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Friday, 25 July 2014
Underwear bomber plot failed because he 'wore same pants for two weeks'

From the Telegraph

The 2009 "underpants bomb" plot failed because the terrorist had been wearing his explosive-laden undergarments for more than two weeks and soiled the explosives, a senior US official said.

Umar Abdulmutallab sent shockwaves through US intelligence when he successfully smuggled a bomb onto a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas day three years ago. The British-educated Nigerian was able to light the bomb but it failed to explode, causing minor burns to the would-be bomber but sparing his fellow passengers. 

John Pistole, the head of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), said on Thursday that the bomb did not detonate because Abdulmutallab had been wearing the same underwear for more than two weeks."He had it with him for over two weeks," Mr Pistole said at the Aspen Security Forum. Asked by his interviewer whether the bomb's fuse had become "damp" from two weeks of wear, Mr Pistole said: "Let's say it was degraded. We're getting kind of personal now." 

Posted on 07/25/2014 4:03 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Friday, 25 July 2014
Isis militants blow up Jonah's tomb

From the Guardian

Islamic State (Isis) militants have blown up a revered Muslim shrine traditionally said to be the burial place of the prophet Jonah in Mosul, residents of the city said.

The mosque was built on an archaeological site dating back to the eighth century BC and is said to be the burial place of the prophet, who in stories from both the Bible and Qur'an is swallowed by a whale.

It was renovated in the 1990s under Iraq's late dictator Saddam Hussein and until the recent blitz by Isis that engulfed Mosul, remained a popular destination for religious pilgrims from around the world.

Several nearby houses were also damaged by the blast, said the residents, speaking on condition of anonymity because they feared for their own safety.

The residents told AP that the militants claimed the mosque had become a place for apostasy, not prayer. The extremists also blew up another place of worship nearby on Thursday, the Imam Aoun Bin al-Hassan mosque, they said.

Elsewhere in the Guardian ISIS denys ordering FGM on 4 million women in the Mosul area.

Jihadi extremists who have taken over the Iraqi city of Mosul have denied ordering families to have their daughters undergo female genital mutilation in order to prevent "immorality" or face severe punishment, as claimed by a senior UN humanitarian official on Thursday.

Supporters of the Islamic State (Isis), previously known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, dismissed the story as propaganda based on a fake document – though residents of Mosul, as well as Kurdish officials, insisted it was true.

Reports about the issue have been circulating in Iraqi media for the past few days. On Wednesday a Kurdish website, BasNews, reported that the fatwa had been issued by the self-proclaimed "Caliph" of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as a "gift" to the people of Mosul. BasNews said on Thursday that it stood by its story. "Of course Isis would deny this," the editor, Hawar Abdulrazaq, told the Guardian.

Ahmed Obaydi, a spokesman for Mosul police, told BasNews: "Baghdadi's decision to have all women circumcised is, as he claims, to prevent immorality and promote Islamic attitudes among Muslims. The decision was made by Baghdadi as a 'gift' for people in Mosul." But Mohammed, a local journalist, told the Guardian he knew no one who had been told by Isis that their female relatives should undergo FGM. "This is mainly media hype with no substance," he said.

Isis supporters quickly dismissed the story as a hoax. They were not that quick - yesterday ISIS was not available for comment.

Posted on 07/25/2014 2:01 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Friday, 25 July 2014
A Literary Interlude: "We Are Getting To The End" (Thomas Hardy)

We are getting to the end of visioning
The impossible within this universe,
Such as that better whiles may follow worse,
And that our race may mend by reasoning.

We know that even as larks in cages sing
Unthoughtful of deliverance from the curse
That holds them lifelong in a latticed hearse,
We ply spasmodically our pleasuring.

And that when nations set them to lay waste
Their neighbours' heritage by foot and horse,
And hack their pleasant plains in festering seams,
They may again, - not warily, or from taste,
But tickled mad by some demonic force. -
Yes. We are getting to the end of dreams!

Posted on 07/25/2014 8:40 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 25 July 2014
Selective Sympathy In Great Britain

Richard Littlejohn on the "We Are All Hamas" people.


In a few places, he makes the standard remarks about deploring the deaths and crimes "on both sides." I allow myself to believe he does this only formulaically, without really meaning it. As for what "anyone having a shred of human decency" must think and feel at the sight of those"innocent civilian" victims  -- I read that, and thought to myself: Tiens! All these years I've thought I had a shred of human decency, and it turns out I don't. Oh well.

Posted on 07/25/2014 8:00 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 25 July 2014
IDF: UN Official's "Flat Out, Complete, And Total Lie"


Posted on 07/25/2014 7:49 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 25 July 2014
Gone In A Cloud Very Like A Whale: ISIS Blows Up Jonah's Tomb
Posted on 07/25/2014 6:53 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 25 July 2014
Islamic Fanatics In Syria Decapitating Away


Posted on 07/25/2014 7:39 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Friday, 25 July 2014
In Afghanistan, Taliban (Sunni) Back To Killing Hazara (Shi'a)
Posted on 07/25/2014 7:11 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Thursday, 24 July 2014
Andrew Bolt: Let's Not Follow Italy's Example

The endless boatloads of people from North Africa, and the Middle East, and sub-Saharan Africa, have to be stopped, turned around, sent back. Europe is not waving to them, but drowning.

Andrew Bolt, on the proposal by one Pamela Kerr, for Australia to take in more refugees, to "be like Italy." But Italy doesn't want "to be like Italy." Italy wants the EU, and NATO, to blockade all boats arriving with these people at Lampedusa, or on the coast of Sicily, or somewhere on the Boot.


Posted on 07/24/2014 10:33 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Thursday, 24 July 2014
A Cinematic Musical Interlude: Den'gi Est'? Est', Est'!

"Do you have money? Yes! Yes!"[literally: "Is there money? There is! There is!"] is a famous Soviet-era song,  from the best-known scene, in themost famous Azerbaijani movie produced in the Soviet Union.

Watch, and listen, here.

Posted on 07/24/2014 9:53 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Thursday, 24 July 2014
Notes From The Gazan Underground

"These are evil people; these are sick people."--first sentence in Notes From The Gazan Underground (Zapiski iz podpol'ya v Gaze).

Those tunnels with no conceivable light at the end of them, here.

Posted on 07/24/2014 9:45 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Thursday, 24 July 2014
Wafa "Hospital" And Other Comments On Hamas And Islam

Non, Genefou, ce que je vous confirme, c'est ce que tout le monde sait, y compris Marine Le Pen qui le dit régulièrement sans que vous et d'autres ne veuillent s'en apercevoir : que la question sociale est un comburant à la question identitaire qui, elle, est le véritable carburant de la fournaise qui nous fonce tous dessus...

Ce n'est pas parce que certains privilégiés, par tempérament plus que par condition, s'exonèrent de certains questionnements ou abandonnent individuellement l'engagement vis à vis de problématiques qui relèvent de lignes de forces historiques, géostratégiques et civilisationnelles fondamentales, que le fond des problèmes et les tensions qu'ils génèrent n'existerait que dans le cerveau sensément mal meublé et apeuré des classes inférieures socialement fragiles et sensément intellectuellement manipulables... qui se prennent pourtant leur effets en pleine poire...!

Intéressez vous à l'identité et au niveau d’éducation des terroristes les plus meurtriers des deux dernières décennies, y compris les kamikazes, et vous verrez qu'ils n'étaient , pour beaucoup d'entre eux, ni indigents, ni incultes...à commencer par Ben Laden et Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Intéressez vous au niveau socio culturel de beaucoup des colons israéliens radicaux qui tirent la politique de leur pays vers une ligne plupart sont au moins aussi diplômés que vous...

vous, vous pensez sage de botter en touche quand ça chauffe et de penser que tous les problèmes du monde peuvent se résoudre avec du bon sens et de la bonne volonté , dans une atmosphère cosy et policée autour d'un thé à la menthe œcuménique, ...pas eux !

De toute manière, ceux qui croient qu'en rajoutant 500 euros aux minimas sociaux et en menant des générations entières à un niveau théorique d'études universitaire , en se débrouillant par je ne sais quel miracle pour refiler un job, un frigo américain et le dernier i phone à chaque être humain on aura accompli l'essentiel pour faire raccourcir les barbes, dégager la tête des femmes ou faire disparaître le racisme ou les fanatismes de toute farine n'ont qu'à aller faire un tour en Arabie Saoudite, au Qatar, ou même en Malaisie..., au Brésil ou en Afrique du Sud encore aujourd'hui, pour avoir une idée un peu plus juste de la réalité humaine.

Si vous pensez détenir la martingale en décrétant, comme la gauche radicale, que tout conflit est de nature sociale, j'ai une mauvaise nouvelle pour vous : C'est faux !

c'est faux parce qu'aucune société n'est si parfaite qu'elle soit jamais capable de produire l’homogénéité de situation et l'égalité parfaite entre les hommes.
Il y aura donc toujours des insatisfactions et des tensions liées aux questions sociales c'est une chose entendue ; mais les humains ne se définissent pas uniquement par rapport à ça et je m'étonne qu'autant de gens sensément cultivés fassent semblant de l'ignorer...

Dans sa vie un homme, qu'elle que soit son éducation de base, peut avoir plusieurs professions et sa fortune et sa condition sociale peuvent varier...; mais en général il n'a initialement qu'une origine, qu'une nationalité, qu'une culture et s'il est croyant...qu'une religion !
personnellement, je connais peu ou pas de gens qui seraient capables de se définir, de définir leur être, leur identité et leur vision du monde en disant simplement :
"bonjour, je suis un plombier...ou comptable...ou physicien"..., universitaire...!
c'est trop réducteur, et cela ne correspond paradoxalement qu'à la vision utilitaire ultralibérale qui traite les hommes comme des coquilles ne comptant que pour la valeur économique de leur compétence professionnelle et leur pouvoir de consommation ...; ce n'est pas si simple.
l'humain se définit aussi par rapport à une explication spécifique du monde et à un ensemble de codes sociaux et éthiques collectifs qui forment son identité , bien plus que sa carte professionnelle ou son n° de sécurité sociale.

alors, introduisez une forte tension et une forte insécurité sur le plan économique et social et vous aurez des troubles , voir des révolutions qui finiront par toucher tout le monde...; ça c'est le lot commun de toutes les sociétés organisées du monde ...;
...mais ajoutez , en plus, une forte dose d'insécurité identitaire , culturelle et, là...vous avez à coup sur des guerres civiles et des massacres qui n’épargneront personne non plus, et ça , c'est le lot merveilleux des états pluri-nationaux, multi-confessionnels et du "multikulti" au forceps...!!!

Et ce n'est parce que certains ont décidé que ça ne pouvait pas les atteindre parce qu'indigne d'eux et de leur identité d'essence "supérieure" que ça n'existe pas.

je vous souhaite donc de pouvoir toujours garder vos pieds au sec...



Ce jeudi matin ,France-Culture désigne "l'agression "d'Israêl à Gaza.
Il suffit d'un défilé dans les rues de Paris des islamo-gauchistes pour inverser la réalité des faits : Israël, en proie à une guerre arabe d'extermination , est sommée de surseoir à sa sécurité et d'arrêter sa défense.

Pression de la rue, pression médiatique, pression gouvernementale, pression internationale, guerre des opinions manipulées. Israël bouc émissaire , comme d'habitude.

Si vous avez observé la manifestation réussie à Paris , vous avez pu constaté un certain nombre de choses:
- le nombre : évaluation basse (police) 14 000, et haute (organisateurs) 25 000.
c'est à dire moins de 20 000 en réalité, nombre en baisse sur les évaluations de IR évaluations rappelées sur ce blog par un internaute , relayant un édito d'antan.
succès "limité" selon le nombre qui n'évolue pas.
- les forces de l'ordre : police et CRS déployés, et c'est dommage de déplacer autant d'effectifs pour la gôche bisounours. Pendant ce temps là, la délinquance , elle profite au maximum des troubles.
- les manifestants ; des perroquets classiques ; syndicats, partis de gauche, des révolutionnaires de pancartes RESISTANCE, des arabo-musulmans enturbannés Hamas , des jeunes planétarisés, des solidaires bisounours, des multiculturels quoi;
rien de nouveau.
- le service d'ordre d'encadrement de la CGT : une grande pratique dont je m'interroge sur une performance, qui risque de rester son seul succès utile de l'année.
- une violence sous-jacente perceptible : des ordres ont été donnés et cela se voit : donc pourquoi pas avant , pourquoi avoir "laché" des hordes haineuses anti-juives dans Paris , sans les paroles de modération respectant les personnes et les biens ?
- des incidents limités aux insultes : dans un restaurant cascher; quelques casseurs frustrés mais une "minorité inacceptable"

Et qui défend les Chrétiens de Mossoul? les plus proches du berceau araméen des origines du christianime, victime du Califat nouveau qui vient de s'auto-proclamer?
Un témoignage d'Irak tend à nous rassurer : tous les musulmans ne seraient pas sanguinaires et purificateurs ethniques : les morts du califat, d'Irak, de Syrie ou en Iran, les restrictions de liberté ne plaident pas en faveur d'un acte valable mais isolé dans une mare sanglante.
Mossoul, Israël, France, des combats , ouverts ou encore feutrés mais de même tendance : la volonté de conquête des uns contre les terres et biens des autres.

Faire face comment?
JAC parlait d'un "soutien dérisoire à Israël": aucun soutien n'est dérisoire comme aucun acte délinquant n'est à prendre à la légère.
Si de plus, comme je le constate, beaucoup d'internautes font état de leur Foi, je ne comprends pas ce manque de fiance envers leur propre divinité. Votre grande divinité serait-elle sourde?
Donc, munissez -vous de courage et avançons.

Comment s'y prennent les Palestiniens ?
Beaucoup de simulation victimaire, des tunnels souterrains, des utilisations criminelles de boucliers humains, des soutiens financiers multiples, des procédures internationales, des médias sous contrôle etc....

Pourquoi ne pas utiliser ces techniques tactiques?

En ce moment le nouveau jeu est de présenter Israël comme un "criminel de guerre" et d'ailleurs il vous est montré -juré, craché, promis- de petites flèches qui PROUVENT bien qu'ils utilisent des armes non-conventionnelles, voire chimiques.
Et toc plainte à l'ONU présentée par des états arabes....qui depuis 66 ans refusent la liberté de vivre en paix à Israël, alors que : les territoires et états sont là, les finances sont là , la cohérence de l'origine, religion, langue etc...tout est là.
Et c'est l'UE qui paie tout l'administratif de ces palestiniens guerriers , victimes de leurs propres politiciens.
L'opinion commence à peine à comprendre l'astuce arabo-musulmane et le vrai danger pour la France et l'Europe, qui dure depuis toujours : voir Molière et le Bourgeois Gentilhomme, avec ses ballets des turcs Mamammouchis irrésistibles.
Les palestiniens aujourd'hui et les Turcs, et tutti quanti; une histoire sans fin, dont l'issue dépend du laxisme ou du courage des politiciens comme des populations : se laisser faire, baisser les bras ou réagir, comme IR.
Mais pitié : les "marches blanches avec rose à ka main", les pancartes à 2 sous, les pétitions mort-nées , les sit-in risquent d'être dépassées : du lobbyng, et des états qui imposent leurs positions de droit.
Avec la gauche ?

Bonne journée


L’ "hôpital" al Wafa

Tsahal a procédé aujourd’hui à la destruction de l’hôpital al Wafa (le fidèle) dans le quartier de Shuja’iyya.

Comme on peut s’en convaincre en consultant le lien de Tsahal (voir en fin de commentaire), l’Armée israélienne s’est d’abord assurée qu’il n’y avait pas de patients ni de personnel médical dans le bâtiment. Les soldats ont échangé plusieurs conversations téléphoniques avec des responsables médicaux de Gaza dans ce sens.

L’hôpital était en fait le poste de commandement général du quartier de Shuja’iyya, dans lequel 100 000 personnes vivaient avant la guerre. Les miliciens effectuaient des observations depuis ses étages supérieures.

Le bâtiment était relié au réseau de tunnels permettant le déplacement et la communication des milices.

L’hôpital servait également de site de lancement de roquettes en direction du territoire israélien. Les miliciens islamistes, armés, ne se déplaçaient qu’en ambulances lorsqu’ils étaient contraints d’utiliser les voies de surface.

Tout cela était connu de l’Armée de Défense d’Israël, mais les soldats furent toutefois surpris en constatant l’intensité des "explosions secondaires" après la destruction de l’édifice ; celles-ci ont témoigné de l’existence d’un énorme stock de munitions que le Hamas avait dissimulé dans les soubassements de l’hôpital.

Notes : On peut observer ces explosions secondaires sur le document de Tsahal. La quantité d’explosifs entreposés était si importante que l’incendie continue de faire rage, et la fumée de recouvrir le paysage, plusieurs heures après l’attaque.

Comme j'aimerais moi aussi chausser des lunettes bisounours qui au vert et noir substituraient un rose 'barbie'...
Je n'enlève ni n'ajoute une seule phrase à votre excellent commentaire.

Juste un éclairage à destination de monsieur Genefou aussi.
Je suis en relation professionelle avec des partenaires au Maroc et en Tunisie, des musulmans faut-il le préciser ? Des musulmanes... sans voile aussi... Tous et toutes éduqués à un niveau supérieur...

Ceux-ci :

1. répètent à l'envie qu'ils ne comprennent pas le laxisme dont nous faisons preuve vis-à-vis de l'activisme musulman (et pas qu'islamiste) qu'ils combattent eux-mêmes courageusement. Dans le laxisme, il incluent notre générosité 'sociale', abusive selon eux.

2. seraient heureux que nous soutenions mieux les forces démocratiques et modernistes dans le monde arabe. Ils se méfient très fort de ceux qui prêchent le relativisme des traditions à l'instar de qui vous savez.

Vous dire que ces gens issus de la culture musulmane sont majoritaires, bien sûr que non. Cependant, en bon jardinier, j'aime à penser qu'il faut arroser les jeunes pousses et en prendre soin contre les assauts des limaces et autres prédateurs.

Posted on 07/24/2014 9:07 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Thursday, 24 July 2014
Wafa Sultan On Hamas And The Madmen Of Allah

The culture of death and destruction, here.

Posted on 07/24/2014 9:00 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Thursday, 24 July 2014
Colonel Richard Kemp On Hamas And Its Atrocities

Richard Kemp Analysis: The war crimes have been committed by Hamas

By Richard Kemp, July 24, 2014
Tears in Gaza: a Palestinian girl weeps during the funeral of her brother who was killed during a raid by the Israeli Air force this week (Photo: Getty Images)

Tears in Gaza: a Palestinian girl weeps during the funeral of her brother who was killed during a raid by the Israeli Air force this week (Photo: Getty Images)

No decent person could remain unmoved by the images of children bleeding in the street and dead babies on the mortuary slab. I have seen such sights in the flesh and feel the horror as much as anybody.

The deaths of these children and of innocent men and women is nothing short of a war crime. But contrary to the distorted views pedalled by Hamas supporters, media commentators, human rights groups and political leaders, it is not a war crime perpetrated by Israel but by Hamas.

Hamas started this war by missile attacks against Israeli civilians. They have specifically targeted a nuclear installation and fired at Ben Gurion international airport prompting airlines to suspend flights in and out.

Some have called these rockets fireworks. Last week I visited a house in Ashkelon that had taken a direct hit one hour before. The terrified 17-year-old girl who was at home told me she made it to the internal shelter with seconds to spare. If she had not she would certainly have been killed by blast, shrapnel, debris or lethal shards of flying glass.

Israel had no choice but to react to this as it did. No country in the world would sit back and take this unprovoked, lethal aggression against its civilians and its critical infrastructure.

As he rightly launched drone strikes against Islamist terrorists among the civilian population in the Pakistan tribal areas, President Obama told Israel to take greater steps to protect the lives of civilians. His words have been echoed in the UN and in capitals around the world — including London. But no-one has said what those greater steps should be. That is because Israel has been doing everything possible to minimize loss of civilian life, short of sitting back and allowing Hamas to terrorise its civilians with impunity.

Comments such as Obama’s, as well as Ban Ki Moon’s recent characterization of IDF operations as atrocities, play into the hands of Hamas. Hamas’s main reason for using human shields is not to protect their military installations but to force the IDF to kill innocent civilians.

Described by Professor Alan Dershowitz of Harvard as the ‘dead baby strategy’, the intention is to compel world leaders to repudiate Israel’s action and bring about unendurable international diplomatic pressure. A key element of the strategy is to stir up anti-Israel hatred among western populations. We have seen this manifested in recent days with mass protests in Europe’s capital cities.

Those who condemn Israel’s necessary and just war give succour to Hamas, a proscribed terrorist group. They encourage Hamas to keep fighting and to continue using human shields. They encourage extremists everywhere to follow this murderous policy. And such encouragement leads to further loss of innocent lives.

Firing rockets at civilians and using human shields are not the only war crimes Hamas have committed and planned. They have used protected locations and vehicles — schools, mosques, hospitals, ambulances — to store munitions and facilitate attacks.

They have constructed attack tunnels to massacre civilians and equipped them to abduct, drug and bind innocent Israelis. They have breached agreed humanitarian cease-fires intended to bring respite and relief to their suffering civilians.

Though not specifically a war crime, Hamas have also been using child “soldiers” to attack IDF troops. These tactics are only too familiar to British soldiers because they are used extensively by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Israel’s responses have been lawful under the Geneva Conventions. Every IDF air attack is designed to destroy military objectives while minimizing civilian casualties. But with Hamas’s way of fighting, such casualties, tragically, are unavoidable.

Hamas have learnt many lessons from their defeat in the two previous Israeli operations in Gaza. They are better at concealing their rocket launchers and have developed a vast complex of concrete lined underground tunnels using resources that could have been spent on alleviating the plight of their hapless civilian population.

These tunnels protect their munitions from air attack and allow rockets and launchers to be moved about the battlefield immune from air attack. Their commanders also skulk underground while their fighters and civilians die in the mayhem above.

Because of this, only so much can be achieved from the air. The current Israeli ground assault is restricted to locating, clearing and destroying attack tunnels that threaten civilians across the border. If Hamas do not agree to cease their rocket fire, the IDF may well have to expand the operation to take on the network of rocket launchers and command bunkers deep inside the Gaza Strip.

I have spent time in the last week speaking to IDF soldiers on the Gaza border. Their job is extremely dangerous and they know it. Yet, like their British counterparts whom they so closely resemble, every one was stoical, good-humoured and ready to close with the enemy to defend their families at home.

I pay tribute to the more than 30 soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. They have made the greatest contribution to their country that is possible. We owe them our support. Not just out of respect for their courage and sacrifice but because their war is our war, too. They are fighting the 21st century scourge of Islamist terrorism at democracy’s front line.

Col Richard Kemp was Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan

Posted on 07/24/2014 2:43 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Thursday, 24 July 2014
Two-Second Catechism

Now, assuming that we truly wish to succeed, what kind of mile must we go?

That extra.

Posted on 07/24/2014 2:31 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Thursday, 24 July 2014
What's New On The Rialto In Tripolitane?

 UPDATE 2-Rival Libyan militias clash in Tripoli, Benghazi

Reuters-12 minutes ago

. * Libya sees fiercest clashes since fall of Gaddafi. * Shelling continues in Tripoli. * Benghazi .

Posted on 07/24/2014 2:29 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Thursday, 24 July 2014
Mahmoud Abbas (PLO, Fatah) Declares The War On Israel A Jihad


For Mahmoud Abbas, who likes to keep the Infidel money rolling in, to help his under-warlings and his two sons, now doing so well, with some of that diverted Western aid to the "Palestinians," as businessmen in Qatar (perhaps they run into, now and then, at the same restaurants, Khaled Meshaal (Hamas)), the war against Israel should, at this point, be a diplomatic and economic war, not a military one. He's with Fatah, and formerly with the PLO, Arafat's henchman, and Arafat, he of the squirreled-away billions and the young blonde German boys as catamites, was hardly a zebibah-raising devout Muslim. No, Fatah is "secular" in the way that Saddam Hussein was "secular" or that only-quasi-Musllim Bashar Assad. But Abbas  grew up within, a society suffused with Islam, and Islam's attitudes and atmospherics control him. He sees Israel as an affront, an Infidel nation-state (and what's still more maddening, those Infidels are the Jews, ,historically despised, never feared)on land once possessed by Muslim conquerors, however indifferent they were to that land, and however much waste and desolation they, through their indifference, brought to it.

So here is Mahmoud Abbas, declaring the war against Israel as sanctioned by Muhammad and Allah. And you know what that means. It means there is no "solution" to this war. Jihad, those Jihadis burning with the hard gem-like flame of hate for Infidels, is forever.

Posted on 07/24/2014 12:48 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Thursday, 24 July 2014
Forgetting About Syria, And Iraq, And Libya, And Yemen, And Focussing Only On Gaza

And Jeffrey Goldberg wonders aloud, Why?

But you know why.


Posted on 07/24/2014 12:41 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
Thursday, 24 July 2014
Norway terror warnings put nation on high alert

UPDATED from the Norwegian edition of The Local

: Norway’s security police have warned that people with connections to an extremist group in Syria intend to carry out a terror attack in Norway imminently.“The PST [Norway’s security police] recently received information that people with links to Islamic extremists in Syria may intend to carry out attacks against Norway,” PST chief Benedicte Bjørnland told a press conference in Oslo on Thursday. She added that the attack was planned to take place “within a few days from now.”

“The PST has warned several times that extremist Islamist groups in Syria intend to carry out terror attacks in Norway. We often receive such information, but often it turns out to be inaccurate. However, on this occasion our suspicions have been backed up,” she said. “The resulting investigation we have carried out leads us to believe that this is credible, while unspecific. This is related to people who have participated in fighting in Syria,” 

Justice minister Anders Anundsen said people should be vigilant and follow instructions from the police. “But it’s important not to judge people,” he told the press conference. No, of course not; murdering jihadists are part of the vibrant tapestry of diversity that has so enriched our western culture.

The PST said it was releasing the information in the hope of preventing the attack. Police are raising their alert level, said acting police director Vidar Refvik: “People will mostly notice our increased level of alert through increased presence at border crossings, among other things. The police will be armed,”

Following the information about the threat, Oslo City Hall announced that it would not open to tourists until further notice. “We are currently assessing the situation. We will have a meeting at 1pm with experts who will carry out a security assessment,” City Hall manager Bjørn Risvik told NTB.

The Royal Palace in Oslo has cancelled all tours of the building until further notice. The move was decided by the Head of Court on Thursday. Tickets pre-paid for tours will be refunded at the ticket office

Armed police were patrolling Oslo's Gardemoen airport at lunchtime on Thursday. SAS, Norwegian and Avinor said flights were running normally. 

Officials at the British Embassy told The Local that they were aware of the situation, but had not changed their travel advice for British citizens visiting Norway. The Foreign Office website noted the Norwegian warnings and advised travellers to 'remain vigilant'. 

Posted on 07/24/2014 9:09 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Thursday, 24 July 2014
Genital mutilation of 4 million Iraq women ordered by militants

From Reuters, the BBC and The Guardian

The UN says militant Islamist group Isis has ordered all women and girls in Mosul, northern Iraq, to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM).

UN official Jacqueline Badcock said the fatwa, or religious edict, applied to females between the ages of 11 and 46. She said the unprecedented decree issued by the Islamists in control of the city was of grave concern.  The Isis edict could affect nearly four million women and girls in and around the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, the UN warns.

Ms Badcock, the UN's resident and humanitarian coordinator in Iraq, said the practice "is something very new for Iraq... and does need to be addressed". The UN General Assembly approved a resolution in December 2012 calling for all member states to ban the practice.

No one was immediately available for comment from Isis, which has led an offensive through northern and western Iraq.

Posted on 07/24/2014 8:53 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
Thursday, 24 July 2014
Something Completely Different: Eddie Cantor, "Makin' Whoopie"

Posted on 07/24/2014 8:12 AM by Rebecca Bynum
Thursday, 24 July 2014
After Cruz Warning to White House, FAA Lifts Israel Travel Ban

Daniel Greenfield writes in Frontpage:

After Senator Ted Cruz’s warning that he would hold all State Department nominees until questions were answered about the political motive behind the FAA’s travel ban on Israel… the FAA suddenly reversed itself.

On the same day that the FAA had announced a 24 hour extension of the ban, the FAA turned around and reversed itself.

These were the 5 questions that Senator Cruz wanted answered.

Was this decision a political decision driven by the White House? For instance, who was this decision made by – a career official, a political appointee, or someone else (at the FAA, State Department or White House?)

If the FAA’s decision was based on airline safety, why was Israel singled out, when flights would be permitted into Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen?

What was the FAA’s ‘safety’ analysis that led to prohibiting flights to Israel, while still permitting flights to Ukraine—where a commercial airline flight was just shot down with a BUK missile?

What specific communications occurred between the FAA and the White House?  And the State Department?  Why were any such communications necessary, if this was purely about airline safety?

Was this a safety issue, or was it using a federal regulatory agency to punish Israel to try to force them to comply with Secretary Kerry’s demand that Israel stop their military effort to take out Hamas’s rocket capacity?

Instead of providing answers, the FAA lifted the ban.

Posted on 07/24/2014 7:48 AM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Thursday, 24 July 2014
Death knell for J Street

Alan Dershowitz writes in the Jerusalem Post:

J Street has whined about being excluded from the mainstream Jewish community, but it is J Street that has excluded itself from joining in community activities such as a solidarity rally for Israel.

AIPAC and J Street

AIPAC and J Street Photo: Courtesy
Any pretense that J Street is a pro-Israel organization has been destroyed by that organization’s refusal to participate in a solidarity rally for Israel during the recent crisis in Gaza. 

The Boston Jewish Federation worked hard to create a rally that included all elements of its diverse community. Its goal was to send a single and simple message: at a time when so many in the world are united against Israel’s efforts at defending itself from Hamas rockets and terrorist tunnels, the Boston Jewish community stands in solidarity with the nation state of the Jewish people. In order to assure that this message of unity was sent, no signs were permitted except for the unity message that was intended to be sent. That message was: Stand With Israel. Simple and straight forward.

Speakers were limited to those who were part of the broad Jewish consensus including Rabbis, political and business leaders and the highly regarded head of the Federation, Barry Shrage, whose commitment to peace and the two state solution is well known.

Initially J Street agreed to be a co-sponsor of this unity event, but then—presumably after receiving pressure from its hard left constituency, which is always looking to bash Israel and never to support it—J Street was forced to withdraw its sponsorship. The phony excuse it offered was that the rally offered “no voice for [J Street] concerns about the loss of human life on both sides” and no recognition of the “complexity” of the issues or the need for a “political solution.”

This is total nonsense and an insult to those who spoke at the rally. The executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council spoke of the “suffering” of the people of Gaza and how “painful” it is “to see innocent people dying, including children.” 

Barry Shrage spoke of the “tragedy” of innocent Palestinians being killed. All the speakers acknowledged the “complexity” of the issues and want to see a political solution to the conflict. Yet J Street refused to be part of this unified show of support for Israel.

J Street has whined about being excluded from the mainstream Jewish community, but it is J Street that has excluded itself from joining in community activities such as this rally. It was J Street that decided not to participate in a unity event that was jointly sponsored by the Jewish Federation and the Jewish Community Relations Council. 

J Street has sought and received membership in these sponsoring organizations but then made a decision to withdraw its own sponsorship from this community-wide event, precisely at a time when unity was most needed. J Street has always insisted on a double standard. On the one hand, it wants to be part of the Jewish community’s Big Tent, but on the other hand, it refuses to allow dissenters into its own narrow, ideological tent. I know, because I have personally asked to speak to its members at its convention. 

J Street has adamantly refused to allow its members to hear my centrist point of view—I support the two state solution and oppose Israel’s settlement policies—while welcoming extremists speakers who support boycotts of Israel and who refuse to recognize Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people. 

Its own tent flap is open only on the left side, not in the center. J Street’s decision to refuse to sponsor this community-wide Stand With Israel rally during so critical a time has drawn a line in the sand. If you can’t support Israel now, how can you call yourself a pro-Israel organization? How can any member of J Street now look at themselves in the mirror and say, “I belong to a pro-Israel organization.”

I call on members of J Street who are truly pro-Israel to leave that divisive organization and to join with us who truly support Israel during times of crisis, while remaining critical of some of its policies. If you are pro-Israel, you do not belong in J Street, because J Street can no long credibly claim to be pro-Israel.

If there was ever any doubt about that, J Street’s actions in refusing to join the Stand With Israel Rally should resolve them. So if you want to stand with Israel, stand up against J Street and stand with organizations that support Israel during times of crisis. 
Posted on 07/24/2014 7:34 AM by Geoffrey Clarfield
Thursday, 24 July 2014
Gaza-Israel Dateline Paris: Dispatch No.3 by Nidra Poller

The Christians of Mosul had 24 hours, the infidels of the West have a bit more time.

The just and merciful caliph gave the Christians of Mosul 24 hours to convert, leave, or die. The payment of the jizya (= dhimmitude) option, initially included in the multiple choice injunction, was withdrawn. A church dating back 1800 years, before the advent of Islam, was burned to the ground before the Christians left. The infidels of the West were too busy decrying the “massacre” in Gaza to ask for whom the bell tolls.

Ali Khamenei proposes the elimination of Israel by referendum. Former French MFA Dominique de Villepin thinks an imposed peace plan enforced by UN peacekeepers would do the trick. Hamas leaders, safely hunkered down in tunnels or abroad, exult in victory. Western media launch lethal narratives from morning to night and Jews look for the nearest shelter. Israel’s bosom buddy, the United States of America, wants an imposed ceasefire, presumably before joining in on an imposed peace plan, while slapping a brief but telling blockade on air travel to and from Israel. Did you get the message, haverim? Do unto the blockaders as they do unto Gaza.

In the aftermath of the shocking violence unleashed last weekend in Barbès and Sarcelles, benevolent French judges smiled upon the meager handful of culprits who were arrested after the Barbès operation. Suspended sentences of 4, 6, or 10 months were handed down like feeding candy to the wolves. The justice ministry has exercised its right to appeal these lenient sentences. Those arrested for mayhem in Sarcelles will theoretically go to jail, but perhaps not. Short sentences rarely lead to actual imprisonment here. It’s hard to prove that a given actor in an enraged mob actually committed this or that infraction. And it’s hard to have confidence in the government when thousands of punk jihadis show up for a banned demonstration and are not immediately dispersed. All the more so when a political party, the anti-capitalist NPA formerly led by the phony mailman Besancenot, brazenly maintains its call to demonstrate.

62% of French people polled said the pro-Palestinian demonstrations should be banned. But who’s listening?

Under pressure from interested parties, the Hollande government decided to authorize demonstrations on the 23rd and 26th of July… because every possible guarantee had been given by the organizers that there would be no débordements [literally, “overflow”]. The Communists had by then joined the NPA in fronting for the Brotherhood. Jean-Luc Mélenchon was there under the banner of the Front de Gauche that is part of the governing coalition, along with a handful of Socialist deputies. PM Manuel Valls had tried to stick to his guns. All last week he defended the ban, refuting claims that the ban was the cause of the violence. Note the lethal narrative: An authorized demonstration on July 13th replete with Death to the Jews culminates in attacks on synagogues. Therefore, demonstrations banned the following weekend yield 50 times more incitement and violence. Logical, n’est-ce pas? If I park in a no-parking zone and you tow my car away, it’s only to be expected that I will burn down the city hall and invite the assassination of the mayor.

Lethal narrative, cont’d. The authorized pro-Palestinian demonstration, majestically escorted by riot police, marched from Place Denfert-Rochereau to les Invalides—in the shadow of Napoleon’s tomb-- via Montparnasse  where artists and intellectuals, refugees from tyrannical regimes, used to gather and enrich Parisian life.

Lo and behold, it worked. All, these 14,000 blessed souls needed was the freedom to wrap themselves in Hamas keffiehs, brandish Israel-assassin posters, and confide to complaisant microphones their heartfelt concern for Palestinian victims of a massacre. “They’re killing Palestinians for no reason, for the fun of it.” “We see the images every day, it’s unbearable, we had to do something.”

Print and audiovisual media fell over themselves oohing and ahing over the concerned darlings. No anti-Semitic slogans, no threats, no destruction. When a few punks moved in on a France 2 correspondent doing his stand-up routine in the field, and covered his face with a big Palestinian flag, the incident was packaged as “demonstrators (nicely) interrupt a France 2 newscast.” A few years ago, near Cairo’s revolutionary Tahrir Square, a similar maneuver ended with a sexual assault on the French journalist that had been (nicely) interrupted during her newscast.

Nothing objectionable in this bon enfant  demonstration where the good-natured, friendly citizens of France expressed (nicely) their grievances against “Israel Assassin, Hollande complice,” some dressed in soft green BDS t-shirts, others holding up horrible photos of massacred children and shouting in unison “Palestine vaincra [will triumph].

Last night, Le Monde Juif Info filled in some of the missing details. Fine-tuned ears picked up Death to the Jews that had escaped the attention of mainstream media. A camera filmed the burning of an Israeli flag. A BFM TV correspondent had proudly claimed that a woman immediately went over and stopped the unruly gesture. Monde Juif Info says she told them not to do it because it would be all over the evening news. In fact, it wasn’t. And the cameraman noticed a group of men clearly saying “Let’s go to the Marias Jewish Quarter and fight the Jewish defense League.” For these experienced stone-throwers, the Marais is NOT a stone’s throw from les Invalides You have to really be motivated to make the detour!

This morning a Jewish radio station reported that some 40 individuals had tried to attack a restaurant in the Marais.

Riposte Laïque has an eloquent photo gallery of posters the mass media didn’t see. The restaurant that was attacked, the Pitzman, is on rue Pavée next door to the synagogue and across the street from the yeshiva. Just a half block away from a main thoroughfare, rue de Rivoli, it was probably easier to hit than the shops and restaurants on rue des Rosiers.

Breaking news: a plane flying from Ouagadougou to Algiers disappeared from radar screens somewhere near northern Mali. Many, perhaps the majority of the passengers were French.

Flashback: the day the French troops landed in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, 1,000 people were killed in what is described as “ethnic conflict” between Muslims and Christians. French forces gradually imposed relative calm. Remember Sabra and Chatilla?

Posted on 07/24/2014 7:17 AM by Nidra Poller
Thursday, 24 July 2014
Christian Meriam Ibrahim Arrives in Italy After Escaping Sudan

ROME - A mother put on death row for refusing to reject Christianity fled Sudan on Thursday, ending an almost year-long ordeal that triggered outrage around the world.

Meriam Ibrahim, her American husband and two young children, arrived at Rome's Ciampino airport accompanied by Italy’s vice minister of foreign affairs, officials told NBC News. 

The State Department has been negotiating with Sudanese officials to secure the family’s safe passage out of the country. It was not immediately clear how or why her flight to Italy was secured. 

Wani was born in what is now South Sudan -- but later moved to the U.S. He and Ibrahim met after he traveled to Khartoum in 2011. After her release, Wani said he wanted to build a new life for his family in America. 

Posted on 07/24/2014 6:01 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
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