Wednesday, 20 February 2008
Calling A Truce

"Hamas has spoken about a truce more than once..."
-- from this news article

Yes, it has spoken about a "truce" or hudna. Hamas thinks it is terribly unfair and unjust for Israel to dare to defend itself, and what is still more unacceptable, to defend itself effectively. Now Israel continues, maddeningly, carefully limit its own efforts with self-imposed Marquess of Queensberry rules, including the supplying of electricity and medicines and other supplies to those who, leaders and led alike, enthusiastically and unembarrassedly declare their desire to wipe out Israel and kill its men, women, and children (and do not merely threaten but try to accomplish this, and if those efforts have not been successful it has not been for lack of trying). Murderous hatred is inculcated even in the youngest children in Gaza, and also the "West Bank" where the supposedly very different Slow Jihadists of Fatah continue to rule.

Ordinarily, in a war, one does not supply electricity, food, and medicine to anyone on the other side if that other side is still actively fighting against you. In fact, you make every effort to deny them anything and everything that allows them to continue to lead their normal lives even as they try to destroy you. Think of what the American and British bombers did to the cities of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

Yet the Hamas people, and the Fatah people, and other Arabs and other Muslims, find it unacceptable, find it absolutely incredible, that those upon whom war is made, might actually make war in turn. And Hamas has said it wants a "truce" so that it can gather its strength, lick its wounds, and plot and plan for the next assault. And it is unfair, it is outrageous, for Israel to deny it a time-out. What's wrong with those Israelis? Don't they know about the concept of a "truce"? Haven't they heard that it was good enough for Muhammad, uswa hasana al-insan al-kamil, when he believed he was not yet strong enough to take on the Meccans? Or is that they know all about Muhammad, and his "agreement" with the Meccans, know entirely too much, for they also know how that "truce" ended up, and what effect that Hudaibiyya Agreement had on all subsequent treaty-and-agreement making by Muslims, with Infidels?

Posted on 02/20/2008 12:51 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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