Friday, 15 May 2009
Massaging the figures

Asked why he needed to spend £730 on a massage chair, [Justice Minister] Mr Malik said it was a "legitimate expenditure" that he was allowed to make.

He said he went "one million per cent by the book" when he designated the house he rents in Dewsbury as his main home. (From the piece linked in Esmerelda's post)

The usual figure quoted by out-of-box-thinking, extra-half-mile-goers is "one hundred and ten percent". "One million per cent" is protesting too much, and gives the opposite impression to the one of strict frugality surely intended.

Besides, which book is that? The Koran, which places, as far as I know, no limit on the jizyah that can be extracted from the infidel?

Posted on 05/15/2009 9:42 AM by Mary Jackson
15 May 2009
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Shahid "Martyr" Malik - a Stickler for Truth:

Sky News: "Can I ask you why an £800 massage chair is so important for you?"

Malik: "I would have more respect for you if you were right about the figures. You know full well it's £730."


"one million per cent by the book"

15 May 2009
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I think it is for those nights when his right hand is tired.
Repetitive strain injury and such.

16 May 2009
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 And I would have more respect for these greedy, self-serving MPs if they would all sod off. preferably to somewhere like... oh, I don't know.... Pakistan? I am sure corruption would be welcomed there