April 2012

Blossoming Almond Tree
by Vincent Van Gogh


It's a Riot by Theodore Dalrymple

Henry Miller’s James Joyce: A Painful Case Of Envy

by Sam Bluefarb

Holy Water! Or, There Is An Eastertide In The Affairs Of Men

by John M. Joyce


A Splinter of Ice by David Wemyss


Mohammed & Charlemagne Revisited: The Epilogue

by Emmet Scott


American Jews Who Support Shariah Imperil Us All

by Jerry Gordon


Promoting Palestinian Terrorism: A look back at the media coverage of the Palestine Papers

by Robert Harris


Swing Low Sweet Sharia by Nidra Poller


Is America a Serious Country? by Rebecca Bynum


Heard Writing by Matthew Walther


Wanton Modesty: Lucrece and Elizabeth


Two Pictures in One Thousand Words

by David P. Gontar


Quiet Jihad by Richard L. Benkin


The Moroccan Jews: Contradictions Galore

by Norman Berdichevsky


Searching for Shangri La: Tibet in Comics

by Geoffrey Clarfield


Culture War in the Theatre by David Hamilton


When is a cliché not a cliché? by Mary Jackson


Bonobo and Lysistrata by G. Murphy Donovan


Skepticism About Rapacious JFK by Richard Kostelanetz


Creatures exotic and not by Esmerelda Weatherwax



Stateless by Thomas Ország-Land