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Channel 4 Dispatches Unholy War.
 Channel 4 Dispatches at 8pm tomorrow should be interesting – Unholy War, a report on the intimidation of converts to Christianity from Islam.  The Dispatches website is down for maintenance at the moment but The Observer contains an interview with the Bishop of Rochester who took part in the programme.
Regular readers will recall other statements by the Bishop, whose father converted from Islam in Pakistan and who has experienced intimidation first hand.
One of the Church of England's most senior bishops is warning that people will die unless Muslim leaders in Britain speak out in defence of the right to change faith.
Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester, whose father converted from Islam to Christianity in Pakistan, says he is looking to Muslim leaders in Britain to 'uphold basic civil liberties, including the right for people to believe what they wish to believe and to even change their beliefs if they wish to do so'. I think this is a vain hope personally.
Some Islamic texts brand Muslims who convert to other faiths as 'apostates' and call for them to be punished. Seven of the world's 57 Islamic states - including Iran - impose the death penalty for conversion.
Now Ali, who some see as a potential Archbishop of Canterbury, has told Channel 4's Dispatches programme of his fears about the safety of the estimated 3,000 Muslims who have converted to other faiths in Britain. I believe this figure to be higher, but discretion is imperative so many baptisms are not publicised.
'It is very common in the world today, including in this country, for people who have changed their faith, particularly from being Muslim to being Christian, to be ostracised, to lose their job, for their marriages to be dissolved, for children to be taken away,' Ali said
The bishop warns that Muslims who switch faiths in Britain could be killed if the current climate continues. 'We have seen honour killings have happened, and there is no reason why this kind of thing cannot happen.'
Dispatches obtained Islamic texts sold in Britain that say the punishment for apostasy is death - according to all four schools of Islamic jurisprudence. One text called for Muslims to cut off the head of those who reject Islam.
The radical Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, which some in Britain want to see banned, states in its constitution that in countries that practise Sharia law, apostates are to be executed. Its message is disseminated on university campuses across Britain and has found a following among a minority of young Muslims.
A poll of more than 1,000 British Muslims, conducted by the Policy Exchange think-tank this year, found that 36 per cent of Muslims aged between 16 and 24 believe those who convert to another faith should be punished by death. A pretty big minority if you ask me!
One convert interviewed for the programme told how his local Muslim community in Bradford closed ranks against him after he switched to Christianity. 'They told me categorically had I been in an Islamic country - Pakistan, Middle East - that they would actually be the first to chop off my head,' he said.
The Dispatches site is up and running now, midday. Definitely one to watch:-
Dispatches investigates the violence and intimidation facing Muslims who convert to Christianity in Britain. . . meets former Muslims who now live under the threat of reprisals from their former communities. Many are still living in fear. He interviews a family who have been driven out of their home and a convert whose brother was beaten close to death.
In several Islamic states, the death penalty is imposed. Here in Britain, Dispatches discovers a form of mob justice is taking place on our streets. A concerned Christian bishop tells Dispatches that it may not be long before a British convert is killed, and implores Muslim leaders to take action.
Dispatches discovers the situation for converts from Islam in Britain is a tinderbox waiting to explode. Increasingly asylum seekers from Islamic countries are exploring different faiths in Britain while a new strand of evangelical Christianity is targeting Britain's Muslims for conversion.
With radical British Islamic groups calling for apostates to be executed if they achieved their goal of a worldwide Islamic state, it's a potentially dangerous cocktail that has been exacerbated by the silence of both Muslim and Christian leaders on the subject.
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17 Sep 2007
Paul Thomas
Islam is a death cult that should be outlawed.

17 Sep 2007
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Time for This Great Christian Country to wake UP, This time bomb of islam is getting worse,  Christ Saves, islam kills. Fact..  ex-muslim


17 Sep 2007
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Some factions of all religions follow 'unholy' teachings. Christianity went through it when it used the Bible to endorse and make money off the back of slavery. As well as the great wars of our history being perpetrated by Christians. In  some West Africa countries I have seen first hand examples of Muslims being intimidated and marginalised by Christians. Islam means peace and says that there is no compulasion in religion. Its very easy to blame others but within the Bible itself there are verses that call for the death of homosexuals as well as the oppresion of women (they are thri husbands properties). Islam has a very large following throughout the world. If we were really as violent as the West advocates their would have been countless bloody wars throughout out history. Things considered as Islamic terrorism (an oximoron) would have occured ealier in our history rather than the last 70 years. This smacks of political and racial divide. Islam is going through a dark period in its history but this has more to do witht the actions of its followers rather than the actual Islamic teachings which espouse peace and love.

17 Sep 2007
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If Islam is so good and fair, how come they are building mosques here in freedon, but NONE allowed in Saudi etc. Islam isn't going though a dark period, it is darkness itself.  I (a non-white, ex-muslim) want to see UK get it's freedom back Now, it is a Christian country and All have freedom of choice.  They that don't like it, should take a one way ticket out before we see the white man draw a line and demand His right as Brit, in his own country.  i saw this with Idi Amin and sadly see that coming here if this islam is not put in it's place, Now..

19 Sep 2007
I had some running commentary at infidels :)

I am going to upload the programme to youtube

19 Sep 2007
Ah, no need it's been uploaded already...