Wednesday, 15 September 2010
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Tariq Ramadan in The Guardian (h/t Harry's Place):

'Such open, critical readings reinforce my optimism about the future of our pluralist societies, as against the hasty dismissals of certain intellectuals and critics trapped in their certainties, ready to insist that an intellectual they describe as "Muslim" must either speak of Islam or hold his piece.'

.... which his right hand possesses? Besides, whatever happen to multitasking?

Posted on 09/15/2010 5:41 AM by Mary Jackson
15 Sep 2010
Rebecca Bynum

After reading his book, I don't think he knows what pluralism means either.

15 Sep 2010
Send an emailHugh Fitzgerald

Those non-Muslims with their "hasty dismissals" (of Islamic propagandists such as Tariq Ramadan) who are "trapped in their certainties"  unlike such Muslims as Tariq Ramadan, apparently quite capable - as are so many Muslims, as we see all around us --  of questioning the all-encompassiing all-answering certainties of Islam, the Only True Faith, the Total Belief-System that supplies all the answers. At least that is what Tariq Ramadan wishes us to believe, as he wishes us to believe all sorts of things.

15 Sep 2010
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Mary - you might (?) have noticed a couple of comments - from different posters - lamenting your absence at Harry's Place recently.  I was able to get a comment under Gene's ("do not essentialize Muslims") radar earlier this week, but it was deleted after less than 4 hours.

15 Sep 2010
Mary Jackson

Paul - I think Gene has actually banned me, because I don't even get the thing about the moderation queue now. My comments have always been civil and temperate, but that makes no difference - in fact Gene would rather stupid or abusive comments remained if they're anti-Islam, so that the impression is given that only stupid people hate Islam.

15 Sep 2010
John P.

Ramadan is fascinating in that I don't think he has the ability to state a single straighforward truth. He is so imbued with lies and double-speak, he's simply lost the capacity to be honest and upfront about anything.

In fact, in Ramadan that syndrome is so pronounced, I would even go so far as to say he is mentally ill. The man is so truth-handicapped that he can no longer look at the world and see it for what it is.

His brand of Islam requires mental illness and demands a truth-handicap on the part of its aderents in order to survive.

His whole belief systemes, it seems, rests on an individual's willingness to abandon sound mental health.

15 Sep 2010
John P.

in fact Gene would rather stupid or abusive comments remained if they're anti-Islam, so that the impression is given that only stupid people hate Islam

I tend to agree. I've seen some very reasoned, polite and watertight arguments/comments posted about the more uglier aspects of Islam, but they were deleted  barely a half-hour later.

15 Sep 2010
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Nick Cohen, who is of the political 'left', has this piece in 'Standpoint' magazine:

Radical Islam's Fellow-Travellers