Friday, 29 April 2011
Those pursed lips open

I was right. On cue, after a splendid, dignified and joyful royal wedding, enjoyed by so many of the "working class" that socialists claim to represent, Polly Toynbee of The Guardian un-purses her lips to dribble all over their parade. Ms Toynbee is not short of a purse or two - her villa in Tuscany, enormous house in London and privately educated children would not disgrace a minor royal - but let's not talk about that.

How well we do it! Was the princess beautiful in lace and was the prince charming? Indeed they were. The glorious pomp and circumstance did not disappoint those 2 billion worldwide watchers, indulging vicariously in the theatre of majesty. They tell us this is what we are best at, the great parade, the grand charade. If you weep at weddings here was one to cry for, for us more than them. The more extreme a ceremony's extravagance, the more superstitious you might feel about the outcome: the simpler the better the prognosis, in my experience.


Is this what Britain is and who we are? Here was a grand illusion, the old conspiracy to misrepresent us to ourselves. Here arrayed was the most conservative of establishments, rank upon rank, from cabinet ministers to Prince Andrew to the Sultan of Brunei, the apotheosis of the Daily Telegraph and the Spectator in excelsis, a David Starkey pageant choreographed by Charles, the prince of conservatives.

Of course Tony Blair and Gordon Brown had no invitation, being the prime ministers who held back the forces of conservatism for 13 years. Displayed in all its assertiveness was a reminder of what Labour is always up against as perennial intruder. Constitutional monarchy is constitutionally Tory, the blue inherited with its wealth, in its fibre, in its bones.


How will history look back on this day? Out in the world of bread, not circuses, in the kingdom behind the cardboard scenery, this has been a week that told a bleak story of the state of the nation. History may see the wedding as a Marie Antoinette moment, a layer of ormolu hiding a social dislocation whose cracks are only starting to emerge.

And so on and so forth. What hurts - really hurts - is that so many people don't want Blair or Brown or some Labour- appointed Diversity Tsar. They want to wave the flag and have a good time. Off with her head, that's what I say. First, though, send her to the Tower and make her watch re-runs of the royal wedding until she repents.

Posted on 04/29/2011 2:16 PM by Mary Jackson
29 Apr 2011
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Tony Blair? Is he the one who "held off the forces of conservatism" by flooding the country with Muslims, and then, once out of office, scrambling furiously to make himself and Cherie nearly a hundred million dollars, not quite what Bill Clinton shored against his ruins for himself and Hillary, but close? 

29 Apr 2011
yuval Brandstetter MD

She is simply jealous.

But correct. Where are the British airplanes, British cars, British motorcycles, British locomotives, British satelites, British microscopes, British computers, British washing machines get the idea. I see nothing of British brain or manufacture anywhere. That's what you get when Perifidous Albion goes back on its royal promise to the Jews and sells them down the river for Arab oil. Keeping your word should have been superior to expediency. it was not so that now who believes a Britisher when he says the sun shines in the morning? he might be lying to beat the band.

29 Apr 2011
Mary Jackson


By the way, if you're Jewish you should be bloody grateful for the country that stood alone for so long against the Nazis. Now bugger off.