Bibhu Padhi

Poetry and articles by Bibhu Padhi in New English Review:

Waiting Through the Night (December 2016)

After Many Years (November 2016)

What Is This Feeling? (September 2016)

This Stranger in Me (August 2016)

A Bare Day (July 2016)

Convergence (June 2016)

Looking At Myself (May 2016)

After Reading Arrogant Lines (April 2016)

Sunday Morning Beggars at Puri (December 2015)

You Might Not Choose to Read These Lines (November 2015)

Nurturing a Wish for Things, Fondly (October 2015)

The Smell of Death (September 2015)

Father (August 2015)

A Kind of Looking Back (July 2015)

Another Tree (June 2015)

Evening, Winter (May 2015)

The Philosophy of Sri Ramana Maharshi (January 2015)

There are Snakes in Dhenkanal (December 2014)

Background (November 2014)

Gaza Strip: The Window (October 2014)

Translation: "The Evening Comes" by Sangram Jena (October 2014)

Memory (September 2014)

Again, After Many Years (August 2014)

Smoke Clouds (July 2014)

Evening (June 2014)

All, Or Nothing At All (May 2014)

The Shawl (April 2014)

Is This the Last Day of Autumn in Dhenkanal? (March 2014)

Not Being Able to Return (February 2014)

Winter’s Tale (January 2014)

The Day Of The Goddess (December 2013)

A Room of One’s Own (November 2013)

The Blue Diary (October 2013)

Imagined Worlds (September 2013)

Mind, Beware! (August 2013)

Seeing Through The Night (July 2013)

Storm in Summer (June 2013)

Rag-Picker (May 2013)