Sunday, 16 September 2007
Who Is Deciding US Immigration Policy?

One reason we are experiencing so much increased diversity in the U.S. is our State Department is working with a previously little known organization called the International Organization For Migration based in Switzerland and they along with the UN High Commission on Refugees seem to have decided, for example, to place thousands of the world's most hard-core Islamists, that is to say, Somalis, in towns and cities across America. Houston, Salt Lake City, Nashville, St. Louis, Rochester, Concord, N.H., Tucson Arizona, and Lewiston Maine have all received thousands of these polygamous, unassimilating Muslims.

According to this week's Radio Derb, they have also decided to place 60,000 polygamous Bhutanese goatherds here as well.

Shouldn't the local municipalities receiving these people have a say in all this? Our unique American culture not to mention the individual cultures of our sections are being systematically destroyed by this kind of immigration, not to mention massive illegal Mexican immigration.

Is American culture so valueless that we should assent to its obliteration? Are the cultures of the South and of the Northeast not worth preserving in all their precious peculiarity? Do States have no right of self-determination? Does America itself have no right of self-determination?

Demography is destiny and if we do not have control over our demography we do not control our destiny.

Posted on 09/16/2007 7:33 AM by Rebecca Bynum
16 Sep 2007
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Yes; and these UN proposals for US immigration are in addition to the ' 100 Million More ' immigrants to the US already projected by 2060. See:  ' 100 Million More ' The Iconoclast, 10 Sept., 2007.

In Europe, nation-state control of immigration is being eroded by the European Union. In addition to the 80 million Turks which the EU is campaigning to enter the EU, the Commission is  also advocating an additional 20 million immigrants from Asia and Africa.

16 Sep 2007
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Apologies; please amend my NER reference above to:

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16 Sep 2007
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