Friday, 20 April 2012
Sri Lankan mosque in Buddhist sacred area forced to abandon prayers by protesters

From Associated Press and the BBC

A mosque in Sri Lanka has been forced to abandon Friday prayers amid community tensions in the central town of Dambulla. About 2,000 Buddhists, including monks, marched to the mosque and held a demonstration demanding its demolition.

A mosque official told the BBC he and several dozen companions were trapped inside and feared the crowd would destroy the building. Overnight the mosque had been targeted by a fire-bombing - no-one was hurt. Shortly after the protest the mosque was evacuated and its Friday prayers cancelled.

Local journalist Kanchana Ariyadasa says about 2,000 protesters, including 300 monks, shouted slogans and waved the Buddhist flag Friday in the central town of Dambulla. Monk Inamaluwe Sri Sumangala Thera said that the construction area was inside the Buddhist sacred zone and that erecting houses of worship for other religions there was illegal. He demanded the authorities stop the construction immediately.

About 7 percent of Sri Lanka's 20 million people are Muslims.

Buddism is a true religion of peace. But never forget that they invented the martial arts at a time when however peaceful they may have been self defence was a necessity to survive.

Posted on 04/20/2012 4:43 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
20 Apr 2012
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Those Buddist Priests may simply have been doing what they percieved to be the right thing, protecting and defending all that is sacred to them from the aggressive, and apparently illegal, invasion by the profane, disrespectful and intolerant Islamics, however they have inadvertently demonstrated to the world something very timely and very important.

As the inferior complexed Islam pursues its superiority at all others expense, the Buddists stood right up to them, early in Islams attempt to claim conquered territory and resoundly pushed the Islamics out. Obviously none of the Buddist were liberals.

The time to stop a hostile, intoerant and aggressive invader is as early as possible, and with as much force as is needed to protect and defend the home culture from effacement by that hostile, intolerant, and aggressive invader.

The time has come for Western civilization to learn and apply this lesson from our friendlys of the East, the Buddist.

As Islam proceeds to achieve its conquest, we of the West must recognize that it is our cultures Islam intends to exterminate. Now is the time to begin exterminating the Islamic exterminator before it is to late.

Islam intends to conquer the entire planet and all of humanity.

BTW, a tip of the hat to those good ol Buddist boys.

Woe will be humanity, when all are enslaved to Islamic insanity. Thank you.