Sunday, 16 September 2007
Israel And The Reality Of Islam

Olmert should not be given credit for this. The military must have insisted. It was not anything that could wait.

Meanwhile, on the "two-state-solution" front, on the front of deluding oneself, one's people, and Infidels everywhere, that a "solution" exists that can ignore the nature, the texts, the tenets, the attitudes, the atmospherics of Islam, Olmert and his collaborators continue with the mixture as before. They harm Israel. And by misleading themselves and other Israelis, they also harm the larger Western and non-Muslim world, by failing to demand that the "Palestinians" and other Arab Muslims openly recognize and discuss the basis of Muslim treaty-making with Infidels -- the Al-Hudaibiyya Agreement -- and furthermore, openly discuss the Muslim view by which any land once part of Dar al-Islam is forever more part of Dar al-Islam. In other words, instead of ignoring these essential matters, for fear that if they are raised it will make "agreement impossible," the government of Israel -- and the government of the United States -- should openly call for a discussion of such matters.

This will force Muslims into a position of having to admit to such a position, or in having to declare that they do not hold to such a position. There has to be an open discussion of what Islam is all about, what its claims on the world are, and an end to ignorance and the making of policy on the basis of that willful ignorance. The truth has to be recognized, has to be discussed, has to be looked at. Israel's government may find such a recognition painful, but it owes it to the people it claims to be able to protect, to face up to the matter. And in so doing, it may force the rest of the Infidel world to do so as well -- and that will be good for the Infidels, as well as for Israel, and its permanent and real -- as opposed to temporary and false -- security.

Posted on 09/16/2007 11:09 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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