Tuesday, 10 August 2010
Christian worshippers attacked in Indonesia - yet again.

From the Jakarta Post

The congregation of the HKBP Filadelfia church in Bekasi, West Java, demanded justice from the National Police after a fifth attack by the Islamic Community Forum (FUI) left more than a dozen people injured on Sunday.

Members of Huria Kristen Batak Protestan in Jejalen Jaya subdistrict, home to around 1,500 congregation members, were about to begin their Sunday service at 8 a.m. on the street in front of their sealed church construction site. However, the area had been barricaded by around 700 FUI members and local residents. Some people in the blockade had apparently claimed to be the members of the Islam Defenders Front (FPI), an affiliate of FUI.

Hundreds of officers from Bekasi Police were present, but were apparently "unable" to stop the mob from attacking the group, leaving around 20 people injured, mostly women. "The police did not do anything when the mob started throwing stones and hitting and kicking us," HKBP Filadelfia minister Pietersen Purba said.

However, Bekasi Police chief Adj. Comr. chief Iman Sugianto blamed the victims. "We have warned the congregation not to hold their services in the area, because residents do not want them to do so, but they did not follow our instructions," Iman told The Jakarta Post.  If they continue to attempt suicide by banging their heads against our boots I have no sympathy for them.Thats an ironic aside, EW 

HKBP Filadelfia has been in the area for nearly 10 years, with individuals holding services in each other's homes. By 2007 the group had raised enough money to purchase a 1,000-square-meter plot of land in Jejalen Jaya subdistrict, on which they planned to build their church. The congregation, however, never commenced construction of the church because their building permit requests to Bekasi Interfaith Communication Forum (FKUB) and the Bekasi regent remained unanswered for more than a year. After their land was sealed early this year, the congregation continued to hold religious services on the street, under umbrellas and using newspapers to sit on.

Judianto Simanjuntak, another legal counsel for the church, said the group planned to hold their next Sunday service in front of the State Palace for want of somewhere to carry out their religious activities.

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10 Aug 2010
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If the Taliban "claims credit" or "claiims responsibiity" for the attac, that means it would, whether or not it actually was involved, pleased and proud to be considered responsible. It would be pleased and proud, that is, to have killed Christian doctors who, the Taliban claims (the claim itself,  not the obvious falseness of the claim, is what is important), were carrying Bibles and attempting to convert Muslims to Christianity.