Friday, 13 November 2009
Christopher Caldwell on the Colbert Report

From Islam in Europe:

"[Islam] is just as influential a religion in Europe as Christianity"

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Christopher Caldwell

Posted on 11/13/2009 4:36 PM by Rebecca Bynum
13 Nov 2009
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This performance was disappointing, even worrisome. To accept, and to repeat, the notion that all of these Muslims in Europe were asked to come in, and that they were asked to do so to help "rebuild Europe" after the war, is untrue on both counts. The only group of Muslims actually invited in were the Turkish Gastarbeiter who came to West Germany; the maghrebins came to France because they wanted to, and often came through phony claims of "family reunification," or through illegal entry. Many f the Muslim immigrantsto Europe copnsist of those who were never invited, never needed, and are a huge financial drain on the countries in which they have settled. That includes the Muslims who falsely, even preposterously, claim to be  "refugees" (from Muslim countries, a claim thatrightly can be made only by non-Muslims).


And Caldwell also early on appears to accept the claim that the Muslim immigrants were invited in to "rebuild Europe" after the war. What is he talkking about? Some Pakistanis arrived in the late 1950s, in England, but certainly not to "rebuild" anything and certainly not because they were asked to come. And the "rebuilding" of Europe was complete before the large-scale Muslim immigation began in the late 1960s and 1970s. He's simply got his history wrong and he has created a dangerous impression.

One hopes that on other, less agitated shows, he will be less willing to agree, to please, and better able to rise to the occasion of this serious subject, this sickness unto potential death.