tehran and consists of three separate and independent industrial sections called Sattari, Sayad Shirazi, and Shiroodi, each with its own products. The Sattari Industry specializes in making various types of anti-tank mines and bombs. The industry works on turning mines and bombs into improvised explosive devices.”
Professor Tanter went on to say: “Intelligence reports received from reliable sources inside Iran indicate that powerful explosively formed projectiles (EFPs), or shaped charges, used against the multinational force in Iraq are built under a confidential order by the Qods (Jerusalem) Force, in Iran. Explosively formed projectiles are advanced improvised explosive devices that are harder to detect, can penetrate thicker armor, and are more lethal than traditional IEDs. The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Qods Force has active relations with the Ordnance Factories Complex and places its orders with the group.”
 Struan Stevenson, a Scottish Member of the European Parliament added, “I am alarmed at the intelligence reports of Iranian improvised explosive devices that are being shipped to Iraq and are leading to British and American deaths.”

Stevenson said, “In 2006, improvised explosive device casualties accounted for half of coalition deaths in Iraq. Not only are IEDs becoming more lethal, they are becoming much more plentiful, with the number of roadside bombings almost doubling between 2004 and 2005 in Iraq.” Commenting on Iran’s links to al Qaeda, Clare Lopez, a former undercover operations officer with the Central Intelligence Agency, added, “We know that Iran has set up a network of terrorist training camps on Iranian soil, which employ al Qaeda experts to train Iraqi insurgents in the latest explosives techniques.” 

To counter the threat posed by Iran supplying Iraqi insurgents with explosively formed projectiles, Lt. Col. Bill Cowan (U.S. Marine Corps, Ret.) said, “The United States should put Iran on notice that we are going to threaten its regime in the worst way possible—from within: Tell Tehran that we will be providing money, assistance, and advice to empower Iranian resistance movements. Washington’s pressure on Tehran constrains Iran’s options and forms an anvil against which Israel can hammer Iran’s proxy in Lebanon—Hezbollah.”

Posted on 07/30/2006 6:30 PM by Andy McCarthy
Sunday, 30 July 2006
Like father, like son
Speaking of Nasrallah Lebanese Druze leader Walid Jumblatt said the following, "I don't want to make a comparison, but Adolf Hitler also aroused his people's sense of honor, and led Germany into war."

Neither the Christians nor the Druze, who were on opposite sides of the civil war (and in the 19th century there were Druze massacres of Christians), support either Hezbollah or Syria. Whatever silences are maintained (would you, hating Hezbollah, if you lived in Lebnanon right now, dare to say it aloud? Some will, but very few), or whatever pretend-support is offered in the phony, transient, whipped-up hysteria of the moment, a hysteria no different from, say, the hysteria that led to attacks in Pakistan on the American Embassy back in 1979 when one group of Muslims opposed to the Saudis seized the Mosque in Mecca, or the hysteria that led to the burning down (again in Pakistan) of the British Council building because someone somewhere had somehow insulted Muhammad. Oh, it is here today, and was here yesterday, and will be here tomorrow -- Muslim mobs, Muslim outrage, Muslim this and Muslim that. It is the job of Infidel leaders not to be influenced, not to be swayed in the slightest, not to think that anything they do to meet those demands in order to "quell Muslim outrage" will have any effect at all except to be taken as a sign of weakness, weakness that will then whet Muslim appetites to demand still more and more. Islam is Islam; any yielding at all, at this point, either by Israel or by the United States deciding to pressure Israel in the slightest (it should be supplying weapons, satellite intelligence, whatever it can to make sure that Hezbollah is permanently not merely dimidiated but reduced to dimensions that will allow the Lebanese whose loyalty is to Lebanon -- those Christians, those Druze, those Sunni merchant classes of the coast -- can deal, as they then will, taking quite a different tone from that which melodramatic and nearly-hysterical Siniora has taken (there was not a wet eye in this house at any of his speeches), and then facing up, or facing down, the Shi'a. Jumblatt, like his father, has one virtue: he says what he believes to be true. Very few people in Lebanon allow themselves that luxury.
Posted on 07/30/2006 5:56 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Sunday, 30 July 2006
Re: Qana

Just came from listening to the hideously shrill voice of Judy Swallow, as she presented her al-Jazeerish version of events in Lebanon, including how those mad-dog Israelis deliberately killing civilians (how dare they hide behind the fact that Hezbollah hides behind civilians! how dare they point to the ten days of constant warning, by computerized telephone calls and leafletting all over southern Lebanon, urging civilians -- the real civilians and not the "civilians" who consist of family members of Hezbollah, determined to remain and aid the fight, not least by assuming they can permanently prevent Israeli attacks on missile-launchers placed in their midst), and then as she proceeded to attempt to brow-beat the Israeli government spokesman, Mark Regev, when he said, quietly but firmly, that Israel would be "prepared to support" a "cease-fire" under which Hezbollah would no longer be allowed to possess and use those 12,000 missiles (minus 1,700 already fired -- all 1,700 of them at civilian targets -- and whatever number the Israelis have managed to destroy. That calm statement infuriated the always-nearly-hysterical Judy Swallow, who was at her shrillest wondering why Regev said Israel "would support" a cease-fire, why it could not, surely, "call for a cease-fire" itself. A moment's thought would tell her, even if she fails to realize why a cease-fire is not in Israel's, or America's, or the West's, or the Infidel world's best interest (that is beyond Judy Swallow, that is beyond Ian Lustig, that is beyond the BBC, its loaded list of "experts"), and why were Israel itself to call for it, that would be taken as a sign of victory by Hezbollah. Her foolish cruelty was followed by an interview with one Charles Tripp, of the School of Oriental and African Studies, which everyone knows is no longer what it once was, and is now a hotbed for anti-Israel sentiments and "scholarship" (ask J. B. Kelly about how "dreadful" -- his adjective -- the SOAS has become, ask Kenneth Minogue, ask Donald Watt, ask the shade of Elie Kedourie). Tripp, of course, being sure to refer back to the killing of Lebanese civilians at Qana several years ago, had nothing to say about those 12,000 -- perhaps now a mere 6,000? -- missiles still all over Lebanon, nor was there the slightest hint of any willingness to sympathetically imagine, by imagining 1,700 missiles being fired into, say, London (metropolitan London being vaster than Israel), and what his reaction, or that of the British government would be, even if most of those missiles somehow landed harmlessly on cricket pitches or in the Thames.

That was the BBC. Par for the course. Who in Great Britain will join Vladimir Bukovksy in others in trying to take control of a runaway and vicious organization, an organization that is not part of the defense against Jihad, but a promoter of the world-wide Jihad, and not only, as some may delude themselves into thinking, against tiny, maximally imperiled Israel.

Posted on 07/30/2006 4:37 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Sunday, 30 July 2006
Yard quizzes three Muslim officers in hunt for terrorist sleepers

Coming fast on the revelations about the Foreign Office (a very strange establishment, whose recruitment policy is an enigma and a conundrum even by the standards of the Home Civil Service) chief advisor on Islamic affairs is this article from The Times about possible "terror sleeper cells" within the Metropolitan Police.

SCOTLAND YARD has placed one of its Muslim officers on restricted duties while it investigates intelligence that he may have attended a terror camp linked to Al-Qaeda in Pakistan.

The policeman — who firmly denies the allegations — is said by police sources to be one of three Muslim officers questioned in a Yard search for terror “sleeper cells” in its ranks.  The move follows disclosures earlier this month that Islamic terrorist sympathisers had attempted to infiltrate the intelligence services by applying for jobs in MI5.

It raises the risk of terrorist “fifth columnists” passing on information about secret operations and compromising the identities of undercover agents. During an interview with the Yard’s secret vetting unit, which works closely with MI5, it was suggested he may have attended or associated with people at an Al-Qaeda training camp. The British-born officer, whose parents are from Pakistan, denies knowingly meeting terrorists.

During an interview with the Yard’s secret vetting unit, which works closely with MI5, it was suggested he may have attended or associated with people at an Al-Qaeda training camp. The British-born officer, whose parents are from Pakistan, denies knowingly meeting terrorists.

It won't just be the Met at risk;  I anticipate that South Yorkshire Police,  West Yorkshire Police and the Lancashire Constabulary will be taking an interest.

Posted on 07/30/2006 3:00 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Sunday, 30 July 2006
Qana: human sacrifice up close

Islamists, in this case the Hezbos, have always targeted civilians--just as they are this minute firing rockets specifically at Israeli civilian targets.  The Islamists also use Muslim civilians as human shields, who die as per Islamist strategy to produce the requisite false tears in the eyes of Kofi Annan and his ilk.  They die, these civilians of Qana and those like them, to provide fodder for the cynical, disingenuous and just plain blind to write speeches, to write articles, to produce TV news stories, that exist for the sole purpose of trumpeting the moral "seriousness" of their authors--and to condemn Israel for defending itself.  Such moral squalor, such human sacrifice.

From Varifrank:

Hezbollah fighters manning anti-aircraft unit. Notice the lack of uniforms. When you read headlines that rebuke Israel for killing civilians, remember this photo.

From the Herald Sun.

UPDATE: An alternate headline for this would be " Hezbollah Human Shield Air Defense System fails to stop Israeli Air Raids"

Posted on 07/30/2006 2:10 PM by Robert Bove
Sunday, 30 July 2006
Hacked to death in the night.
AMMAN - A Jordanian woman hacked her 26-year-old daughter to death in her sleep with an axe for giving birth out of wedlock, the Jordan Times reported Sunday.

Hacked to death in the night.

Would you be at ease putting up, in your own house, as an overnight guest, a Believer in Islam, perhaps an affable co-worker or former college roommate, who assured you that all this business of Muslim hostility toward Infidels was "nonsense and lies"? Would you be at ease watching the evening news with him, seeing him take in the same stories, but perceive them in quite a different way? Would you wish to go to bed, and have your children go to bed, while down the hall your affable colleague had his own room. Any tiny hint of some worry, of some lapsus or raptus or anything else, directed possibly at you or one of the children?

If, in thinking this over, you are forced to admit to yourself that, despite your wish to believe that there is no cause for any suspicion or alarm, your wish to believe, perhaps even your insistence, that there is nothing wrong or worrisome about Islam, only about those who misinterpret or pervert it, you would be alarmed, then ask yourself a final question.

If you would worry about such a person staying in your house, in your home, overnight, for fear of what he might do, whether set off by something on the news, or something in his own life (suppose he asked to stay with you because he had lost his job, or lost his wife, or suffered some other setback), why should you not worry about such a person, about millions of such persons, staying not for one night, but for tens of thousands of nights, forever, and becoming ever more numerous, ever more demanding, ever more threatening, in your land. For what is this land, if not our national home, our country's estate?

Posted on 07/30/2006 2:16 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Sunday, 30 July 2006
UK readers should watch Panorama tonight, 10.15pm

Short notice, I'm afraid. On BBC 1 tonight at 10.15pm there is a Panorama documentary presented by John Ware called "Faith, Hate and Charity", which will investigate how a British Islamic charity was giving financial support to Hamas.

John Ware, some readers may recall, did a very good Panorama documentary exposing the Muslim Council of Britain. This type of hard-hitting investigative journalism is what the BBC should be doing, instead of what they often do, which is to pander to the Muslims.

I hope that this documentary will be similarly thorough.

Posted on 07/30/2006 1:56 PM by Mary Jackson
Sunday, 30 July 2006
Re: no terror, no hate
This is one more example of pretending, in order to what? To protect Muslims from scrutiny? To prevent scrutiny of what Qur'an and Hadith contain? To not worry anyone? To keep the "dialogue" going? With each such act, the local, state, and federal governments lose the support of citizens, alienate them, make them more worried, as so many are in Europe, that their own governments will not adequately inform or instruct them, and are determined to hide or distort reality because those in charge lack the wit and imagination to deal with the matter at hand -- the matter of the belief-system of Islam, and those who presently, or in the future, may take that belief-system, its teachings, its attitudes, its atmospherics, a little too much to heart.
Posted on 07/30/2006 1:42 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Sunday, 30 July 2006
no terror, no hate

Yesterday we were told the Seattle shooting was not terrorism and now today we learn it wasn't even a hate crime.

Move along folks, no jihad here.

Posted on 07/30/2006 12:05 PM by Rebecca Bynum
Sunday, 30 July 2006
Leaked documents
DISTURBING details have emerged about the radical background of the chief adviser on Islamic affairs at the Foreign Office.

Mockbul Ali, a 26-year-old civil servant, was involved in a Muslim student group that has published material supporting Palestinian female suicide bombers.

The Union of Muslim Students (UMS), which has been repeatedly praised by ministers as a paragon of moderate Islam, also carried articles in its newspaper by Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a Qatar-based preacher banned from entering America.

Leaked documents show that since joining the Foreign Office Ali has argued for Qaradawi to be allowed into Britain and played a part in sending Sharif Hasan al-Banna, president of the UMS, to Islamic conferences in Indonesia and Nigeria at taxpayers’ expense.

MPs have voiced concern about Ali’s role at the heart of government. They accuse him of using his position as a senior member of the Foreign Office’s Engaging with the Islamic World Group (EIWG) to promote dialogue with Islamist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, which is outlawed in many Arab countries.

Ali also had a key role in co-ordinating seven Muslim taskforces set up by Tony Blair to tackle extremism in the wake of the July 7 bombings last year...

["Leaked documents"? Does that imply that so fierce is the debate within the British government, that those alarmed by the presence, and influence, of this clear agent of Jihad within the British government, did not get their way and had to resort to the desperate act of "leaking documents" about him to arouse the press and through it, the public? Has it come to that in Great Britain? Where an agent of Islam cannot easily be dislodged? - HF]

Posted on 07/30/2006 11:40 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Sunday, 30 July 2006
"we disassociate this act..."

"we disassociate this act from our Islamic teachings and beliefs."
-- from this article quoting a local Muslim leader (echoed, no doubt, by Muslim spokesmen across the country) about the Seattle shootings.

Really? From Qur'an 9.29? 9.5? From all the Jihad-verses, more than a hundred, that clearly tell Believers to kill Infidels? What about the hundreds and hundreds of Hadith, with the same message? What of the history of Muhammad, and the list of what he did to the Jewish tribes of Medina, the Jewish farmers of Khaybar (Khaybar being the name of Iran's new missile)? How long will it be before official Jewish organizations stop the nonsense with "Muslim-Jewish Dialogues" and "reaching out" for some "interfaith" harmony that does not and can not exist, though of course Muslims will, still unsure of their position, still needing to shore up that position with this "three abrahamic faiths" stuff. Who in his right mind, having read the Qur'an with comprehension (in English, as in French, its ferocity is less obvious -- but still apparent), or the more comprehensible Hadith, or -- still more comprehensible and less subject to deliberate distortion by Muslim apologists -- the Sira, the biography of Muhammad, that Perfect Man, uswa hasana, al-insan al-kamil, could conceivably believe that Islam can be "dissociated" from the murder and attempted murder of one disgruntled Haq, no doubt expressing, as Taheri-reza, as that Egyptian co-pilot whose personal and professional life was a mess, or all those others, supposedly "crazy," who in the United States, in Egypt, in Jordan, or for that matter in the southern Sudan, in Nigeria, in India and Bangladesh and Kashmir, are eager to kill, and have killed, with great enthusiasm, Christians and Hindus.

Let's see if we can find a guide to Infidel-hatred, or more specifically, to the inculcated hatred of Jews which is a subset of that general Infidel-hatred. Some 30 years ago, the Sheik al-Azhar, Tantawi (not yet having reached that eminence) as shown by Andrew Bostom below, compiled a 700-page book, essentially a compilation of all the Qur'anic passages, and Hadith, and incidents in Muhammad's life, that showed the fierce hatred of Jews that Islam teaches, that Islam -- if the adherent is paying attention and trying to keep being a Muslim without really knowing what Islam is all about --naturally inculcates. It may be some consolation, for Jews, that Islam teaches hatred of all Infidels. But were all these Jewish organizations whistling in the dark for so long and "reaching out" to their "Muslim brothers" to have even a small amount of those 700 pages translated and distributed, they would forever lose their suicidal innocence. And the same goes for those still in Israel who, no matter what happens, will still go back to the idea of giving up more territory as the way to somehow reach an accommodation with what cannot be accommodated, what must only be constrained, held in check, by the demonstration, so clear as to never be doubted, of overwhelmingly greater force. Darura -- necessity -- is the only doctrine that Muslim rulers, who may be more aware of how they, and their regimes, will suffer if they go to war -- can invoke to explain their failure to join in a collective gang-up. The more powerful Israel appears -- and it will not appear powerful if it further shrinks in size by giving up one dunam more of territory -- the less likely an all-out war will occur. Already the supposed ferocity (it's nonsense, of course - the Israelis have been scrupulous in trying to minimize civilian casualties, as all intelligent people know) of Israel's attacks on Hezbollah have had a good effect, not a bad one, on the calculations of many in Jordan and Egypt and even Saudi Arabia and the sheiklets. Who wants to see all those palaces, all those skyscrapers in Dubai and elsewhere, paid for with OPEC revenues that, out of environmental if not geopolitical common sense, may sooner rather than later have to be diminished, destroyed by a "ferocious" Israel?

But let's go back to the remark that prompted these remarks: "we dissociate this act from our Islamic teachings and beliefs."

Oh, do you?

We don't. We find them completely consonant with those "Islamic teachings and beliefs." We find them in the same spirit as so much of the Qur'an, so many of the Hadith (in the best, most authoritatie, collections of Bukhari and Muslim), so many of the acts of Muhammad as recorded in the Muslim versions, the accepted versions, of his biography. We find that the history of Islamic Jihad-conquest, and the subsequent subjugation of all non-Muslims, to provide further evidence, if such were needed, of the attitudes and atmpospherics of Islam, of its "teachings and beliefs," that support rather than contradict the behavior of such Muslims as Mr. Haq. We find his behavior, whether he was "crazy" or not, in locating the source of all his woes, the source of the world's villainy, in Infidels, or in his case in Jews, to be "completely consonant" with that 1350-year history of "Islamic teachings and beliefs."

And there is one other thing that we find "completely consonant with Islamic teachings and beliefs." And that is the exercise in taqiyya of all those Muslim spokesmen who would have us, Americans, or other Infidels in other countries, believe their nonsense, as they engage in the religiously-sanctioned dissimulation -- lying about the faith in order to protect it -- which is exactly what they do when they, in Washington State or in Texas or Pennsylvania or Massachusetts -- attempt to make us believe that such-and-such an act is to be "dissociated" from "Islamic teachings and beliefs." Dissociate away. Practice taqiyya and kitman all you want. It isn't working in quite the same way as it did just after 9/11/2001, with all those imams taking part in those touching "candlelight vigils" and "interfaith ceremonies" -- not when so many of those imams and others involved were discovered to have said before, and to say later, to Muslim audiences, quite different things, and some even to have gone further than mere words in the expression of their hatred of Infidels.

Infidels everywhere are now keenly interested in how Muslims in other Infidel countries are behaving. We are watching. What do Muslims in this country think will be the reaction here, if the islamization of Western Europe continues apace, and Europeans flee here, to tell us, to warn us not to repeat their errors? What do they think will happen to their position in this country?

Posted on 07/30/2006 10:10 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Sunday, 30 July 2006
Our Friends the Saudis Threaten Israel with the "War Option"
while we announce plans to arm them.

Here's part of the statement put out by the official website of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (h/t, the Belmont Club):


Meanwhile, the Pentagon indicated yesterday that it has new plans to sell billions in weaponry to the Saudis, among others in the region:

The Defense Department reported that they have a plan to sell military hardware and worth up to $5 billion to certain Arab countries. ... The plan calls for a nearly $3 billion deal with Saudi Arabia, involving sales of 58 Abrams tanks and a [sic] upgrade of Saudi-owned Abrams tanks, as well as Apache helicopters worth $400 million, according to a statement released by the Pentagon's Defense Security Cooperation Agency.

Congress has 30 days to approve the sale once it is officially notified.
Posted on 07/30/2006 9:23 AM by Andy McCarthy
Sunday, 30 July 2006
Karl Kraus

In a posting yesterday I quoted Karl Kraus: "Psychoanalysis is the disease for which it is supposed to be the cure"

That particular quote, by the way, was mentioned by Auden twice -- once in his Commonplace Book, and again in the collection of aphorisms he did with Kronenberger. So I suspect that was his favorite Krausism.

Canetti, on the other hand, begins his lecture on Karl Kraus, in whom he had such a great interest, with a different memorable quote, which I give a-peu-pres, not having the book within reach:

"The population of Vienna consists of 2,030,864 people. That is, 2,030,863 people, and me."

It's hard to choose between those two quotes. One tries to imagine certain people who died in 1939, just before the war, as not having died, but having made it to America and lived long enough to see the end of the war and all the details of the death camps, and then tries to imagine what they might have said, or written. What would James Joyce have written about Paul Leon (husband of Lucie Leon), who was caught by the Germans, then murdered, only because he delayed his departure by one day in order to permit his son to sit for the bac. What would Karl Kraus, who in the early 1930s about Adolf Hitler had written "About Mr. Hitler I have nothing to say" have written in 1946? There was a long silence by most of the stunned world, and for many things went on as before -- and certainly, in Europe today, the signs of what went on between 1933 and 1945 never having occurred, never having made an adequate impression or never having been adequately conveyed to the mindless young and the vicious old, are all about.

Well, Kraus, who was maddened by the cheapness of newspapers (newspapers which, by comparison with newspapers today, seem to have been written by a staff consisting of James Bryce, Max Muller, Elie Halevy, and Wilamowitz-Moellendorf) would probably be living in a state of permanent fury at idiocy after idiocy.

I'm sure you know that feeling.

Posted on 07/30/2006 7:41 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Sunday, 30 July 2006
Boyhood asphyxiated
Thanks, John, for the opportunity to plug my book, The UFOs of October, a collection of five poem cycles, the last of which, "River Edge, 1959," deals specifically with the loss of latitude in the lives of boys.  Boys these days are either feral or "projects" of their parents, at least in the major population centers and their suburbs.  This has been going on for decades, now, a function of the explosive post-war growth of the 'burbs as much as anything else, and though it's very late on the scene, I'm glad Psychology Today has "discovered" the problem.
Posted on 07/30/2006 6:56 AM by Robert Bove
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