Tuesday, 11 March 2008
A Romantic Idea From Pure Hearts

"Mr Hussain admitted the issue of the call to prayer had been badly managed by the mosque's interim committee. He said: "It was basically a romantic idea from pure hearts. It was something that people wanted to share without any intentions of asserting a theology or culture on anyone. "
--from the article linked below

"[B]asically a romantic idea from pure hearts."

No. It was a demand from which Muslims have pulled temporarily back, because they have met with opposition that is too strong, and now they simply want the mosque to be built. The amplified "call to prayer" can come later. Not chastened, but simply more cunning, they have learned a lesson in how to proceed.

But have the Infidels learned a lesson? Do they understand that any such ostentatious display of willingness to compromise is phony, and the attempt to mischaracterize the demand for loudspeakers blaring the Muslim call to prayer over part of Oxford never was, as this Muslim spokesman seems to think, correctly described as a "romantic idea from pure hearts."

Many websites that try to tell certain home truths about matters related to Islam -- Jihad Watch, Little Green Footballs --  have endured steady attacks, not only by the Denial-of-Service boys (who have just done a job on Ali Sina's wonderful www.faithfreedom.org run by ex-Muslims for those who are, or may someday be, ex-Muslims), but by those who post murderous anti-Islamic sentiments in the hope of discrediting the website in the eyes of visitors or, in fact, of the law.

And in the same controversy, in the celebrated academical village, with those clerkes at old Oxenford, where that same mosque-cum-loudspeakers proposal has suddenly become merely the "romantic idea of pure hearts" the Bishop of Oxford tell us that he has received a few death threats. He assumes they come from those opposed to his stated support for the building of a mosque. That may be. But more likely, I think, is that part of the Muslim campaign will be akin to what is done to websites: offer up the most outrageous, and murderous sentiments, as if they are coming from your enemies.

Has the Bishop of Oxford considered that possibility? Have the local police? Has the British press? There are too many examples of that having occurred, and occurring still, for it not to be a possibiility, indeed not to be a likelihood.

Posted on 03/11/2008 9:00 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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