Fergus Downie

Articles by Fergus Downie in New English Review:

Who Can Save Us From Western Civilisation? (February 2016)

The Treason of the Clerks (January 2016)

Scottish Nationalism - The Rancour of the Meek (August 2015)

Tariq Ramadan: The Good European (September 2014)

The End of History……..for Europe (August 2014)

Slouching To Despotism (May 2013)

How it Ends (April 2013)

False Gods (March 2013)

Illusions of Progress (February 2013)

Necessary Murders (January 2013)

Why the Left Frequently is Right....And Vice Versa (December 2012)

The Language of Decline (November 2012)

Europe’s Crisis of Faith (October 2012)

The Final Crisis of the Left (September 2012)