September 2007

Elmo Tanner For President by Hugh Fitzgerald


Older Then, Younger Now by John Derbyshire


Jihad, Not Hirabah by Hugh Fitzgerald 


How To Hate The Non-Existent by Theodore Dalrymple


Thomas G. B. Wheelock and the Art of Burkina Faso
               by Rebecca Bynum


“Out Of Context,” Or, How To Argue With A Muslim
               by Ibn Warraq


Hans Christian Andersen’s “Fairy Tales” for Adults
             by Norman Berdichevsky             


Duality and Political Islam by Bill Warner


“Man Plans, God Laughs” by Jerry Gordon


Congress Must Recognize the Armenian Genocide
               by Andrew G. Bostom


The Brave Feast by Ares Demertzis


Partners in Crime by Mary Jackson


How Do You Start A Pudding Race?
by Esmerelda Weatherwax


To a priest from Kaduna by Robert Bové